Friday, September 4, 2015

Lemmy (Motorhead) - TILL THE END & THE Book Of Souls is OFFICIALLY RELEASED!!!!!!!

Out of Topic for a while
 - THE BOOK OF SOULS , The new Iron Maiden album is officially released...
Its not even 4th September where I am LOL!!! It is once I publish this post. 20 minutes after 4th September.

And I am not working at all day or night tomorrow..
So I won't be sleeping tonight LOL!!!
Reviews this weekend...
Packaging photos of the deluxe cds and triple vinyls packaging once I got the physical copy.
Now its the MASTERED for Itunes version.. first.


OK Actually I want to talk about something else...

I feel like talking about my feelings in English, with a bit of Malay Language in between.

I want to talk about my sadness seeing Lemmy heartbreaking latest condition, my memories of Motorhead, and lastly MOTORHEAD's new album Black Magic
which I already hear and I am kind of dissapointed because I want it to be Inferno style, or at least Aftershock style.
But its still typical Motorhead. Nothing more nothing less. But I like Inferno very very much.
I guess you know my taste.

Because I saw the three amazing superb fan videos recordings on the internet of Motorhead playing in Austin USA two days back.
It was the start of the 3rd song Metropolis that really got me. 
I mean I read the news before I saw the video.
It was worse worse than what I can imagine after reading the news, but before seeing the video.
Of course I am distracted by Mikkey "Lemmy says he's the best drummer in the world, so it could possibly be true" Dee but its Lemmy.
Before the song seems Phil Campbell out of the video screen is volunteering to do the singing or something?
I dont really understand what Phil Campbell words are and he is out of screen, but I think its words of encouragement to Lemmy and so on after Lemmy is complaining it seems?.

Health is important!! 
I guess everyone in the world just want him to be happy and healthy.
Its ridiculous I think Motorhead's live schedule? Should have more rest in between.

Lemmy seems so bad. I think its good he stop it then force till the end of even the 3rd song

Yes he wants to rock n roll and I think he did say he will die while on the road doing his rock n roll, but still this is not the way, I think.

He got difficulty walking, standing with much discomfort and when he returns to apologise he needs a stick and move with much difficulty.
Rob Halford in Singapore with Judas Priest use a walking stick at the end, but he just sings and I guess Rob Halford only problem is with legs that time.
While Lemmy plays bass which translate double the work and Lemmy has I think a few health issues.

Music fans who listens to Motorhead will rate Lemmy highly and as a legend.

For fans in South East Asia, its difficult because Motorhead don't come and play here.
I was always fascinated hearing to live albums and Bootlegs of the spoken "We Are Motorhead and We Play Rock And Roll!!" intro.
So when the only chance I got to see Motorhead play, I was ready with my handphone. I just want to capture that moment on my handphone video when Lemmy says those words.
And I got it... LOL!!!


Happy and memorable day that was...

Although Phil "Animal" Taylor ex drummer Motorhead was introduced and he comes on stage but he seems disorientated??????? Disorientated and Lost. I think thats the word. Nice to see him in person but not nice to see his condition then, if you get what I mean?

lain2 orang lain2 cita2 ye tak?.. Aku cita2 nak dengar dan tengok secara langsung Lemmy intro ayat legend ni We Are Motorhead And We Play Rock N Roll. haha.

Anyway korang tengok budak tu, yang kat akhir video ni!! Kongajar! Ni yang selalu aku kena hati2 nanti aku pun kene pedajal ngan orang lain.
Minum beer sikit je buang atau campak kat orang lain, nak perdajal orang lain la tu, ok la janji bukan air kencing Hahahaha. Benci siot aku kena hujan or simbah raining beer gi tengok konsert rock pasal bila nak basuh, abis tu backpacking baju sumbat bag semua berbau. Nak buang tshirt?? Giler ah nak buang tshirt rock pasal kena beer.

Aku berasak2 pergi depan ok untuk Motorhead tapi tak mau kat tengah, kat tengah ribut taufan puting berliung, mampos aku.
tapi kat tepi aku, korang tengoklah boleh budak2 start Mosh Pit masa nak abis. Siot... haha.
Dah la berlumpur giler. Asal jangan kena aku sudah... Aku dah "Alamak salah tempat la aku berdiri" hahaha. "Cepat2 stop main Motorhead aku nak blah dari sini!!" haha.

Kenangan aku tengok Lemmy dan Motorhead. Ni yang sebelum dia jatuh sakit. Lepas show ni yang mula2 sekali dorang main kat Wacken lepas tu Lemmy dah start meragam kesihatan dia sampai sekarang. Dia macam2 penyakit tak silap aku, silap jantung pun ada pacemaker.


In conclusion so one last thing,
I got a quick listen to the new BLACK MAGIC album by Motorhead.
Its same old, same old. Nice, but... it wont make me rush to buy the album.

- My FAVOURITE Motorhead album is always and forever - INFERNO
- My SECOND FAVOURITE Motorhead album is maybe AFTERSHOCK.
- Special Mention must go to ORGASMATRON due to the two best Motorhead songs ever - title track, and Deaf Forever and also one of the most beautiful album cover. Its not in my top two favourites because I dont like the other songs so much LOL!!!

From the above, I think you can guess, I prefer it more when Motorhead swings to heavy metal? I guess that is how I interpret the style of Inferno and to an extend Aftershock.

