Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Rainbow - The Polydor Years Boxset (180 Gram Heavyweight Vinyl)

Antara band yang paling aku minat sekali la dalam hidup aku - RAINBOW. 
Berdebar2 jantung ok. First Love gitu...Cinta Pertama  haha.
-Tak kira la apa era pun dari zaman Rainbow buat muzik 1975-1984 walaupun 1976 era anggota RISING adalah MAGIC, adalah tersangat dahsyat, baik studio atau live.
-Tak kira la sapa penyanyi dan pemuzik yang mengiringi Ritchie Blackmore. 
Era 90an dengan Rainbow Strangers In Us All aku minat tapi tak segiler aku minat era 70an dan 80an dorang dengan line up paling WORLD, line up paling macam fikir cam... best nye eh sapa dapat tengok Rainbow zaman tu beraksi, dapat tengok Cozy Powell beraksi, Tony Carey dan sebagainye...cammana agaknye...
AKU KADANG2 BERANGAN ALANGKAH BESTNYE KALAU DAPAT RASA APA TU KEHEBATAN RAINBOW ZAMAN TU.. terutama zaman Rainbow Rising 1976 bermain live yang paling menggerunkan aku dengan kehebatan pemuzik2 dan Ronnie James Dio zaman Rising tu. haha.
Sebab tu, kena paham la kalau aku dah bilang better half aku yang of course beliau TAHU dan kenal APA TU RAINBOW DAN SAPA TU RITCHIE BLACKMORE, COME ON NI HOUSEHOLD NAMES UNTUK SEBAHAGIAN UMMAH MELAYU OK!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA, bahawasanye , aku akan cuba sedaya upaya nak save up, aku akan berusaha, berusaha tahap giler babi punye berusaha, nak backpacking sorang2 gi Loreley, Jerman, satu tempat yang aku langsung tak reti dan tak paham dan memang rasa cuak sikit cammana nak pergi untuk tengok Ritchie Blackmore ngan gabungan pemuzik dan penyanyi pilihannye yang akan menjadi Rainbow 2016 tahun depan.

So sambil dengar Alphaville live, A-Ha live, Roxette dan of course Rainbow 1976 live.. aku buat blog ini...

When I bought this like in last year? I remember I show the box exterior in this blog. Today I will talk cock a bit about this specific boxset. Not exactly a review, just a short talk cock.

As the box says, POLYDOR YEARS, so no Strangers In Us All album from 1995 as that is certainly another era and another music label.
UNFORTUNATELY, NO FINYL VINYL double LP. If FINYL VINYL was included as part of this boxset, it would have been simply out of this world awesomeness.

The vinyls are in the BACK TO BLACK 180 gram heavyweight celebrations. And Difficult To Cure inner sleeves are simply my favourite LOL!!

The packaging try to copy the similar designs from the originals releases back then, I believe.
- So Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, RISING, Long Live Rock And Roll, and ON STAGE are all GATEFOLDS.
- On Stage is a double LP.
- Down To Earth has no lyric sheets.
- Rising as usual, only Stargazer lyrics are included.

So yes, no Bad Girl, No Weiss Heim and no Jealous Lover on this boxset but something nice, inside this boxset there is a password that allows to download the MP3 versions of this boxset,

and surprise.... I did try to download and I realise...

WEISS HEIM (which is maybe one of the saddest haunting guitar instrumental ever and with the talked about classical JS Bach's Well Tempered Clavier) and Bad Girl are tagged along at the end of DOWN TO EARTH album.
Nope, I cannot locate Jealous Lover mp3 on that special download anywhere. LOL!!!!

As we remain in the Ritchie Blackmore TERRITORY and to some extend Roger Glover (JEFF WALKER FROM CARCASS on stage while Carcass performed called Roger Glover a SAD BASTARD, as they are both mates from the same village in Liverpool if I remember correctly when Jeff Walker was talking cock on stage even chasing the Carcass fans to go to main stage as Avenged Sevenfold was playing at the same time LOL!!, he was talking about Roger Glover as  both Carcass and Deep Purple played in Hellfest 2014 which I was there ) involvement in both bands, RAINBOW AND DEEP PURPLE, so.... a quick diversion to Deep Purple side of things -
I am kind of interested in what is a new boxset that is coming out call Vinyl Collection, as it allows me a much cheaper access to building up their vinyl collection that accomodate the Ritchie Blackmore (and Tomi Bolin) years with Deep Purple,
UNFORTUNATELY AGAIN, the label difference makes it a bit of headache as it will starts with Machine Head and ends with House Of Blue Light,

Back to Rainbow The Polydor Years Boxset...

one last pic...

anyway, I was kind of entering youtube these few days and listening to different live versions of Child In Time, and I really marvel at what Jon Lord is...

Thats all...

I see a rainbow rising, look out on the horizon..
and I'm coming home
My eyes are bleedinggggg and my heart is leaving here..

Maybe one day I will talk cock about Stargazer, wikipedia has a even a nice discussion about this specific single bloody "morality tale" song LOL!!!


D'arsil said...

aku ingat iron maiden, rupanya rainbow..

berteromber said...

aku takat mampu kumpul cd ajer la...

Rafi said...

Wah..terbaik boxset.lp rainbow aku cuma ada rising ngan straight between the eyes je.

Kaemm Reutn said...

band2 era 70 klu dgr dri lp mmg sesuai...sbb sound2 mase tu mmg sesuai dgn lp