Thursday, September 9, 2010

cerita daun kunyit and Greece only Final Frontier Digipak with 32 pages A4 size booklet ( edited @1212hrs tambah pasal puasa )

( the edit additions are in blue )
pegi pasar geylang serai (singapore) smalam, kaum makcik2 punyelah ramai marketing untuk raya, aku pun terasa dah jadi macam makcik2 lak haha.
Stress kejap aku time carik daun kunyit, how the hell does it looks like? Macam2 daun depan aku, so which is daun kunyit? halia lengkuas nak bezakan pun aku fail apa lagi daun, tapi mesti act konfiden beb, cuma stress la aku kena rebut2 ngan makcik2 ni,
hah korang gi sokkabar melayu singapore ada cakap pasal gambo dan crowd ni - klik sini,6879,172430,00.html?
maklum la aku kalo tempat crowded pun kat konsert rock aje speaking london lak untuk versi terhad pasaran negara Greece.

This is a short review of the Greece Only Final Frontier Digipak with a seperate 32 pages A4 size booklet.

Why does the Greeks have all these specials that the rest of the world doesnt?
Surely it has nothing to do with Alexander The Great origins isnt it?
Ooo speaking og ATG, I read this posting by a fan about his dream of an encore..
Where the wild wind blows ( of course ), finishing and with that wind sound and the wind sound just continue and suddenly a voiceover saying " my son, ask for thyself another kingdom for that which I leave is too small for thee "..and imagine YOUR reaction at that moment in time. Tears will be shed no doubt with arms and legs going crazy in different directions haha.
Just thinking of it makes me want to cli... haha.
Just imagine that as an encore....

And this is one of the reason why I like this item very much.

There should be copies available on ebay although the value will go up in the future as it is already highly sought after worldwide.
Seems this is a limited edition which can only be bought at newsstands in Greece. Number of copies available for sale seems to be quoted in the region of 2000 or 3000 copies.
Whatever it is , this cute release is a worthy addition to any Maiden fan collection.

I had already write my personal view of Final Frontier (FF) in pasar BM or pasar Malay or whatever you want to call it, so now after 3 weeks later, FF is still the most played album in my mp3, I still have no urge to skip any track and continue to listen to the album from start to finish.

So is this a sign of an excellent and consistent album?
I guess so, and like I said before MAYBE this is the best studio album Iron Maiden had ever done. Not as ground-breaking as AMOLAD, thats why Maiden is not considering to play the whole album live which is a waste but if this is a football match, I think the score will be FF 7 Amolad 3, and even if I am a sympathiser to Steve Harris' West Ham, its only in his SIT backcover dreams that Arsenal can be thrashed with that scoreline.

FF is not perfect, I personally would have prefered Where The Wind Blows to end like in the 80s cartoon movie and not drag an earthquake into it, and of course more melodic parts for the live crowds singalong.

Also, I think the lyrics is not that simple to remember anymore, maybe I'm just old but the days of memorising most song lyrics from most songs from the first album to TNOTB to SIT to SSOASS is no more although I will never even bother to try to remember To Tame A Land with all that Gom-Jabars, Haderachs and Mu'ad Dibs :-)

FF after 3 weeks..
- never say never, Satelite 15, fully 100% Adrian Smith demo, with maybe Steve Harris adding the lyrics at the end while Final Frontier the song is as catchy and poppy a Maiden as you can get.
- El Dorado is Maiden doing a Mexican MARIACHI number.
- Mother Of Mercy should have been the track on Amolad rather than Out Of The Shadows. Most probably Mother Of Mercy will be included live for the next tour, but I would prefer These Colours Dont Run instead. I think one of these songs will be in the next tour setlist.
- Coming Home , such a ROMANTIC song, I read that this song is already being played in England's BBC radio channel, and its not even a single ( yet ).
- Alchemist , a fantastic back to the past Maiden fast song number..
and thats why I dont really understand the serious Final-Frontier bashing from some quarters.
- Isle Of Avalon - Its Maiden but Maiden moving forward. The most progressive psychedelic song Maiden ever done, and definitely its a H's contribution.
- STARFUCKINBLIND - thats what one fan called it and rightly so.
And again, for FF Bashers.. If you love Infinite Dreams, then this song is maybe just maybe even better. I cant get enough, imagine this song played live..
- Talisman - Another Superb Maiden number that is as good as anything in the past.
- A Man Who Would Be King - Dave Murray do not contribute much songs but when he does, the song would be a stand out.
- Where The Wild Wind Blows - Childish intro? Nursery Rhyme? .. Steve Harris had always written epics like these in the past and this one is as good as it gets though its better without the earthquake switch.

