Thursday, September 10, 2015

my Ulasan/Review - Iron Maiden The Book Of Souls & the very nice new Metal Hammer magazine, nice enough to buy....( EDITED ADDED TEXT IN YELLOW AT 12 Sept 0834hrs because I forgot a song LOL!!)

Salam semua.

Allow me to speak a bit in English about the new Iron Maiden album The Book Of Souls, after that I will switch to my bastardized MARKET version of the Malay Language, and then a little on the new Metal Hammer Magazine which has about 20 over pages on the new Maiden stuff right at the end.

This is how I listen to The Book Of Souls so far.

When I listen to Maiden, I will visualise it on my head what each band member is doing.
How Nicko will sit on his low stool will be on my vivid imagination.
So its important even during the instrumental and solos section I can imagine and FANTASIZE.

Maybe the solos are wrong, we will know it sooner or later on the breakdowns.

I take Iron Maiden personally.
I dont care about what others have to say on Iron Maiden. Never Have, Probably Never Will.
Well one exception ...Probably my love ones at home as I cannot have gone backpacking alone to see Maiden plays in different places, different continents, different countries, without them NOT discouraging me LOL!! (now did that sentence comes out the way I meant it?? LOL!!) BUT THEY KNOW MY CRAZINESS WHEN IT COMES TO IRON MAIDEN, I CANNOT BE HELPED ANYMORE LOL!!

Put it simply, As far as I am concern, most of the time, unless as stated above, Its just me and IRON FUCKIN MAIDEN.

So this is my review and opinion on the new album.

When the new album is rumoured and gossiped, my main worry is the presence of The Too Long Turgid Slow Intros that I am not so keen if it happens a bit too much. 
I have no problem with slow intros but if its too long, I gets impatient for the music to explode LOL!!
This is because I listen to Maiden quite a lot, often, so I mean, Talisman.
Now I will openly say it, I would have prefer House Of Doctor D to Talisman on the last tour if they wants to play a Janick song.

But then I realised, Maiden is definitely reaching the end of their lifeline and Bruce health condition and especially Nicko's age, I realised I must be happy and enjoy it as much as possible while Maiden is still active.

This album does not disappoints. 
This album is my 2015 album of the year.
The last song on this album, the Bruce on Piano 18 minutes Mother of all Maiden Epics EMPIRE OF THE CLOUDS is the song I will choose as my Song Of The Year.

I was thinking, maybe 5 years down the road, if I am alive, and I am to list my favourite all time Iron Maiden number one album and number one song. And YOU PUT A GUN ON MY HEAD and I have to choose because I dont think I can even choose and make a top 5 album or a top 40 songs,
I will choose The Book Of Souls, and Empire Of The Clouds respectively.

This album has minimum of the slow turgid intros that I was talking about. 
Steve Harris Red And The Black is a perfect example. An up tempo Epic all the way. 13 minutes long, the 3rd longest song in Maiden's history, just a second shorter than ROTAM.
This song has one of the most mind-boggling instrumentals and solos section ever, with some of the most complicated time changes Maiden ever done.
Especially if the news Empire Of The Clouds wont be played.

But I believe if Empire of The Clouds is played, I think there will quite a number of grown men crying and bursting to tears.
The song is simply beautiful.

In conclusion, because if I write in detail about this album it will never be finished,

This album is a killer in every sense of the word.
As an album, this is the best album of the current 6 men lineup.
Other albums have amazing amazing moments like Starblind, Brighter Than A Thousand Suns, Paschendale, even Thin Line Between Love And Hate,

but as an album, this is hands down the best.

Maybe one day, I will really say this is the best Iron Maiden ever.

But nothing in life is perfect, and I find Steve Harris bass on this album unique.

I need to get use to how Steve Harris bass sounds on this album.



Cakap Melayu time...  dari cenel 5, kita tukar cenel 3.

Album ni terbaik,
Untuk aku la, ni album macam Steve Harris pergi rumah Bruce Dickinson, tengok semua hasil kerja Bruce Dickinson dan paksa Bruce Dickinson guna semua seni dia untuk Iron Maiden haha.

Takdelah, kecuali lagu pertama IF ETERNITY NEVER ENDS.

Lagu2 Bruce lain memang dia pergi rumah Adrian Smith untuk bawak idea dia.

