Friday, April 4, 2014

Def Leppard Slang Deluxe Edition double cd (2013) - In Comparison with original Slang double cd (1996)

        I finally got my hands on the game-changing Def Leppard Slang Deluxe Edition double cds.
For the past week, while walking and on board public transportation, the 30 songs that made up Slang Deluxe Edition entertains me. Maximum overdrive on the headphones...

The Slang Deluxe Edition double cd side by side with the original Slang double cd of which the 2nd cd that was the Def Leppard Live Accoustic at Hard Rock Cafe Singapore.

        When Slang first came out, it is a bit of weirdness for me. Anticipation was high, the FIRST proper studio album with Vivian "HolyDiverLastInLineSacredHeart" Campbell. But then, the album cover was weird, the Def Leppard familiar pointy point logo is gone, and Slang cursive letters, with a shadow of what looks like a lady, and a star on her forehead, is actually a warning that I will be confused listening to this album. Maybe Def Leppard grew up on this album, or maybe its their personal life problems that influenced this album.

- Some songs are still recognisable as Def Leppard like All I Want Is Everything, which by the way got the most humble lines of " its hard to hold your head up, when you're kneeling down to pray".
- For me there are some fantastic haunting and darker songs that I really like and gives me the shivers - Pearl of Euphoria, Deliver Me, Breathe A Sigh and Blood Runs Cold. Very unusual songs for Def Leppard to make, but I think among their best.
- But there are moments and songs where for me Def Leppard is trying to sound a bit similar to what's trendy then in the early and mid 90s. Yes, quite a  miserable era for rock and metal music that I know and like.

We have to look quite closely to compare the difference between the artworks covers of the original Slang in 1996 and 2013 of Deluxe Edition.
The original cover's lady's face is not so clear, the stars on the foreheads are different and there is what look like binary numbers on the original artwork.

        Years later, rediscovering this album and giving some of the songs that I am not keen in the album another chance, then I realised I like it better, a lot better. The faster songs are actually great, not the usual Def Leppard that I grow up on, but still awesome.
the exotic, land of India intro sounding Turn To Dust, the Vivian Campbell written Work It Out, the rocking Gift Of Flesh, and even Slang really compliments the haunting songs that I mentioned earlier.
        I think as years past, this album really grows on me and I think Slang is now my FAVOURITE Def Leppard ALBUM ever. Now with the release of this Deluxe Edition, it seems to cement Slang position for me. I am in the progress of collecting Def Leppard releases from around the Slang period. There are some songs written and recorded during that period which is not found in this deluxe edition. Plus, some live versions of some songs from this album. Will continue about Slang era period next time ok...

ok what have we got the extras that is not on the original SLANG album in this deluxe edition??
- Move With Me Slowly - previously available on Japanese pressing of Slang.
- A Few Bsides from Slang era and also EUPHORIA era ( Euphoria was the next album after Slang, and it got that most POPTASTIC song from Def Leppard - Promises.)
this includes Can't Keep Away From The Flame which first appears on Vault Japanese Pressing.
          There is youtube footage of Def Leppard did this song accoustic in Japan, I guess maybe due to it originally a Japanese only song for Vault.

- A few drafts versions of which the final results appear on Slang album..
You have some completely differently titled songs like Raised Your Love which then evolved into the song Slang, BLACK TRAIN that becomes Gift OF Flesh, also draft of songs with the same title but noticeably different from the final product.

- You also have some rough mixes of some songs..
- But also there is one most sweet song called ALL ON YOUR TOUCH (2012 revisit). I think this song was never released in any form before?? Superb song. 
Plus a few other songs that made up 30 songs altogether. 

This deluxe release has no lyrics anyway, just photos and informations..
The original Slang has lyrics on the booklet.
If you like Def Leppard from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, this is a superb release.

NOW I GOT TO GIVE " X " ANOTHER CHANCE. Except for the beautiful Long Long Way To Go which I think is one of Def Leppard's best sentimental song ever, I am still trying to accept the album. LOL!!

More pictures of both the Slang Deluxe Edition compared to the original double cd Slang.

Above three is from the deluxe edition..
Bottom two is from the original version.
I prefer the original version cd booklet... Great photos and arts..

i just want to say listening to Slang I forget Rick Allen got only one arm....


Portdy said...

Is this my BIRTHDAY PRESENT? hehehehe

berteromber said...

Cis...tu hari ko pulak...tak boleh jadi ni...kena cari jugak Slang ni....heheh...

Portdy said...

saya belum dapat album ni lagi broteromber...

deaf-angel said...

Ya, Joe Elliot knock knock knocking at your door and sing you birthday song like Marilyn Monroe to Mr Presiden.

Portdy said...

JOE ELLIOT dah gemuk,

better diet/training macam Duktur Bentara.

anyway, is better Joe than
Phil" oily muscle abs six pack " Collen, knocking on my front door.

Rafi said...

Kat disc ke 2 deluxe edition ni ada phil gay tu nyanyi eh..dah brapa kali abg deaf ngn portdy mention ini album..nak kena cari n dengar jugak la..sebab sebelum ni last album DL yang aku stop sampai retro active jer


Dah jadi fesyen dah deluxe edition sekarangnie. Harap-harap adala deluxe edition artis tempatan yg padat hadiah mcmnie