Friday, November 13, 2015

Ritchie Blackmore's RAINBOW 2016 - my dream-fantasy with a ticket LOL!!

Ritchie Blackmore and controversy are never far from each other. LOL!!

1) Ritchie Blackmore can do what he likes because HE IS THE Ritchie Blackmore. So Rainbow for only 3 shows worldwide in 2016 - 2 in Germany and 1 in UK ( Loreley, Stuttgart and Birmingham)  for the very very final time THE MAN IN BLACK IS playing Rainbow and Deep Purple songs and all this after 20 years of him going Medieval music with his wife Candice Night since about 1995?

2) The only 2016 UK show at Birmingham (the same indoor location of the Deep Purple Come Hell Or High Water video where he throws water on the cameraman during the first song Highway Star) is already SOLD OUT on the tickets website but on 3rd party websites the tickets are going up to reported 1000 POUNDS.
Although in most cases the ticket prices for the Birmingham show is about 4 to 6 times the original price.

3) Personally for me, the German dates of Loreley & Stuttgart is 5 days after Donington Park Download Festival 2016 (which the 2016 main-stage is shaping up to favour more of the METAL ELITISTS instead of Mainstream Modern Rock of KERRANG Magazine LOL!!!) so I have to start to day-dream / Building Castle In The Air of backpacking to both Donington 2016 and a German date for Rainbow.

For those hunting for tickets, and getting desperate, LOL!!!

Do take note - The Loreley show is I think accessible only thru its German Language and its very difficult to maneuver.
So if you are having difficulty then you have to quickly locate a 3rd party website and hope the price is still reasonable.
While the Stuttgart show website is also in German, but carries the Stuttgart ticket also and you can get it in English language for the online ordering.

I was lucky, I got a Loreley Ticket. It was immediately despatch by UPS courier once I did the transaction of online purchase.

- I believe this is the ticket, LOL!!  ITS ALL IN GERMAN and I dont understand. (I MUST LISTEN TO MORE RAMMSTEIN!!! LOL!!!) Seems its free access, there is only one category... Seriously, I will be first in queue LOL!!!!!!
- I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE IS LORELEY, I google and seems its like 100KM from Frankfurt, I have travelled backpacked to Frankfurt to see Iron Maiden played before, so I guess I will just ask around about the train service to St Goar. Seems thats the railway station for Loreley.
- Seems I have to cross the River Rhine from train station and most of the village/town to reach Loreley?? I really have no idea about that LOL!!...  I am sure there will be lots of ferries?? LOL!.
- Lodging??, I think the whole village / town will be fully packed with Rainbow Fans from ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!, 
So as usual, I dont care if its a proper room, a converted barn or a storeroom, as long as I can put down my things, get a shower, change my clothes is all I need as I will be backpacking with just a huge haversack and another small haversack. Should be going for AIRBNB I think...
If I cannot make it, at least I HAVE TRIED MY BEST and I will just cry and look at this ticket. LOL!!! (yes Laughing out loud at my pathetic idiotic foolishness of doing all these stupid backpacking to unknown scary places alone just to see my favourite bands play and basically in 2016 most of my favourite bands will play for the last time, and I try to catch what I am able to, and it will be kind of bitter sweet as MOTORHEAD was just added to be on the Donington Park bill 3rd from top Main Stage for Friday for Download Fest 2016. Maybe the last time ever..).

So this is Loreley, seems the Rainbow will play in some sort of historic amphitheater or something, seems like a Roman design of long ago? LOL!!!

Blackmore's Night band has a song called Loreley, I do hope out of 3 locations that Rainbow will play in 2016, I hope this is the one they record the DVD and I hope to be there LOL!!!

So lets have a day dream of the setlist...


Sincerely.. I LOVE STEVE MORSE in Deep Purple... He has brought so much into the band, and Don Airey (also a RAINBOW alumni who plays at the first Donington Park Monsters Of Rock 1980) have make Deep Purple still vibrant today...

So this is my dream setlist.
Rainbow to play 2hrs.. I day-dream and fantasize it will be something like this...

A Logical and possible Fantasy may I add.

Intro - Wizard Of Oz's Toto I dont think we're in Kansas anymore Somewhere Over The Rainbow...

(Ritchie Blackmore can stop playing after this song and he stomp of stage and the whole show is cancelled after this one song, and I think I would have been very happy, seriously...).

2. Knocking At Your Back Door (I love this lyrically cunning song and I would want it to be played)
3. Lost In Hollywood or Drinking With The Devil.
4. Streets Of Dreams
5. Greensleeves (intro) & 16th Century Greensleeves
6. Mistreated
7. Difficult To Cure (I dont want this and rather go for even Weiss Heim or Child In Time but I think its 99.9% will be played)
8. Catch The Rainbow or Temple Of The King or Rainbow Eyes (yes.. I am dreaming for the last one because only Ronnie Dio can sing that LOL!!...)
11. Man On The Silver Mountain
12. Smoke On The Water
13. Gates Of Babylon
14. Since You Been Gone
15. Burn
16. Long Live Rock N Roll

special encore just because I am there LOL!!
17. WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW - Shirelles cover version. (LOL!!!!)