Kecuali lagu EMPIRE OF THE CLOUDS. Bruce cipta lagu ni sambil main piano kat studio rakaman, dorang sound-proof kan piano Bruce kat satu ruang, jadi Bruce boleh buat idea dan dorang rakam dan mainkan apa Bruce nak.
Ni aku rasa serupa lagu Where The Wild Wind Blows kat album sebelum ni, lagu ni kat studio bukan lagu penuh, dorang rakam sikit sikit atas arahan Steve Harris.
Dah siap lagu terus sedap, terus siap main live lagi untuk tour lepas.

Jadi walaupun memang khabarnye EMPIRE OF THE CLOUDS takkan dimainkan live, dengan sapa nak main piano, dengan orkestra part tu, ngan complicated nye,
tapi always orkestra part tu dorang ada Michael Kenney (Steve Harris nye tech dan jugak penyokong muzik dengan kadang2 main keyboards Maiden) atau dorang boleh pakai backing tape.
Dave Murray ada cakap EMPIRE OF THE CLOUDS mungkin dan boleh dimainkan live.

Jadi kita tengok cammana. Anyway, aku dengar lagu EMPIRE OF THE CLOUDS sedih siot lagu ni. Aku rasa kalau aku tengok Maiden live next tour, kalau dapat tengok la, dan Maiden mainkan lagu ni, masa mula2 Piano tu, aku rasa aku akan menangis.

OK ni album,

If Eternity Should Fail (9.6/10), terbaik la. Siap ngan spoken ending. Sapa suka style Bruce Dickinson Chemical Wedding ngan Accident Of Birth, nahhh ambikkkkk THORBAIK!!!

lagu ni live confirm live akan dimainkan, dan rasanya lagu pertama..

Bila ending ending tu korus korus gitu... Bruce nyanyi, Adrian Smith kat belakang solo sikit solo sikit solo sikit...

WAWWWW IMAGINE OK!!! IMAGINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speed Of Light (9.2/10)- lagi satu lagu confirm live. Korus yang sangat sedap. Wahhh... Ribut ok lagu ni bila part korus....

GREAT UNKNOWN (6.9/10) - Lagu aku kurang sikit... Tapi instrumental solos dia hebat... Sebab tu aku kasi 6.9 haha.

THE RED AND THE BLACK (10/10) - Terbaik la 13 minit panjang. Lagi satu saat pendek dari Rime Of Ancient Mariner. Start sampai abis rancak. Terbaik la ciptaan Steve Harris ni.
Instrumental section part ni... aku terpaku. Macam aku tengah diri kat atas gunung ganang, ada angin ada segemen Celtic style Clansman gitu hahaha

OK, salah satu sebab, kenapa kalau perasan, Steve Harris sikit kurang tulis lagu kat album ni, dan nampak macam condong kepada Bruce Dickinson dan jugak Adrian Smith,
masa rakaman album ni kat Paris (ni album sama tempat rakaman ngan album Brave New World)

Steve Harris ada kematian dua orang terdekat dalam hidup dia masa rakaman dan tulis lagu kat studio.
Satu kawan dia dari kecik,
satu salah seorang ahli keluarga dia.

Apa pun, lagu Red And Black ni instrumental section dia menakjubkan, AKU TAKUT MAIDEN KANTOI LIVE OK!! hahaah...

Aku pernah cerita dulu, PERTAMA KALI DALAM HIDUP AKU TENGOK MAIDEN MAIN LIVE, dorang main lagu Rime Of Ancient Mariner, lepas tu kantoi besar,
tapi giler babi nye pro dorang, boleh nampak kepala semua pusing tengok each other terus cover macam takde apa jadi..

GILER!! hahaha... Tu la, mungkin orang lain tak perasan la, tapi kalau tengok lantai pun masa Maiden main, kalau ada kantoi boleh tahu la kan? hhahahahaha.

Aku suka Maiden kalau rock n roll gini. Untuk halwa telinga aku la....
Laju.. solos....
Ni lagu kalau main live gerek...

BOOK OF SOULS (9.6/10)- 
Reminds me of Rainbow's Stargazer this song on the lyrics though this one maybe pinpoints towards a more Mayan even Aztec civilisation.
Surely a live song. Maiden usually play the title of the album song.
10+ mins long, 3rd longest song on this album.
A Janick Gers/Steve Harris song. I had always love this combination, the song Dance Of Death was awesome and this one really get going during the instrumental and solo parts.