Maybe to please more people Maiden should
- Recall back Martin Birch from retirement and have sole control over the production with as minimum as possible Steve Harris involvement.
- Bruce stop being a commercial airline pilot and focus 100% on Maiden activities first.
- Kick Janick out of the band or at least ensure he is not involved in songwritting and recording to preserve the classic Maiden lineup.
etc etc etc... and the band pretends they are young men again and think and write songs like young men again. Of course the first "metal" single should be about screwing Charlotte and spending the night in an LA jail as a juvenile-
last but not least dont forget Mr Derek Riggs though I really hope that both parties do not have anymore friction with each other.

This type of album will make me happy too, thoughas of right now, I am just so grateful that Maiden is releasing new albums with new songs and still playing live.
But Maiden are so much bigger worldwide than ever before and have continue creating new music that is beyond my imagination and yet retaining their integrity.

Its the most proud moment for any long-time Maiden fan to see the success Maiden have nowadays. #1 in over 20 countries all over the world, and this is the pop-charts. #5 in Singapore too? 26/3/11 rumours could be a reality..
(If its on in KL or Singapore for this tour, I will tie my stomach and hope to be getting seats tickets because I try to bring my love ones along. My plan was actually the year 2013 History Part 2 in Perth as its a destination realistically financially possible). See how Maiden fans plan? haha.


And what is so negative about songs like Judgement of Heaven, Educated Fool, Como Fuckin Estais Amigos. Truly, X Factor has three of the best original Bsides in any Maiden period ever. Justice Of The Peace would have made a popular catchy single.

With the introduction of budget airlines, and internet allowing easy access to information about other countries and places, this allow many of us who had always wanted to see Maiden live but just cannot afford to travel previously can now make our dreams come true if we tie our stomachs hard enough and save every cent :-)
(Although priorities in life especially providing for our love ones remain the utmost importance.)

For Maiden its worth it to just at least give it a try.. Even if we failed to save in time, but better than not trying at all and regretting it.

But please, no festivals.... although I hope to go to the Brisbane Soundwave to have an experience of what a Western rock music festival is all about with 30-50,000 music lovers in attendance..
There will be 20-30 over bands... but I wont even try to pretend to like other bands just because they play rock or metal music albeit of different genres. I will like them if I like really like them.
Hey, give me Belinda Carlisle or Cyndi Lauper anytime then some so called rock or metal bands.

But most possibly, I guess I will spend the whole day sightseeing the city and only walk thru the ticket gates in the evening for the HEADLINER only.
Hopefully, Slayer or Queens Of The Stone Age play just before Maiden so I can catch them. I really want to hear and see the new Slayer songs live.
I am still having a fetish on Hate Worldwide. QOTSA meanwhile reminds me of Quentin Tarantino's soundtracks.

So its confirm Soundgarden is not on Soundwave? And I read somewhere Melbourne Soundwave is now near to sold out too for those thinking of backpacking there, as for those travelling to Maiden arena shows, Sydney and Melbourne are both having limited tickets only at the higher seats level.

full photos of each page of the greek ff digipak edition ( compared to the tin edition ) will be uploaded on my multiply by the next few hours if I am not lazy.

Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslims everywhere..

May 1st of Syawal brings peace, reconcilation, give and take, understanding for one choices in life and harmony to everyone.

and take note Ross The Boss second album will be coming out soon.. Happiness :-)

I hope there will be another sticker on the new cd with something like this " The Best Manowar album since the first Ross The Boss cd which was the best Manowar album since Kings Of Metal ".
Now I want to try surf the internet to find out what happen to the relationship between the current crap Manowar and Scott Columbus who pounds his drums like the hammer of THOR!..

