Monday, August 26, 2013

Metallica / Anvil - Live Singapore 24 August 2013 (part ii)

continuation, opposition, contradiction, violation, mutilation, of my opinion and a short review of how I feel.

After the kudos for Lauretta Allabons organisation in the previous post,
I do find some things that I would have felt would have make things better, hopefully next time for the rest of the fans, for myself I am happy and as I am not going to buy a Metallica tshirt that night, I got a Pen A ticket early, I catch the bus that reach Expo on time to transfer to Tanah Merah etc etc, but it could be improve for the fans like these below..

- the merchandise store should be in the same area as the show itself, and they should open a few more lots, Lauretta Allabons and gang would have enough experience attending huge overseas shows.
- Scrap Pen B. WHY OH WHY DOES PEN B EXIST?? YES ITS STILL CLOSE BUT NOT CLOSE ENOUGH!. My heart goes out to those in Pen B. 
I think Singapore are lucky to avoid all these caste class pricing segregation nonsense but from now on just scrap Pen B completely, make it all a Free Standing One Price Ticket once and for all. Just balance up the price ticket fairly  or something.
Just ensure enough comfortable yet proper safety barriers are placed at strategic locations especially the middle sections as its the most congested and to prevent any incidents or accidents, but still people are free to move about easily at the sides.
With this one price ticket, its fair for everyone, NO  DISCRIMATION after all we're all fans and ffs its heavy rock music!!,  the crazy ones can packed all they want right in front and exchange sweat and body odour with each other, while the rest can just enjoy the show from a calmer view at the sides or back.
- With all the transport complains, maybe some Singapore fans (and organisers) are not ready for huge festivals like Soundwave or Donington Park held in the middle of nowhere or "tempat jin bertendang".
- But Changi exhibition is beside the sea, its so cooling once the sea-breeze blows inwards and with all the aeroplanes in sight.

ok Metallica....
- So where should I stand? And Hungry.
kind of funny, having some food at the back, and keeping the ears open for ACDC "its a long way to the top" cue tape.
- No Harvester Of Sorrow, but we got Shortest Straw.
- No fight fire with fire or Damage Inc, but we got Battery.
- dot dot dot and Justice For All played. (I remember reading that the three dots are very critical, never forget it haha). This is not an easy song, I sometimes find this song turgid, but if its played live, and you're there, this song is a marvel. And this song means more Metallica time on stage,
I do find how the best rock bands like Metallica or Iron Maiden makes use of their own intro tapes for certain live songs interesting.
- Like I say in the last post, I have not heard many of the songs for a long time, but, I think its a testament to how much Metallica means to me in my growing up years that I can recall the lyrics, and very confidently having a loud lunatic sing along for most of the songs chorus and even the verses.
The weird thing is, they play a new song from Death Magnetic that I dont know at all and cant even give the title, and the young Chinese guy near me know the words. HAHA. Now that is something. Metallica's future is secured with their younger fans.

ok, some videos, Memory Remain's ending was awesome with the fans not stopping till the next song. Reminds me of Blind Guardian's Valhalla live ending moments.
I think this is one of the highlight of the night. Luckily I got it on video for me to remember something by till the soundboard comes out which I want one, as my bootleg was corrupted and sabotaged by myself haha.

Another highlight was Blackened. I think after all these years, maybe ...and Justice For All album is the album that aged the best. I got to revisit this cd. And I got to check out ...and Justice For Newsted fans remix too. I may have forget the track sequence, but if I think about it, the songs from this album got replayed in my mind and they sounds fresh.
I know Blackened is part of the fixed portion of the set, so I got my handphone ready from the start to the finish and to the jam, and to Kirk's doodle before Nothing Else Matter.
Is this true? When you do neck and head exercise, your hold on your handphone gets very shaky. muaahahahaha.

Lastly, Love the Metallica's choreography especially James Hetfield...
His coolest ones were the frozen ending of Sanitarium and the camera zoom in for ending of Nothing Else Matters with the tattoos on his knuckles, flips of his guitar pick and going into Enter Sandman.
Those are really cool gimmicks.

What else?

Ok, lets see how Belinda Carlisle is going to outperform Metallica.
Song by song comparison, its going to be a thriller.
fade to black vs little black book
I think I'll flip a coin haha.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

mcm dah jadi trademark hetfield (since the big 4 kot?) bab lepas solo NEM tu kamera zoom kat pick

berteromber said...

cis...bila baca review ni macam nyesal pulak tak pegi...heheh..

Adi Herman said...

Sabar bro berteromber....sabar...ada hikmahnya tu

metal brain asylum said...

hahaha good review brother.

Rafi said...

Wah..best2..tq bro deaf


Rasa kalau sudirman ada lg, memory remain mesti ada featuring dia buat lalalalalala

Saudagar Mimpi ... said...

Great review brader.