TERBAIK!!! TERBAIK!!! Aku tak boleh cakap apa lagu ni terbaik. Maiden zaman dulu2, short and fast and exciting and thrilling.....

Climb like a Monkey!! - PANJAT MACAM MONYET!!

Korang jangan gelak atau ketawa ngan lirik ni ok.

Ni ayat the RED BARON. RED BARON ni pahlawan juruterbang Jerman yang paling hebat dalam perang dunia pertama. Dia tengah cakap pasal pesawat dia naiki untuk perang di udara.

Kalau korang minat Snoopy, katun Peanuts si anjing kelakar tu...  Dia nanti yo-yo-oh hero, nak jadi pilot perang tu dia nak perang ngan Red Baron la.....

Serious aku cakap, aku banyak belajar ilmu sejarah, sastera, macam2 ilmu dari lagu2 Iron Maiden, album ni pun macam2 aku belajar.

lagi satu lagu laju sedap ngan instrumentals dan solos gerek...


lagu ni meleleh air mata kalau hayati lagu ni. Rancak tapi sedih... Korang kena dengar la... kalau korang dengar takde apa2, well.... aku je la kan? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Tapi aku boleh relate ngan lagu ni...

Korang tahu kan? Sapa paling joker paling banyak cakap paling banyak ketawa gelak, sebenarnye kadang2 dia sorang2, dia paling problem.
KADANG2 la... tak semua tapi ni lumrah hidup gitu kan?

Ni lagu pasal Robin Williams. Sedih ok lagu ni, menyentuh perasaan..

Aku tak tahu sapa yang tulis liriks lagu ni, Steve Harris atau Adrian Smith..

Dua2 pun jiwa romantik kalau tulis liriks.. nak2 si Adrian Smith.

Mula2 slow...lepas tu laju...

Start dia Dave Murray solo sorang2... WAHHHH!!!
Sedap sangat ok..   Apa pun tiga amigos tu, Dave Murray tetap pujaan hati walau semakin tahun demi tahun semakin Adrian Smith nak overtake HAHAHAHAHA.


Macam aku cakap kat atas la, kalau aku dapat tengok Iron Maiden kat World Tour depan tahun depan, dan kalau dorang main lagu ni...
dan Bruce start ngan piano tu...
Aku rasa aku konpem nangis. HAHHA.

Lagu kesahkan kapal udara (airship) negara Britain , zaman kegemilangan EMPAYAR BRITISH seluruh dunia.

Ni semua sebelum pun Jerman bina Hinderburg, dan kecelakaan Hinderburg yang Led Zeppelin ambil sempena tu....

""""For the Unbelievers??

(aku cek length kat Wikipedia, Titanic panjang sikit berapa meter dari R101 ni haha, Siot je Bruce, main tembak je liriks hahaha)

Cerita tragedy waktu kapal ni dari England nak terbang ke India, pasal kan tu jam semua kan empayar Inggeris...

Dia jatuh kat Peranchis, kalau tak terbakar, rasanya takde orang mati, pasal dia jatuh kat tanah pun macam speed naik basikal aje.....

Dah tu je.... UP THE IRONS..

Wahhh...penat..hancor bocai aku buat blog.. Aku dah lambat ni. BYE>>>

Lupa nak cakap sikit,
cam aku sebut kat bahagian atas tu...

Aku nye halwa telinga, aku nye kepala hotak berdengung, masih kena adjust ngan sound Steve Harris kat album ni..   Semua pasal album ni adalah terrrrrrbaikkkk..

Aku rasa la, kalau saing ngan mana2 album zaman classic pun, 16 studio album...

Aku mungkin akan rank album ni mungkin Terbaik dalam sejarah Iron Maiden. 92 minit of heaven.
ok ok tolak lagu The Great Unknown hahahaa, tu pun instrumental dia gerek nak mampos.
Tapi sapa tahu, besok lusa tetiba Great Unknown jadi feberet aku lak...haha.

Tapi tak disangkal ni sebagai album, sebagai Double Album, adalah terbaik...

Again aku ulang lagi ayat aku gunakan untuk Final Frontier..

Kalau ni album terakhir Iron Maiden, maka ini adalah hadiah paling unggul untuk peminat2 mereka satu dunia....

Aku dah bilang, kalau aku buat review ni album takkan game nye.


The New Metal Hammer Magazine...

