Wednesday, August 21, 2013

metallica, belinda carlise or ANVIL(a last minute entry)? sapa lagi Legend? (part III)

Part III..

while waiting for reviews and updates from those attending the Metallica show in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia tonight. I want to say how pleasantly surprised I am with the late news for this Saturday's Metallica show in Singapore.

I got an SMS from a friend late morning just now saying ANVIL is opening for Metallica in Singapore.
With just about 3 days away, and this amazing news coming in now, got me excited.

I was just thinking ok I am going to see Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammett in all their MTV rock stars glory, but now with Anvil in the mix, its going to even be more fun.
I always think Metallica is a three member band now, but I guess that's just me.

Nothing is going to steal Metallica's thunder this Saturday, but I am sure Anvil making their way to Singapore will be treasured and loudly cheered on by the gathered masses at Changi sea coastline.
I dont think any opening band will get a better response than Anvil. This band is legendary, its just I guess many people ignore them before. "that" documentary helps them a lot.
My most important concern, Is there enough time for Anvil do perform their guitar solo segment? The most awesome guitar solo ever haha.

So lets have a photo Anvil related

Quick warm-up with Anvil's 48 minutes performance at Wacken 2013

ok, with reference to the title of this posting.
Metallica versus Belinda 
- its going to be competitive..
and like the tickets printed - its going to be free-standing, where everyone, 
I mean everyone, stand together as one and not partitioned with some ridiculous staggered pricing where the fans that may really mattered may end up at the back. 
(Look, for example , I love Bon Jovi, but seeing them play Villa Park Stadium and I cant afford the Diamond ticket really hurts haha, 

but well thats Bon Jovi but isnt Metallica suppose to be a heavy rock band? with their gung-ho fans deservely in front?). 
Or maybe its just me having this mentality.
Metallica this Saturday and Belinda Carlisle following quite soon....


Adi Herman said...

Nice pair of tickets bro...i envy that! Hahha

Rafi said...

Makcik berlinda tetap legend! Heheh

berteromber said...

dulu Metallica opening untuk Anvil...sekarang dah terbalik dah...

Anvil ni yang buat aku rasa frust sikit tak pegi ni...

gayour said...

ANVIL - antara band yang dipuja oleh big four of thrash

free as the wind


Nice. Takde anvil tu pun bawak Cromok tu ke Singapura pun dah tak boleh handle dah. Parassss!!!!

Pergi jugak dia.Parasss!!!!