Sunday, March 13, 2016

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! - Mr Steve Harris

To the Founder of Iron Maiden - the best musical band ever in history of the world, 
the band that since first album triple-dozen (36) years ago is still constantly ever-evolving, ever-progressing but always have that distinguished Maiden trademark, and yet always maintaining the integrity and honesty and loyalty to the fans who support them.And their latest number 16 album, is I think their best album ever.. 

THE NAME THAT MAKES PEOPLE THE WHOLE WORLD (EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY IN THE WORLD regardless of ethnic group, skin colour and religion) STILL RESPECT ENGLAND!! (and I am not kidding).

The Leader, The magical bassist extraordinaire , backing vocals, running all over the stage non-stop machine-gunning the fans with his bass and one foot on the monitor and pushing the fans responses to the limit, 

The Most Stubborn Leader of a band if there ever is and his stubborn and single-minded attitude makes what Iron Maiden so special and unique to their fans, 

The Main Songwriter and superb lyricist (the 2nd most romantic lyric writer in the band, I always think Adrian Smith written lyrics are always the most romantic) who created the framework of what Iron Maiden music is all about till today, 
who approves lousy incomplete album covers, horrible studio productions and whatever disgusting DICTATORSHIP ATTITUDE, 
and practice NEPOTISM forcing Lauren Harris and Raven Age as opening acts down the throats of Maiden fans LOL!!! 

The man whose attitude is - """There's Only One Um, and Thats FUCK UM""""", - an attitude which I try to apply in my life but fail to follow in life.

Happy Birthday, you dont know me, but like maybe a substantial number of people in this world who loyally support Iron Maiden,  I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! LOL!!

Thanks for everything...  

Its been a priviledge to get to discover Iron Maiden music since I am a young boy and my fascination and support has never faltered, thru the good times and not so good times of Maiden.

I always think, if I ever live long enough.. If I ever hit 60 years old, I want to be as fit and as healthy as you... YOU ARE MY ROLE-MODEL. 
A lot of things I learnt and love in life, is because of you...

LOL!!!! ok ok, I got to diet just thinking of it LOL!!!

and also this sounds like over-dramatic emotional blog?

Come on, its Steve Harris 60th Birthday...!!

Some nice pretty photos of Steve Harris I shot...when I got some chances in some shows from 2011 and 2013 I guess? LOL!!

The shows when I dont go fuckin mental, and behave and managed to squeezed in front LOL!!

Sweet memories all these...

Which reminds me, I got some nice pretty photos of Steve Harris in action in Belgrade Serbia from their 2014 shows there, I dont think I upload it yet, yes Adrian and Dave and maybe the rest I did but not Steve? LOL!!!

I think I lost the "Groupies (LOL!!!!)" photos of Maiden I took from 2014?? I got to search them...

I hope I can share them next year on his his 61 birthday..LOL!!

So whatever I have right now....

Happy Birthday Steve, yes.... two engines of Ed Force One 747 got damaged... but its ok...

Iron Maiden will still gonna get you, no matter how far... and two engines damaged for their 747 Jumbo is not a hindrance LOL!!!

I fuckin hope the replacement of their damaged Jumbo 747 is a CONCORDE!!
But I dont think they can store all their equipments and seats all their crews and support?

So maybe they should get an Airbus A380 next.

LOL!! yes... I am dreaming..

See you in Donington!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I will be in a sea of 100,000 to scared to commit in the muddy fields with all these crazy lunatic people surrounding me (LOL!!)

I guess I got to standby another show... with more tranquility..

so I can chance to squeeze up front and take more pretty pictures.. LOL!!



A380 tak payah buat pentas. Main kat sayap aje dah cukup best. BTW replace engine rasa lagi murahkot. Rabak nak beli baru. Kena tour tiap-tiap weekend nak bayar bulan

Ijau D. Koceng said...

latest pic kat FB/IG icon EF1 tukar jadi bas express... hahaha~

D'arsil said...

betul2 maniak maiden ni... tabik

berteromber said...

rock sampei tuaaa....

Rafi said...

Sebaya ngan pakcik king diamond eh.dah bole keluar duit kwsp ni..heheh

Kaemm Reutn said...

Remember tomorrow!! i like this song.. tq Steve.

yusrina said...

steve harris dgn Harrison ford tu.... ada kena mengena ke bro...?