Friday, February 16, 2007

jangan tak jadi...

...jangan tak ja..di
orang kampung semua sudah tahu..
orang kampung semua dah tahu...

OK ah, Larkin Stadium je sweat la ekekekeke. 2hr show lagik.
kalo wa kena bubble lagi sekali pun, wa dah lali Search, wa dah lali,
tapi apa pun , see u there. 2004 tu memang ribut abis. I like..

tshirt 2004

ni news dia..Malay Mail

Search’s in tune for fundraiser

THE last time they held a concert in Johor Baru in 2004, Search rocked to a 15,000 strong crowd in Larkin Stadium like there’s no tomorrow.

Come March 10, the band — vocalist Amy, guitarists Hillary Ang and Edrie Hashim, bassist Nasir Daud and drummer Yazit Ahmad — hope to do the same at the Selepas Banjir concert.

“We feel that it’s our obligation to help the flood victims in Johor since all of us are from the State.

“It’s also a privilege for us to lend our support during this trying times,” Amy told The Malay Mail yesterday.

“And that’s why we want to call the concert Selepas Banjir.

Besides entertaining our fans, we also want to highlight the message that there’s always calm after the storm.

“We don’t want them to feel helpless amid the tragedy.

The ticket collection from the concert will be channelled to the flood victims,” said Amy.

On the percentage of the collection which will be donated, Amy said it is yet to be decided.

“We will have a discussion with the organiser soon,” he said.

Amy said three days before the concert, three containers will be placed at the stadium to collect as many donations as possible for the victims.

“Members of the public are welcome to do their bit.

They can donate anything from clothes, food and basic items.

“We have also started to collect items that we want to donate to the victims,” said Amy, adding that he will be donating clothing, food and diapers for children.

“We will hand over the collections to the victims a day after the concert.”

The band, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary in the music industry, is expected to rock its fans with a string of its popular numbers in a twohour performance.

Search’s Selepas Banjir concert is organised by Bidara Mega Sdn Bhd.

Tickets are priced at RM45.

For details, call 016-3681917.

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