In brief... It comes in -

- A Box Cover Jacket featuring the new "Mayan" Eddie in 3D or whatever its called and the BOX ITSELF IS A GATEFOLD. A beauty.
- The Magazine inside has Eddie in another artwork on the cover.
- More than 20 PAGES on everything THE BOOK OF SOULS, ads and photos including a two page spread on His Majesty Service - The R101.
An Editor's note with the heading - IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT IRON MAIDEN.

Its a nice magazine to have. 
And it has articles on Powerwolf.

So it makes this issue a bonus LOL!!!

I very very rarely buy magazines nowadays, but I would feel like collecting the 3 British magazines that will be awesome to celebrate The Book Of Souls release.
Kerrang with its awesome cover and I think Classic Rock with its 17 different covers LOL!!
No... I cannot afford all 17 different covers. I guess I'll buy any one that I see first LOL!!

packaging photos next time LOL!!

Above is the Itunes Mastered version.


D'arsil said...

sangat mengujakan..

Ijau D. Koceng said...

dia punya temptation menyebabkan aku terus cari versi sedut... hehehe hujung bulan baru memburu versi cd

serious! most songs ada subliminal old tunes; those tunes from dianno days (can't recap lagu apa), wasted years, holy smoke, mother russia, clansmen, mercenary, new frontier, benjamin breeg, sikit2 talisman, fuh byk kalau nak list down

solo paling best, solo2 lagu tears of a clown, bikin rasa sebak...

Anonymous said...

Mana nak dapat Metal Hammer Iron Maiden tu ek?

Syahid Ishak said...

Tears of A Clown ni untuk Allahyarham P. Ramlee pun bole.

Kaemm Reutn said...

Maidennn maidennnn

deaf-angel said...
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deaf-angel said...

Anon. Aku beli di Singapura, kedai buku Kinokuniya.

berteromber said...

Aku tak nak spoil feeling aku masa nanti dengar cd...tapi tak boleh tahan godaan...curi2 dengar juga kat youtube...hahaha...aku baru dengar sikit2...tapi memang aku rasa ini jauh lebih best dari Final Frontier...takper la...aku simpan komen aku yang lain2....tunggu cd sampai dulu....

Btw...JB tak sampai lagi metal hammer yg ni...isnin lepas baru sampai isu sebelumnya yg cover Baby Metal tu...lambat betul....sama macam lambatnya tunggu pos tak sampai2...heheh...

Rafi said...

Wah..terkesima aku.pasal geng vinyl passion pun takda sorang pun upload gamba pasal album ni maknanya lom sampai lagi la..maybe hujung bulan baru nak gi cari.metal hammer tu 2 kali aku gi kedai tak sampai2 lagi..ishh..mlm kang aku nak layan "empire of the clouds" heheh..

Rafi said...

Tadi ada terbaca kat music feeds bruce cite pasal dia dulu hampir2 nak bagi penumbuk kat Axl Rose..masa konsert kat paris

Kaboi Tanduk said...

setakat ni layan speed of light kat youtube ja..

terbaiklah IM, double album tuh!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine Iron Maiden playing The Book of Souls? It would end with Empire of the Clouds and then it would be ‘thank you’ and ‘good night’. There is no Iron Maiden, no Run to the Hills and none of the classics. - NICKO MCBRAIN

Anonymous said...

errr...apasal review seploh lagu jer...? Lagu no.6 The Book Of Souls takde rating...
Baru dapat parcel tengahari tadi...baru hadam cd1...ok next cd2...memey terbaek...

Anonymous said...

I think this is the new millennium Number of the Beast. That was one of our best albums and the follow up to that (Piece of Mind) was probably the best of the lot of them. Brave New World (2000 album) was phenomenal, I loved A Matter of Life and Death (2006), but, having said that, this album is the culmination. It has something for everybody. Take Speed of Light, for instance. It is the old Maiden. That intro is a testimony to Deep Purple and the title track, Book of Souls, is fucking immense – if you’ll excuse my French – but I think this is the best album we’ve ever made. - Abam Nicko cakap...huhu

deaf-angel said...

Ye ke aku miss book of soul? Hahaha... nanti edit.
thank you..
perfect setlist is
iesf sampai mos
iron maien

Empire of clouds

Hallowed be thy name.

92mins + 5 + 8
Torl 105 mins. Reasonable timing.