Tuesday, August 20, 2013

maiden fan club mag 95, blaze bailey platinum edition soundtrack of my life etc etc etc

out of topic kejap, Fandi keluar dari JDT aku pun ngah tunggu berita penuh jugak.
Pasal berita dari lain2 tempat lain2 berita dan laporan, maklum la haha.
foto "Sad looking Fandi.... " ha ah la siak, apa dia buat duk kat kerusi tu letak kaki kat atas kerusi depan lagik, tengok je buat apa. Fandi pro, he should know what to do next and he will have lots of support and love.
ok lupa nak cerita, 4th August lepas, aku siap pasang alarm. Takut lupa..
Blaze Bailey cuma cetak 300 je Platinum Edition " Soundtrack Of My Life". 300 je? giler sey.
Apa aku tahu aku sempat dalam 300 tu, jangan ada problem dah haha. Tapi aku rasa ramai tak dapat...
bayangkan satu dunia cuma 300 je.
Walau Blaze Bailey tak la popular sangat, tapi tetap ramai ingat dan nak sokong dia. Rasanya masuk hari kedua dah sold out dah. Untuk sapa terlepas pandang -
Pre-order options:
Silver package - £15: Album signed
Gold package - £17: Album signed + your name in cdbooket
Platinum package - £25: Album signed + your name in cd booklet + 40page book "Albums of my life"+ your name in book+ fridgemagnet+button badge+ certificate

There will only be 300 copies of the platinum package available.
The "Albums Of My Life" book will contain rare photos, tourdates and autobiographical account of the recordings, written by Blaze. This book is limited to the Platinum package only and will not be sold seperately afterwards.

Seriously, tengok harga platinum dia , Blaze ni, aku tak tahu apa dia fikirkan...betul2 respect giler kat dekni apa dia buat projek2 dia ngan harga sangat berpatutan.
(iii)as usual click to enlarge..

ok for those who have no access to the Iron Maiden fanclub magazine number 95, this is some of the content.
Its not a fun-filled edition really. A bit sad magazine this one. With the passing of the one and only Clive Burr and also Steve Gadd.
One the drummer for the first 3 albums and Nicko came in to replace him, The other, long time Nicko friend, and who then became Nicko drum tech, and then Maiden's tour manager.
So here are the write-ups by Laz (fc guy) and Nicko.
Interesting, informative, yet solemn reading.

Some questions for Adrian Smith which are interesting.

Other articles are
-a great write up on the research, making, and stories of the Trooper Beer with interviews with Bruce Dickinson. - I dont drink, but it do makes a good reading to read about people's passion and hard work on what they like and also their jobs.
-Also stories interviews with Steve Harris on British Lion tour.

Plus lots of other things..
-the rio samba procession with Eddie floater.
-Ooo one great story is of the Nodding Donkeys secret show back in 1992 by someone who was there, even took photos of it, now this is a good read.

Plus many other good readings on the band and their fans. Always had fun reading about the lucky fans. Also the flashbacks old mags, with Dave Murray wedding photos from around 1985 in black and white...now that is so nice

As usual Many awesome photos..
I always look forward to Nicko in action photos as I look to see what all around him, his drinks etc haha.

And finally, I love this pixie of Dave Murray... I really love this photo, everything about it.

 thats all.
Up the Irons, Up Blaze Bailey, Up Fandi Ahmad.


Adi Herman said...

paul dianno takder ke?

Rafi said...

Nice.tq bro..pakcik dave murray dah guna flying v pulak?

Ijau D. Koceng said...

mmg rare tgk murray guna gitar lain selain strat dan lespaul

klu silver @GBP15 tu maybe tahap mampu milik, akan cuba diusahakan

berteromber said...

Thanks deaf kerana mengingatkan aku kembali band mana yg paling best setelah naik letih baca pasal Metalika seminggu dua ni...biasa la... dengki pasal tak dapat pegi....heheh...

Dave Murray pakai V?...pergh...best...ni gambo bila ni beb?

Btw...apa yg aku tau...Fandi letak jawatan...pasal dia masih nak jadi coach....tak minat jawatan pengurus...so..good luck Fandi...TQ very much.

deaf-angel said...

Last year us tour kot flying v ni. This year tak pakai.