But on the BLACK MAGIC album there is suddenly Motorhead slows down for the song beautiful song called TILL THE END.

Its so bitter-sweet song.
A Poignant song.

Book Of Soul will be album of the year unless BELINDA CARLISLE release a new album then she can kick Maiden ass and I dont care. LOL!!!
2nd place for album of the year will be a fight between Paradise Lost new album & Ghost new album.
(Vreid has released one new song from their coming soon release... an imagination of the deep harsh Norway weather and environment where they grow up, certainly their style of Black Metal/N Roll but I dont think it will overtake to get 2nd place in my heart this year).

Empire Of The Cloud will be the song of the year.
But Till The End & Tears Of The Clown will fight for the saddest song of the year.

This is the song and the lyrics.

Don't tell me what to do my friend 
You'll break more hearts than you can mend 
I know myself like no one else 
Nothing to defend 

My life is full of good advice 
And you don't have to tell me twice 
Living here in paradise 
Your rules that I should bend 

In my years my life has changed 
I can't turn back the time
I can tell you just what made me change

All I know is who I am 
I'll never let you down
The rest will give you trust until the end

There ain't no rules to follow
You cant predict tomorrow 
I know just who my friends are 
The rest can turn to stone 

Your memories are yours alone
There yours until your dust and bones 
I know the things I'm looking for
I know just what I want 

In my life the times have changed 
I'm still in a rush 
I don't want to hear your fairy tales 

All I know is who I am 
I'll never let you down
The rest will give you trust until the end


In your life you'll be amazed 
About all you long to lose
You cant never live that life again
But one thing you will never lose
Is the singing in your head
That will still be with you till the end

Lagu ni inspirasi ok.....
Lagu ni lirik dia bukan sahaja cantik tapi apa lirik ni cakap betul...
Lagu ni menyentuh perasaan aku.

Motorhead semacam gitu.. takde band cam dorang..
Takde foto live lak dorang main tu aku snap kot?

Ni je foto dorang, tapi aku ambik dari bungkusan Aftershock, ohh ya versi Aftershock ni ada dvd Motorhead main kat Donington aku gi tengok dorang main,
so ada la souvenir konsert rock band omputeh main aku gi tengok dalam versi DVD Rasmi.
Tapi tak semua lagu..ok la.

tapi kalau dorang dah tak main lagi...
aku suka lagi satu band yang 3 piece jugak, tak la sama sangat tapi ada la tempias2 gitu..
iaitu High On Fire. Dahsyat nak mampos album baru dorang. lagu2 semua macam Tornado siot album baru haha.
Live terbaik. Antara paling mengkasikan aku terkejut beruk tengok dorang main. High On Fire.

tu je.

All I Know Is Who I Am
I'll Never Let You Down..

Cewaaahhh... haha.


OK Time for Maiden..


Ijau D. Koceng said...

aku bulan dpn baru dapat memburu album TBOS...

deaf-angel said...

buru Ijau buru......bagus wei.

Kaemm Reutn said...

alamak motorhead la....klu dgr lgunya mmg headache la...hehe

Rafi said...

Motorhead baru diorang ada cover lagu Rolling Stones 'sympathy for the devil' kan.Lemmy penah cakap kat fb page dia,selagi dia hidup ni selagi tu dia akan berkonsert untuk fan dia,melainkan kalo dia dah mati.baru2 ni dia baru main berapa lagu je tepaksa stop pegi hospital,tapi peminat motorhead tak riot pun.diorang pun paham.

harini dah 4 september yek.ahad kalo aku pegi victoria kat amcorp kompem sold out punya.aku tepikir gak kalo maiden main kat China nanti,macam mana official tshirt dia eh.Eddie mata sepet mcm cina ke?hahah..

deaf-angel said...

Motorache hehe

ya Brilliant.. Tshirt Event specially for China shows...

I think there will be one. MUST BE ONE!!

Eddie as a terracotta would be be nice.

Mohd Hanif said...

Intro melody Empire of The Cloud sgt touching, tapi so far most outstanding track to me is If Eternity Should Fail. Chorus melody dia fuh berulang2 dalam kepala

PC kOKak™ said...

tak mahu tengok Lemmy tumbang atas pentas...

D'arsil said...

aku ada kawan suka sgt ngan motorhead ni, apa saja berkaitan motorhead dia beli, yg tukar bakar ayam hari tu, tgk jaket dia tu, semua motorhead tak ada campur2. cemana lah rasanya tgk moshing cam puting beliung tu kan, musti menatotkan hahaha... iron maiden tu, tak sabar nak baca rebiu kamu dan juga gambar bungkusannya.. yey..

berteromber said...

Aku rasa Lemmy kalau still nak buat road tour...dia patut pilih satu antara 2...samada suruh orang lain nyanyi...atau suruh orang lain yang main bass....umur dia dah berapa kan...70 tahun kot...setengah2 orang dah retired dah umur2 macam ni....

btw...aku excited dapat e-mail 2 hari book of souls aku dah pos dah...harap2 jangan pos buat hal sudah la....haha...
konon nak tunggu cd sampai baru nak dengar...tapi tak boleh tahan godaan...layan juga kat youtube...huhuhu...

faizal abd fathi said...

lemmy - antara otai masih berbisa