Monday, September 3, 2007

Photos of Dataran & Masjid Jamek on Merdeka Day

Some photos i took on Malaysia's 50th National Day on 31st August 2007.

Arrived very late for the morning celebrations at Dataran, nak kat abis, and what strike me most was that the Sukhoi SU30 ( i think these are the ones la ) planes were not only used for the fly past, but were involved in some aerobatic display that I used to see during Changi Aerospace events while lepaking at the beach. A new and fascinating experience for me. So all the military tanks and other contigents were marching past and at the same you have some super fantastic air display above.

Here are some photos with comments at the Dataran..

One of the Sukhoi SU30 on the way to make some patterns, but I was like thinking, got 100,000 people , also got VVVIPs all that, if something happen how ah? Very daring ah they all.

Dont know what to see, look at the road, or look at the sky, but I think sky one much better la. Kesian the procession, polish polish so shiny but people look elsewhere.

Sini free seating for everyone, some panjat dari belakang stand. If fall then can continue celebrate at hospital.

Once the event ended, a long queue of all makes of cars start to arrive to fetch the VVIPs. So you can see different license plates and flags bearing the titles of menteris or judges and also foreign dignitaries and guests.

Sekali tu terperasan ni la...hehehee...

Moving on, semayang jemaat kat Mesjid Jamek.., dah la open concept, lantai marble, sejuk sey.

Dari LRT stesen of the same name.

Ni semua lepas smayang

Besar woo, ni belah kanan nye area.

Ni lak tempat minum air sirap per. ( per tu percuma ler ).

Main Hall. Airkon beb.

snap kena semunyik semunyik ekekeke.

kat belakang, tikar belum gulung

Belah depan dia

Keliling smua bangunan taruk bendera besar besar woo

Lagi satu...

Last kopek.

\m/ Enjoy siak aku that day \m/

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