Wednesday, December 14, 2011

paradise lost - draconian times MMXI deluxe edition opinion

A question
" Is there any rock music fan who listen to the Draconian Times album in full and never like it? ".
I think this is a very entertaining and interesting , exciting yet parts gloomy parts depressing Heavy Rock/metal album, and I like it so..
Furthermore, the cd that I bought back then has additional bonus tracks that include Sisters Of Mercy's Walk Away cover.
So after 16 years later, it finally dawn on me that.. Draconian Times actually really officially stops at track no 12 Jaded hohohoho.

Few months back, there was never ever more envy and jealousy in my heart than those people in Europe who got to see these special shows where Paradise Lost plays this full album.
FORTUNATELY!! The rest of us in the ass/rest of the world, get this releases on dvds/cds/lps.

So I bought the so-called limited edition deluxe draconian times mmxi which includes these.

So this is my review of the DRACONAN TMES MMXI

Firstly, The dvds..
ooo its nice, seems this Forum, London place is nice, and its fully packed. How I wish I was there, there are some bands that I wish to see , Cinderella, Ross The Boss ( ok, I would settle for the current Manowar ), the Swedish metal band Lost Horizon if they ever continue, and of course PL.

Anyway, only change of drummer, the rest are remains from the original album of course. The current live drums is so exciting on this MMXI version, when I plug the rip-cd-mp3s deep in my ears loudly haha.
Simple stage, flags of Switzerland? Poland? in the crowd, also the camera changes are not so fast so nice viewing, except for the rotating camera very occasionaly. I think its fashionable? I dont know but my eyes hurt haha.

If you like Paradise Lost music, you will like this live dvd of the band plus the keyboards player. I mean songs like Shades Of God, LIVE!!
The fans really enjoy it and those movements in the crowd is so nice to see.
Once Solemn etc, those faster songs really had the hairs all flying helicopter haha.

The dvd disc 1 has the full complete show that night, and additional stage banters then the accompanying cd which I will say later.

THe dvd second disc has a very nice documentary On The Draconian Road which I read somewhere is recorded by the bassist.
Lots of rehearsals close ups, And that is so nice... you see them rehearsing in bits. But lots of footage, the documentary is about 26 mins.
Then of course they on the aeroplane ( seating economy , no star treatment ), fetching their own bags, eating, drinking, etc
And nice backstage footage, changing room, and nice from the back view them playing live.
If you like Paradise Lost, then you will like this la.

Then there is another chapter full of interviews with the band, the prdoucer, the manager.

Then there is another chapter of interview with fans, who travelled from all over the world? to their shows. Very nice, those devoted fans.
Got this fan using the term - drac times when talking. Ooo now I know something I didnt know before.

Then you got two promo videos of their latest studio album.. the simple video of just using lightings from different angles but its so depressing - Faith Divides Us Death Unites Us and also the macrabre Rise Of Denial.

Now the cd, as I rip it to mp3 to occupy my ears while walking / taking public tansport so its the most that I am expose to ,
If you think Draconian Times is good, the MMXI live version is so much more awesome at least to me.
Enchantment with additional piano intro.
Shadow Kings really tranform, and the audience backing the song on parts before the guitar solo is a highlight
I really love the guitar solo of Jaded. I really really love it haha.
Shades Of God of course, my favourite slow song here, and my favourite song from the original studio cd, I See Your Face hehehe.

wait a minute,

there is a code on this package, and you can download three more songs that is not on the cd but on the dvd so
we got Depeche Modeness One Second, the most favourite Say Just Words, etc

The booklet that comes with this edition...

32 page booklet, of the magazine reviews/articles/interviews of the period in the mid 90s from all over Europe.

Its in many European languages... Seems the non English ones look informative,
the English ones you have old articles on Draconian Times from Terrorizer, Metal Hammer, etc etc..

I think thats it...

I love the Draconian Times album, and more than a dozen years later to have the MMXI live versions on cd and dvd is magnificient and makes me happy.


berteromber said...

cara ko review ni buat aku teruja nak dengar draconian times ni...sumpah aku tak pernah dengar album ni dan ntah kenapa aku selalu konpius antara Paradise Lost dan Type O Negative...heheh..

mungkin kalau genre cengini aku suka Sentenced - Cold White Light...

lieyalatif said...

good review beb!! mmg betul2 mendalam punye study nie....cayalah bro!

WanBeruas said...

..cantek punya review bro...(apasal lama dah aku tak leh masuk lu punya blog..ehekk)

iaryylr said...

wow! gue rasa nak mintak tak patut pula, tapi dapat tengok dan baca pun sudah untong wooo, best bro! best bro! gue suka cover tu!

gayour said...

album patut milik peminat gothic metal sebenar.

Kaboi Tanduk said...

belum korek habis lagi paradise lost ni tapi suka lagu dalam faith divides us..

d_in_flames said...
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d_in_flames said...

draconain times dpt rating 5K(full marks) majalah kerang mase wonder elben ni best tahap dewa dewi

deaf-angel said...

draconian times ni pelik la dan untuk waktu 1995 gitu, muzik heavy rock perlukan sesuatu dan ni album kasi semua peminat genre heavy rock/ metal happy

flaming skull said...

Bagi aku Draconian Times is the best album of Paradise Lost...

deaf-angel said...

hi fren

flaming skull said...

hi bro...nice blog

Anonymous said...

Hi, can you tell me who made the artwork from this DVD? I am not shure if was made by Seth Siro Anton, it was?


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I mean "I am not SURE" bilingual problems. LOL


deaf-angel said...


hello, I searched the boxset and cannot find the name of the artist doing the cover.
But, I read somewhere that Legacy Edition and MMXI versions artworks are done by the same person doing the original Draconian Times?