Tuesday, December 27, 2011

marina bay at dusk

spend a short while dropping by the mrt station around evening Maghrib time here and took the opportunity snapping some photos as it gradually gets darker.
makin gelap, makin gelap, then malam.. sememangnye dah memang hari mendung pun, skarang kan musim hujan.

I really like the ship on top..the swimming pool on that roof is I think is definitely one of the most craziest swimming pool I had ever seen, I mean in photos , I have not been on top yet. haha.

Marina Bay Sands , makes even more nicer and popular with the photo of Iron Maiden's Adrian Smith looking out of his hotel window towards the bay in the On Board Flight 666 book.
Been inside there once, to go to the spectacular Arts and Science Museum which you can see is actually the white structure shaped like an open palm of the hand? or a lotus? bunga teratai?? I dont know. High end place but very nice and I guess a few things to do. It really has a lot to offer beside the casino.

The sharp edges " durian " of the Esplanade Concert Halls and Theaters..
Centre Parting!

The financial area skyline with prominently logo and building of Malaysian's bank " Maybank " standing out.
Especially at night...
In the distance the merlion still vomitting water haha.
I hope to catch the street F1 racing here one day... I mean one night..

I guess if not as a spectator in one the cheaper tickets area, then taking a part time job as " you know what " haha.
I got friends working part=time jobs for the F1 race for about 3 days and its good money to earn to help the pocket haha.
But if Maiden or some other bands I like play the F1 Padang show, then of course thats different. Its very balanced, with Linkin Park and Mariah Carey.. etc

so maybe we should get Maiden + Pet Shop Boys? now that would be heaven. Both great British establishments haha.

And the song that was in my mind while there
" When The Night Comes Down " ..

I think I am a bit excited already to see the PRIEST!!!


♥♥♥♥ dilaBanGi ♥♥♥♥ said...

hiiiii dah lama aku enggak kemari dep
smalam nak singgah aku asyik terlupa jek hah
Walla weiii...............shnteknya shoot ang kat MARINA BAY TU
guna tripod ka? cun..bila lah aku nak sampai ke sini ya

matakucing said...

aku suka gambor bumbung esplande tu.. anyway mcm hongkong pn ada ha5

iaryylr said...

wah cantik bro! :)

flaming skull said...

Hai....bila la nak ke sana...

berteromber said...

tu ari masa kat area sini...ingat nak ambik gambo...sekali nengok keliling semua orang guna SLR...

simpan balik la handphone buruk aku...heheh..

deaf-angel said...

sorry ah no tripod
aku pakai point n shot S90 aje

deaf-angel said...

apsal pulak
aku pun pakai camera biasa aje.

Pakai DSLR tak semestinya tahu ambik gambo...