Tuesday, April 29, 2014


It is sometimes very difficult for me to understand British humour , (unless its Mr Bean or Mind Your Language series), but I personally think British comedy is so much more superior. They are very cunning, and intelligent, and you have to read between the lines a lot.

One show that I think may be the best television humour series ever is Blackadder. Irregardless from which era or special one-off shows.

Never have a humour series fills me with delight, and at the same time makes me feel so sad and depress, especially as the most heart-wrenching LEGENDARY ENDING ever of Blackadder IV. 

Maybe that was one of the best conclusion to any tv show ever in history.

(Everytime I hear Paschendale from Iron Maiden, that ending scene is what occupies my imagination).

Above on the left is one of the older "Blackadder - The complete collector's set" dvd collection which has a total of 5 dvds in the boxset.
On the right is the Whole Damn Dynasty 1485-1917 book which is basically, the exact script and dialogue of each episode. Its a really a huge help to me LOL!!..

Maybe one day, I will got the time, to delve more into these two items, and talk-cock why I love Blackadder so much.
Not only is the familiar Rowan Atkinson, but the supporting crew is so magnificient.
The whole cast are magnificient actors and actresses. I presume they are all British finest.
Its truly magic when you can watch the series, the episodes, repeatedly and never get bored.

And Manowar fans!! on the new version of the Warrior's Prayer MMXI or something, I forgot the Roman numerals...
that is Brian Blessed, his performance in the original Blackadder series as the king is simply unforgettable.
Saying that, all characters are unforgettable.
ok I stop now.

And it has such an uplifting theme song too by the way.. with slight variations for each era.

to be continued, I hope to write about my most favourite characters in each series.


faizal abd fathi said...

saya ada drama ni..versi sedut... mana beli?? kat Malaysia kira rare nih

Ijau D. Koceng said...

sblm rowan atkinson femes dgn watak encik kacang...

berteromber said...

lawak british memang susah nak faham...dah la slang pekat...aku lost kalau tak ada subtitle...subtitle english la...kalau subtitle melayu dah hilang dah lawaknya...

metal brain asylum said...

Baru aku perasan yang Hugh Laurie ( Dr. House ) pon rupanya sezaman dgn Rowan Atkinson.

dilabangiWORLD said...

Dep, entry makanan tak dok ko
hehehe vukan apa aku tak paham ttg lagu nak komen pun ikut2 je hah

** 1 may cuti
selamat hari pekerja dep

Rafi said...

Penah tejumpa boxset ni kat choket.taktau pulak series ni dah lama..

gayour said...

gua ingatkan band metal british paling awal sebelum black sabbath, led zepp dan deep purple.heh!


Aku besar dengan tgk black adder dan alo-alo pasal masa aku budak late night tv singapore tunjuk ini. Lupa satu lg siri yg rowan jadi polistu. Mcm aku yg memang aliran ingerisnya british mmg boleh gulingla tengok.