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The Ritchie Blackmore Story - Deluxe Edition Hard Cover Coffee Book with 2 dvds and 2 cds review.

Writting this from memory..
I am in a bit of rush....  So pardon the mess of this posting...

First a sample photos from the huge book..

One of my fave photo is Ritchie Blackmore on the left photo...

I grew up in a kampong (village), I cannot even speak fuckin English, and I was little boy at religious study school, and the elder boys are coming to the classes having cassette tape players recorders smuggled in their bags..

Inside the cassette recorders are Rainbow live caseettes tapes, and imagine a 7 year old kid being told - This song is called KILL THE KING.

It was frightening, and it was scary but its the greatest thrill ever and the songs and performances are so magical.

Disclaimer - later I realised the song is about Chess and playing the game. LOL!!!
Clever Ronnie James Dio is all I can say as a grown-up now LOL!!!

And then I heard Deep Purple's Highway Star, and I remember writting down that song lyrics to learn English when I was in primary school... 

Then I discovered Iron Maiden, And my life change forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL!!! (laughter with a bit of Hollywood movie - Satanic style for techno dramatic effect).

So Ritchie Blackmore, whatever his bands are got a big influence and the soundtrack of my life and seriously I really love Shadow Of The Moon album... an amazing debut by him and Candice.

- I watch both dvds quite a number of days back once each and while doing household chores so my eyes are not on sight with the tv screen many times...LOL!! ,
- been listening to the rips of both cds once each while on public transport of noisy buses and trains and while walking on the streets so lots of distractions too LOL!!.

This is my review and opinion on one of the best release for 2015
The RITCHIE BLACKMORE STORY DELUXE EDITION, which comes in a huge hard-cover picture book format near the size of a LP record album
It has more than 60 pages on it of some text and lots of nice photos..

It has a total of 4 discs - 2 dvds and 2 cds.
- A DVD of the Ritchie Blackmore Story which is fabulous and a mine of information and knowledge if you are a Ritchie Blackmore / Deep Purple / Rainbow / Blackmore's Night fan, all these straight from the mouth of Ritchie Blackmore. Featuring interesting interviews with other people too.. Total run time of more than 2hrs.
- A DVD which I think is the full version of whats recorded Rainbow Live In Budokan Japan 1984 with one of Japanese Symphonic Orchestra (to play Difficult To Cure BEETHOVEN's Ninth)
- Two CDs which is the audio of the above Japan 1984 show.

So on the first DVD, which is over 2 hours long, with additional footages of bonus materials of extra interviews...
Ritchie Blackmore himself, I think does he ever gives a interview on this scale??? LOL!!

Ritchie Blackmore at his house? or an inn?? LOL!!! theres'alway beer in front of him LOL!!
sometimes with Candice besides him giving additional comments..

- He was talking about his parents, how since at age of 5 he never smile in front of camera if he dont want to smile even when his mother ask him to smile
- His education at school at with teachers
- His father, his cycles to learn guitar
- Blackmore explains about why people dont like him , terrified of him, hated him, or whatever because he is COLD? I think his answer is very logical and I think everyone is also guilty of how he presents himself in public or while walking into a room.
- Blackmore talks about his early days - he talks about how he had seen Robert Plant in Birmingham, how he had worked with Jimmy Page and all these before Led Zeppelin was formed.
- Blackmore talk about how Deep Purple was formed and how the band got its name (Its Ritchie Blackmore's suggestion that was accepted by the band to use that name).
- How Mark I change to Mark II, how and why he wanted Ian Gillan to sing for Deep Purple on whats become the Mark II classic line up.
- Why and how he got into problems with Ian Gillan too LOL!!
- Guitar demonstration of how he breaks up Rickie Nelson' Summertime into Black Night and how JIMI HENDRIX create Hey Joe. LOL!!
- Talks about In Rock, Machine Head, Fireball.
- How he is not confident of David Coverdale but then someone says David Coverdale is cute.
- Setting up explosives on his amps, breaking up his guitars, setting fires on stuffs, pranks.....!!! lots of pranks!!!
- How he sets up Rainbow
- HOW HE AUDITION COZY POWELL!!!!!!!! and what Cozy Powell did to get Blackmore's vote.
- How and why Ronnie James Dio actually left / was asked to leave Rainbow??
I AM SHOCKED at Blackmore's story...!!! LOL!!

- Graham Bonnet, Graham Boneet hair style LOL!! THIS IS FUNNY.. He wants to beat up Graham Bonnet on stage at the first Monsters Of Rock in Donington actually LOL!!!!!!
but then he will go to jail again, he have been to jail in Austria for seriously injuring a security staff who had manhandled a young girl who were just cheering for Rainbow on stage.

His efforts to escape the arms of the law that night was in vain LOL!!! Very Funny.
- How he got Joe Lynn Turner for Rainbow..
- How Perfect Strangers album was...
- How did he got problems with Ian Gillan again and he wants Gillan kicked out of Deep Purple. (I never knew it was because Ritchie Blackmore has come to a conclusion Ian Gillan voice is gone, or was it an excuse for other reasons).
- How did Joe Lynn Turner joins Deep Purple
- Ian Gillan return to the band after Joe Lynn Turner's one album and how Blackmore demands a big sum of money so he  thought they cannot pay him so hcan get out of the band but the management still pays him and he's trapped to play with Gillan.
- Rainbow 90s
- How he meet Candice, how Candice can write lyrics, and how and why he plays Medieval music...

