Saturday, September 20, 2014

Unisonic - Light of Dawn - double cd 22 songs boxset (Mexico release???)

I like what hear of the samples of songs from Unisonic's Light Of Dawn on the internet, so I want to get an original, but nowadays, I take my time and I really try to get the best possible deal for sometimes there is opportunity when I can buy stuffs for my own personal earthly pleasures LOL!!!

First time I come across this edition is on a Michael Kiske website, there are a few versions of Light Of Dawn in the market, but there is one version with a double cd with 22 songs on it and I think its reflected as a Mexican Release. I found it in Ebay quite easily, so I buy it.

Really, there is 22 songs on 2 cds, and then I realised, its actually the Light Of Dawn with the 12 songs European version, and the other 10 songs is actually jam-packed into the For The Kingdom digipak EP. This is the list.

Lets get the second cd out of the way first, its the basic For The Kingdom EP, with the For The Kingdom song, the special song only for the EP "You Come Undone" and the 4 unreleased live version - Unisonic, Never Too Late, Star Rider, Souls Alive all recorded Czech Republic 2012.
another 4 songs which is not reflected on the digipak packaging but on the cardboard main backcover that is Unisonic, My Sanctuary, Souls Alive (demo), and definitely from the Japan show of the fabulous I Want Out with Kiske screaming that " be....... FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" which is so awesome.

Anyway, prominently Unisonic songs are all written by the bass player Dennis Ward, and the bass is prominent and I like it.

So its a really good buy, especially as I dont have the first Unisonic album, as I dont think its an urgent or necessary buy....  especially the songs transformed better after Unisonic do it live.
Maybe next time, I'll get the first album? I dont know.

Now the Light Of Dawn album itself,

starts with a majestic intro... then for the next FIVE SONGS its all great songs, with prominently Michael Kiske voice of course which cannot be denied as the best and mesmerizing for me, of course some fast speedy stuffs... Definitely I think much more rockin than the first album.

Like I say, the FIVE songs, Your Time Has Come is nice, the Exceptional starts and it gets even better, and then For The Kingdom is superb, and then Not Gonna Take Anymore has for me is so sweet song with the best chorus, and then Night Of The Long Knives.

After that the next two songs, is for me to take a breather,  - Find Shelter and slow rock Blood. But Find Shelter as usual the guitars is very thrilling and I kind of like the change of tempo at the middle when it gets all SLOW!!....

Blood is I think the one song I want to skip forward..... LOL!!! no.. no... its still nice.. but it kills the momentum for me.. but of course, blast the headphones and check out the music, and all is well. 

After that the momentum builds up again - , When The Deed is Done, Throne Of the Dawn, Manhunter are all great songs, and Manhunter I really like the guitars in the song...

Ends with a ballad, You And I, one thing about these slow rocks here, Michael Kiske voice is so beautiful, that I endure the whole song just because of his voice LOL!!!!!

SO 22 songs great and good songs, fast songs, mid term songs, boring songs, so I cannot be " BANYAK COLOK!!" right??

Its really value for money... I really love purchasing this.

In conclusion,

I love the current Helloween, I think the last album "Straight Out Of Hell" is a very amazing exciting thrilling album. One of their best.

I think its high time they make a return to play in Singapore where according to Andi Deris words he "sweat like a pig" on stage,

Andi Deris really propels Helloween now, Helloween now have LOVE SONGS!!!! Sacha is very handsome at last they got handsome guitarist!! HAHAHAHAHAHHA. But I cringe a bit whenever I hear bootlegs when Andi Deris sings old Kiske songs LOL!!!.

And its funny Pink Cream 69 people are now playing with ex Helloween members too.

So we got two great bands...



Rafi said...

Michael kiske ni pun nasib dia lebih kurang mcm blaze gak eh..lepas dia kuar Halloween sampai statement dia pasal heavy metal tu..teruk jugak dia kena cemuh ngan fans..but now dia dah back to metal roots dgn unisonic ni best..aku Cari album solo dia past in different ways kalo tak silap tajuk dia..yg ada pun versi mp3 je..but kiske voice still maintain power

berteromber said...

yey...kiske kembali....sayangnya masih tak berpeluang nak ada cd Unisonic ni...

D'arsil said...

1st dgr nama band ni.

Adi Herman said...

nice cd bro!