Yes.. This will never happened.. with the solos it will 3hrs!! LOL!!!
So about 10 songs with the solos will be quite right I think...

Anyway, I dont understand the complaints about the Rainbow 2016 lineup.

Rainbow is Ritchie Blackmore's band.
He can choose anyone he wants, and if he get 4 band members of his choice and wants to call it Rainbow, it will be Rainbow.
Ritchie Blackmore can be the most unusual character, but definitely he knows whats he's doing.

And all these complaints?
I sincerely believe the first time 99% of you COMPLAINANTS have heard names of Doogie White/ Jimmy Bain/ Bobby Rodinelli/ Tony Carey/ RONNIE JAMES DIO, David Coverdale even Cozy Powell
is by a Ritchie Blackmore band. Most got famous by playing with him.

I think Ritchie Blackmore biggest blunder is not reforming Rainbow when Cozy Powell was alive and before he met the road accident.

I still stand Rainbow Rising is the best band lineup I ever like as a little boy up to now.
I LOVE MY IRON MAIDEN, but RAINBOW... Simply its a thunder in my heart for that name - RAINBOW because as a little boy growing up in a village, not even knowing any English, and it was Rainbow that I hear, and I was simply fascinated with the ruckus that this band makes. This was long before I first hear Iron Maiden and my life changed. LOL!!

In addition, never have there been five men more good looking in a photo than Rainbow Rising. LOL!!!

Ritchie Blackmore can have anyone he wants, Rainbow is his band, and Ritchie Blackmore is no one is like him, ever.... with his attitude problems LOL!! and as long as he is happy, and myself - as  a Rainbow/Deep Purple moderate song listener (LOL!!!), I am happy.

Anyway, please... the keyboardist he is choosing is the Dio's LOCKED UP THE WOLVES album keyboardists, I cant believe YOU COMPLAINANTS never realise that? Also who also plays for Yngwie Malmsteen's RISING FORCE FIRST album till LIVE IN LENINGRAD, and I cant believed the COMPLAINANTS are overlooking it, and now in STRATOVARIUS I think?
and the rhythm section is his own Blackmore's Night.
The singer I am sure Ritchie Blackmore can spot talent, anyway, there is none like Ronnie James Dio/like peak form of Ian Gillan or David Coverdale/ or even Joe Lynn Turner or Graham Bonnet.

So thats it, I think this blog post is my personal tribute to Rainbow...

It will be 8 months from now...

I really have no idea if I can save up to perform my backpacking in 2016 alone, and trust me as usual I will be scared, but the motivation is strong and I will push myself.
I plan for a  slightly lesser than 2 weeks backpacking at minimum cost especially for finding a lodging place for Donington 2016 and Rainbow, and it does bother me like if I am still working at the same place, if I can take leave from work, and if I am still alive...? or ensure my love ones are all priority in life well provided first before I can plan for this trip.

But.. lets see how it goes....


And anyway, I think its the biggest cheer that, it seems news is that the promoter for Download Festival Donington Park gives Iron Maiden a list of bands which Iron Maiden can choose to be the band to play Main Stage just before Maiden.
Means the first band below the headliners Iron Maiden on Main Stage Sunday...

and thats why Nightwish is there - 2nd from top... because Iron Maiden choose them.. and definitely Nighwish will headline Donington one day in the future. The new singer is simply metal and I like what I see on youtube..  She is really good and simply metal to me.

Nightwish is playing in Singapore coming soon, I wish I can go but I have to save up and try to make it for my 2016 dream fantasy, and its a wonderful surprise to see Nightwish announced for Donington 2016 Download Festival.

It will be simply amazing evening....  I hope they arrange for Nightwish to play a full set of maybe 90-100 minutes with the full production. That will be amazing, and after that Iron Maiden comes out all guns blazing for 2 hours of techno and dance music. LOL!!

This post was typed with Phil Collins - Something Happened On The Way To Heaven on repeat.
One of the best music videos ever LOL!! Woof! Woof!!
I think Phil Collins always have the best music videos...

The bassist on the video is the one who plays for TOTO too.. LOL!!

And he appears again with Eric Clapton for the amazing music video of I Wish It Would Rain Down.

ok ok.. that is for next time blogpost. 


Rafi said...

Wah..dah dpt la..kalo setlist yg dia mainkan tu mmg best la..kalo dia main full album rising pun best..soundtrack of my life gitu..pasal sama umur..kalo betul dia main rising full album aku tggu bootleg ko je la..heheh..

Saudagar Mimpi ... said...

Baru aku tau kat Jermen tu ada tempat namanya Lorelei. Selama ni tau tu salah satu lagu Scorpions jer...huhuhuh

berteromber said...

Lama lagi...tapi aku dah tak sabar nak tunggu ko punya rebiu...haha....

Portdy said...

Sting in the tail