Saturday, March 3, 2007

band rock kena kutuk sey...

Surat ni muncul kat forum sokkabar 27/2 lepas.
Nak kutuk, kutuk la sound system kuat sangat ke apa ke.
Dah tau Chingay Festival? mesti la bising kan? Jangan salahkan rock band je, apa bila rock band perform, sound triple kuat ke?
Cara dia tulis , cam personal lak.
Tapi lantak la kan,


Feb 27, 2007
Chingay outing marred by hard-rock band

MY FAMILY - comprising my husband, two sons aged eight and five and my visiting mother-in-law - and I were at the Chingay Parade on Saturday. We were expecting a wonderful experience, so we didn't mind waiting for the guest of honour, because we would get to see him really close from our seats (for which we had paid quite some money) opposite Orchard Plaza.
We were thus unpleasantly surprised to be entertained by a band which didn't produce anything but loud noise. That wouldn't have been so bad were it for only a song or two but it kept going on until my elder son couldn't take it anymore and started crying. We left before the parade started.

The organisers should note that very few people are hardcore fans of hard-rock noise producers.

Helga Posset (Mrs)

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carvedijan said...

Macamana lak terselit band rock kat pesta chinggay lak ni?. Ahaks lawak betul.