Monday, October 31, 2016

ABSU - Live In Singapore 30th October 2016

As usual a bit of talk cock in English and then in Malay Language Bahasa Melayu kat bawah.
As usual I try to make the contents in both languages slightly different. So to know Malay Language, is to love Malay Language. Its spoken by 270 Million people across South East Asia.
And I am fucking proud of it, though I can only speak the Bazaar, street style language. Not the educated proper one. LOL!!
OK, lets go ABSU.
25th Years of ABSU this year. Dallas Texas.
So seems Texas has the bad - George Bush
and the good - ABSU.
Photo taken at the road side with all the leaves and branches falling from the trees.. LOL!

(Now this is something unique, I think the tickets was printed by the organisers much earlier so it has the original date of 5th November which is changed to 30th October 2016, GOOD FOR ME. I dont think I can make it if its on the 5th Nov).

Some short notes on ABSU Live In Singapore just now.
I guess I have never written about this show place location.
Aliwal Street Arts Centre is something small,
lots of nice HALAL food,
At least three mosques within walking distance for you to do your obligation if you want to do your obligation,
places for you to feel culture if you want to be cultural,
and something very important, lots of public transportation,

So just now - A chance to see one of the the legendary bands in the extreme genre in a small hall compared to the Temple and Altar stages of Hellfest.
Anyway, its my first chance to see ABSU Live, so I dont know what to expect,
but they kick ass,
they command and conquered
and tomorrow some people at work or at school will talk or communicate Proscriptor style,
and they got me swaying left and right like hit by strong winds,
and I am happy
and I have a good time.
My friend treat me to a ticket for this show, I am working morning shift so I can peacefully attend this show without worrying about shift work. Yes its a bloody Sunday, but rice bowl is rice bowl.

Dont ask me about the setlist, my friend was saying ABSU played two newer songs and the rest classics. I have no much two-way-communication but just lots of nods , because he was singing the lyrics during the show, he knows about the musicians background, so he bloody know ABSU very very well.
I better keep my mouth shut. LOL!!

He told me now that he had seen ABSU, there is only one more band he wants to see play live , that is RUNNING WILD.  (*Giggles*)

So he ask me, what else is a band or artist that I have yet to see live that I want to see?

My answer to him - DEPECHE MODE. The masters. There is none darker, more corrupt to the masses, more sinister or more evil.
Hope I get to see them (DM) on their coming World Tour Next Year.

Damn the day I discovered Iron Maiden and got addicted to them, or else I would have backpack to Bloodstock or this weird festival in Norway every February called BlastFest for my personally earthly musical pleasure. These shows always have nice lineups to be discovered and its always a nice feeling to discover new music while staying loyal to the old.

OK the event tshirt for this True Metal Invasion event headlined by ABSU.
Very nice. Front and back.

Mr Proscriptor.

How can he play drums like he plays drums while singing like he sings
and in between songs he still got the breath to introduce the next song, and talking about all things?


Not forgetting Mr Ezezu and Mr Vis Crom.

ABSU starts at about 1945hrs and played about an hour.

So means I got a chance to do a blog post.

Goodbye till next time.

Hi Semua.
Selamat Kembali kepada blog Sendu ini.

OK, ada masa sikit, so aku cerita apa aku buat tadi.
Aku gi tengok ABSU.
Wahhh dari Hanover Jerman punye band Scorpions minggu lepas ke Dallas Texas nye band ABSU minggu ni. Bak kata Wings, orang kita ada dimana-mana sahaja...  Cewahhh...

OK OK, jangan tanya aku setlist, mati haram aku tak tahu nama lagu. Nanti senang kalau kawan aku ingat, aku suruh dia bilang aku.
Dektu minat giler ABSU ni, aku masih ingat dulu2 aku baru kawan dengan dia...
aku tanya "errr... Saudara ni dengar band rock tak? kalau minat awak suka dengar band apa?"
Dia jawab "ooo saya paling minat ABSU dengan Running Wild".

ITU BAND LANUN!! KAU ORANG BUGIS EH>>>??? Muahahahahaahah.

So aku tahu dia happy sangat tadi... patut aku yang belanja dia kan, tapi dia yang belanja aku.. haha.

So aku pun happy la kan tiket per.

Ermmm, apa aku nak cakap semua aku dah cakap kat atas omputeh, bacalah.....
dan apa gambo aku nak tampal aku dah tampal kat atas, tengoklah.......

Tadi kan, masa Proscriptor main dan nyanyi dengan dahsyat nya, 

aku teringat ERIC CARR.  Mendiang nya.

Tentu seronok eh kalau dapat tengok Eric Carr main live. Aku kadang2 masuk youtube ok.. tengok zaman Eric Carr.

"Out on the street for a living......" cewahh.. Oo Oo Black Diamond... haha.

Eric Carr.. pandai main drum, suara sedap masa nyanyi live, hensem giler, personaliti menarik apa aku rasa la haha.
Semua yang best2 la.. kira tak macam sial la perangai.
Dia mati kanser serentak Freddie Mercury mati...

dengan lagi sorang aku suka giler Phil Collins. DAHSYAT dekni... 
Orang semua ingat dia penyanyi balada padahal, Led Zeppelin reform untuk Live Aid, dia jadi drummer ok. Masa Eric Clapton main pun, Eric Clapton pakai Phil Collins jugak.
Genesis pun dia, Invisible Touch CEH!. Ï dont really know her, I only know her name" giler lagu ni best.
Steve Harris pun dengar ok GENESIS lama. haha.

Nanti la lain kali borak2 pasal Phil Collins nye releases..

Ok dah lari jauh topik dah, dah tak metal dah.. muahaahaha (ketawa jin).

OK sekian berbual kons malam ni. 


Rafi said...

Absu..tau pasal band ni tapi tak penah dgr stail muziknya

D'arsil said...

meriah fb semalam dgn gambar2 kawan2 yg turun tgk absu ni

Anonymous said...

deaf-angel said...

HI Anon,

1. INDOOR stadium of 12,000 max with no KL, Indon, or any nearby places announced.
2. I think they completely skip Australia till later this year or next.
3. New album tour.
4. Hardcore fans from resr of the world will travel to Asia to do their personal Asia backpack seeing Metallica.

deaf-angel said...

I change my opinion, i just saw the ticket price.

Kaemm Reutn said...

Absu...baru tau ni..

PC kOKak™ said...

terbaik la deaf. power Proscriptor tu. salut

berteromber said...

Untungla ada orang belanja...nak tunggu kot2 ada sapa2 nak belanja aku tengok metallica...harga tiket convert RM sama dengan installment kereta sebulan..haha..

myownmind said...

Boss boss semuaaa.. korang tak layan Jesse Cook?? plucking flamenco CAnada otai...

yusrina said...

phil collins..!! wow very interesting.. he's my favourite singer.. aku tak sabar nak tunggu review dari deaf ni.. huhuh

yusrina said...

btw.. sharifah aini in da house.. ayuh deaf terjah ke blog yusrina sekaram... haah haah

faizal abd fathi said...

absu layan ...tapi selepas tengok gambar dalam FB gitaris dressing lain macam dalam gig tu.. agak ada orang nak follow ke dressing dia tu?

deaf-angel said...

haha, ya betul baju dia singkat koyak koyak gitu.. haha