The interviews are funny, seriously funny, and interesting, and very very informative and I think he is fair..
Its plain he dont mince words talking about Ian Gillan voice, but he did share some funny stories of Ian Gilllan which may not be so funny to Ian Gillan LOL!!!!

His interview section when he talks about Cozy Powell suddenly telling the rest of  Rainbow that his favourite band was.... ABBA.
Its like blasphemy on his face LOL!!!
But then he said "Mine Too...".

All of the above is very amazing as its all described by Ritchie Blackmore himself on interview.. So its really fascinating and seriously no argument there on behalf of how Blackmore sees this things.

note to myself - I think everybody loves Abba so its no big surprise its Cozy Powell favourites and maybe the man in black too, but personally I think Roxette is better Swedish export LOL!!! (guess what I have on my mp3 player for this period for me listening while on trains, buses, and walking?? Roxette's crashhh booommm bangg album LOL!!!)

OK back to the DVD..

These are some other people in the interviews...

Steve Lukather (TOTO) - oooohhh man, the TOTO guy has great things to say and I think he was saying he wished he had written SOTW. LOL!!!!
and then you have the two big names of rock magazines - Malcome Dome and Chris Welch.
You have JOE SATRIANI - and his interviews were brilliant and he talks about how Deep Purple wants him to replace Ritchie Blackmore when he left the band before Japan tour 1993 or something.
- Steve Vai in in there.

Was it Steve Vai or Joe Satriani who shows their first guitar on the wall is just because Blackmore use the same guitar LOL!!
- Phil Collen (DEF LEPPARD)  is in there and on the bonus features of the DVD, Phil Collen was on his guitars for some Blackmore style demonstrations...
- Roger Glover was in there I think?
- Some older the Late Jon Lord interviews..
- STEVE MORSE is in the dvd, he is not on the story but on the bonus and he shows about Perfect Strangers etc...
- Joe Lynn Turner has lots of nice hilarious stories
- Graham Bonnet was amazing and very humble on his interviews... and he has nice things to say about Cozy Powell too.
I think Graham Bonnet segment was very nicely spoken. And yes he did says about his call-up to sing for Rainbow LOL!!!! and he did share a story about Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow too.
- Brian May (QUEEN) has lots to say.. - Ritchie Blackmore will be remembered as wild and untamed. How true these words are.
- Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull)  is in there..
- Gene Simmon (KISS) is in there and rightly so when he says it needs people like him to tell about Ritchie Blackmore who is maybe the most mysterious, full of attitude and a never-care-attitude greatest rock influence ever.
- Candice Night has some things to say and she make it clear Blackmore never listen to anyone.
So it answers the question Blackmore's Night was never her influence or suggestion. She just follows. I think she says Blackmore was the captain, but then she re-says she is co-captain.
I think there are a number of other people in there...  Unfortunately So sorry no Bruce Dickinson who loves Deep Purple LOL!! Bruce will talk too much and the dvd will be 4 hrs? LOL!!!!!

I really think, if anyone has a bit of like for Ritchie Blackmore, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Blackmore's Night and all the family tree which is like an amazing family tree if all these bands lineups and members are linked together...

This is simply an amazing DVD... I actually forgot a lot of things I think, so go watch it yourself..

and I kind of like it on the thank you list - Ritchie Blackmore thanks Steve Morse too...

Again I want to say, I really like it Steve Morse is with Deep Purple because it brings so much new life and discipline I think, and I guess Don Airey is the only man who can take over Late Jon Lord.

O Kayyy....

Enough of the First DVD..

Moving on...

OK, as I got the Deluxe Edition so it comes with the Live In Japan 1984 set.
The DVD and 2 cds.
Joe Lynn Turner years.. and majority of the songs are from Joe Lynn Turner era of Rainbow.
The cameras are ok for a 1984 film LOL!!
Not much audience reactuibs shot but they can be heard loud LOL!!.
The symphony orchestra part was brilliant...

Love the extras on the interviews..
It was laughing out loud funny with David Rosenthal, Joe Lynn Turner, Roger Glover and Chuck Burgi being interviewed for the Japanese fans..
It was simply amazing and shows us how life is so beautiful back then...

AND NO, NO RITCHIE BLACKMORE!!! he was not at the interview... which is really another juicy way to show how problematic and attitude problem he is LOL!!!

And that is to say how brilliant this collection is, as at last we got everything from the man himself. And I think on the interview he sounds funny.
Ritchie Blackmore is a mystery...

I really wish I can be there in Lorely Germany 2016 though I got the physical tickets anything can just happened LOL!!.
I think it will be amazing to see his 2016 formation of Rainbow playing Rainbow and Deep Purple songs..
20 years after he last played pure Rock N Roll of these two bands style.

More photos.. Just a bit more from the amazing book..

I love the flames and pranks and damages he makes on stage LOL!!....

Hope Ritchie damaged some things in Loreley LOL!!!

but wait, he's old already... okay... Respect. LOL!!

Thats all.....

Ohh remember my dream setlist of fantazing seeing Rainbow in Loreley 2016,

I think a Strangers In Us All song will be played, LOL!!!


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