Ohhh I cannot afford the Simply Red final tour ticket haha....


sweet giler lagu atas ni..stars.
actually dorang nye pop hits semua sweet2 belaka.. haha... rock tak rock, janji gerek. Version if you dont know me by now dorang ...boleh meleleh airmata ok. Live memang best ni band walau pun lagu2 jenis geng lipat kain :-)

puasa - tahun ni beraya kat Singapore.
Tadi aku gi kedai, kat bawah blok rumah Singapore kita, ada a group of Malays..
ok la definitely Malays pasal cakap melayu, bukan cakap thai atau mynmar..
Siap ada pakai spek, rambut side parting pendek... sikat rambut belah tepi ok!! Kira kalo malam2 polis ronda2 nak cek IC, konpem polis takkan cek punye la ni mamat...
siap ada minah ni, or awek, or whateverlah kita panggil depending on where we are...
siot ramai2 ngah makan bawah blok beb.
ok la ...minah/awek tu bleh cakap la...tapi mamat2 tu semua? takkan semua uzur siot?
Baju tuck in polo collar shirt... tapi siot kan? makan2 in public.
ok ok aku tahu la Singapore, secular... tapi still macam sial kan?
Bukan aku cakap aku baik...tapi sembunyik2 sikit ah..
Besok raya...nari muslims sibuk turun naik lalu sana sini, konpem nampak korang makan2..

kalo kerja tempat kontrek, atau ngah kerja berat, baju ngah kotor giler, ngah serabai ( errkk... serabai? thats me haha ), ok la.. tu pun aku rasa nak makan pun sembunyik2..

aku bukan cakap nak jadi geng baik or be a better practising muslim, pasal aku pun lagi huru hara dan memang aku geng tak betul, tapi have some respect in public..especially if you look malay and speak malay and being a Malay, most of the time you will be a Muslim and more importantly, the non-muslims will usually relate a Malay as a Muslim and it confused them if we openly contradict our religious belief.

kawan2 aku kat kerja pun bising, dorang nampak ada budak melayu kawan kita makan2 depan dorang, dorang tanya aku " how can eat? in front me somemore "
apa aku nak cakap siol...
maybe, peringatan for all of us la.... ye la, nobodys perfect, tapi lets try to improve, at least sikit2 pun jadi la pasal sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit.


zan said...

simply red? singapura? bila beb? berapa harga tiket? adus..nak kena hapal you make me feel brand new ni..huhuhuhu

salam aidilfitri juga. minal aidil wal faiizin..

Portdy said...

Salam lebaran en deaf
minal aidil walfaidzin
maaf zahir batin

speedrider said...

aku setuju dengan ko deaf. AT LEAST, have some respects to the other muslims.

Dan yang paling tak bestnya, bila ada colleagues non-muslims yang dah tau dah kes macam ni dan terus kata: "ala diaorang ni time bulan puasa saja nanti, gastrik la....".

Susah nak bercakap bila puak-puak ni perasaan malunya dah senipis kulit bawang.

eddie dewanaga said...

selamat berhari raya bro...

pasal puasa tak puasa ni, kat area sini pun lebih kurang, sorang member yg keja golf club kat melaka, yg datang lunch pada Ramadhan tu bukan org biasa2 mcm kita, yg ada title 'datuk' dan 'tan sri', ada juga yg biasa masuk tv...

satu insiden berlaku dulu, bila ditegur, budak tu kena tukar department...

berteromber said...

aku TFF versi biasa pun takder lagi...hampeh...

simply red aku pun suka beb...terutama pasal nama band dia tu tribute untuk manchester united...heheh...

Happy Eid Mubarak untuk ko dan family...maaf zahir dan batin

Ijau D. Koceng said...

baru dpt cd TFF smlm kat kk (versi normal EMI m'sia je)... nnti2la lps raya kot buat entri. mlm raya lyn TFF...

anyway, slamat hari raya

SkiD said...

Selamat Hari Raya Bro...!!

::alifdalmim:: said...

Kullu 'am wa antum bi khair.. :D

Kaboi Tanduk said...

jeles gila yg standart edition pon blom dpt g..ada kedai ckp blom sampai, ada kedai cakap sudah habis..aduyai!

Saudagar Mimpi ... said...

Raya ada lagi ni. so..
Selamat Hari Raya
Maaf zahir batin