Thursday, January 27, 2011

Arrived :-) Greeting Card Maiden and magazine no 88

Penantian yang menyeksakan. Pagi cek letter box, petang cek lagi, malam2 buta pun cek lagi. Tujuh minggu sey tunggu... aku ingat dah hilang ke, terhantar negeri lain ke.

At long last , the fanclub magazine number 88 and the Iron Maiden Christmas and Seasons Greeting Card 2010 arrived kelmarin. Thank you postal staffs everywhere.
These items were posted on 6th December, but better late than never.
For those interested - I understand Maiden FC have two methods of delivering, the merchandise orders will be lightning quick but for magazines, it will be slower. I guess different postage prices.

So firstly this is how their Xmas card looks like..

An astronaut/taikonaut/cosmonaut/angkasawan holding the new Final Frontier cd unaware Eddie is behind him with the xmas message - Be careful what you wish for.
(Side track - When I was a kid, I got nervous reading this short play called The Monkey's Paw. Be careful what you wish for indeed.)

The Inside - messages from all six members.

Moving on to the magazine itself.. and ooo how I love these revamped fanclub magazines, A4 sized over 40+ pages of full color high quality paper with no advertisements whatsoever. 100% Maiden content.

The cover is the Eddie used to decorate the new world tour announcements, and he's still holding the globe which shows South East Asia.

On the above photo is also the poster for this issue. A very nice Steve Bomber Harris in action photo. The flip side of the poster is Dave and Jan.

Here are some of the contents for this issue

Adrian Smith went fishing and snagging some big ones with a fanclub member.
Ironic is it? Hooks In You. Its the last H contribution before he first left Maiden in 1990. The start of a testing period if there ever was one for Steve Harris and Maiden and their loyal fans.
Now.. all is well, the colors of the rainbow shining bright for the fans and Maiden is at the peak of their popularity worldwide.

We got a Nicko interview about when he's not being with Maiden..

The Superfan section has some nice bedroom photos hehe

And of course some nice band photos..

this is the centerspread

Pada aku Steve Harris ni Maintain siak. Segak giler.

I like this Steve Harris photo. Very handsome.
And for his sake, WEST HAM PLEASE DONT KENA RELEGATED and I hope they enter Carling Cup Final where the scoreline will be : [t Ham 3...Arsenal 7...West Ham 3...Arsenal 7...Wes] HAHAHA. Sorry stupid joke. But I cant wait for a revenge for their previous Wembley encounter.

I'm typing this blog with PANIC starts creeping on me, Arsenal Ipswich still zero-zero. knn betul!!
Hurray!! just score!! What A Relief!! This Sports internet reports is so detailed and funny. They know how to describe the situation. For people that cannot afford cable tv Astro and SCV and Mio, this is the next best thing haha.
I am giggling away as I read the scrolls of the live text commentaries.
Soccernet live Gamecast internet reports is very serious and less descriptive. No Fun at all.

I always love looking at snapshots of Nicko from behind the drum kit.
Looking at the small things, the colour of his drinks, setlist paper, his wristbands, accessories..
Ah yes on the interview in this magazine he did mentioned about searching for bonus footages for the DVD of Rhythm Of The Beast, but sadly as I checked and reviewed the dvd sometime back, there's nothing.

The guest band and musicians interviewed with regards to Maiden in this issue is Marillion. Lots of good info especially the late 80s early 90s period.

An article written by Dave's guitar tech about the storm during Finland's Sonisphere with Maiden's crew plane toppling over, and all the equipment damaged and collapsing and sadly a fan's death. Its nice Bruce went on stage and announce Alice Cooper and Maiden will play irregardless of the weather disaster and damges. The use of 30 hairdryers to dry the equipments and all the things that the crew members did to ensure Maiden can play for the fans waiting in the heavy storm.

Anyone interested there is a radio broadcast someone uploaded on youtube.
A conversation between Alice Cooper doing his radio show and Bruce talking about the weather situation and Bruce describing the scenes when Maiden was on stage.
Bruce also give some ideas on the new tour.
The interesting conversation is here -

Thats about it... I am so freaking HAPPINESS!

nananana..nananana...hey hey hey Goodbye!!

Arsenal have at last reach a cup final after the last few years. League Cup/Milk Cup/Littlewoods Cup/Coca Cola Cup/Carling Cup. I know la , this one is least prestige,
Mickey Mouse Cup or whatever, but I hope they win.. just like in school long ago, play sport, no medal to show, not nice feeling.

miss out on back page photo, I will post this blog later.

Sorry for lateness, this is the back covers of both the card and mag. Featuring the crossed keys Eddie and H.

Up The Irons.

#*&%#! ^$@#!!! Birmingham *$^#! #*$(#^(*#(*#!! )%*@^#%@#*^)!!!!!!
well.. at least West Ham can now focus on relegation battle haha
Also FA Cup both still surviving...


berteromber said...

aiseyyy....x jadi pulak arsenal vs west ham...hahaha...good luck ler lama beno tak menang piala kan....

btw...fanclub magazine ni yg bukan fc boleh beli ker?

SkiD said...

Lamanya nak sampai...jenuh menunggu..

☆ lieya latif ☆ said...

puas ati ko kan deaf...yg ditunggu2 sampai gak akhirnye...tdo pun dlm senyuman gitu heheeheh.....

bertambah laa koleksi ko kan....dasat tol kalo dah minat gile2 nie....

deaf-angel said...

ni mag yang full membership nye dapat tapi best giler ler kalo untuk yang minat Maiden.

JePh said...

Steve Harris ni mkn jamu ke ape? maintain muda je.. fit pulak tu atas stage.

tgk diorang perform mmg puas hati. 1 stage diorang pusing! hahaha~

Pergh! greeting card ada sain tuuu~