Monday, June 13, 2016

Black Sabbath Donington Final Ever Show.. in brief.. DALAM HUJAN LEBAT DAN BERLUMPUR!!!!!

The crowd is like this.
30 minutes before Black Sabbath play on the main stage.

When it comes to Ozzy Osbourne's fronted Black Sabbath.
I have only one dream.
To see them play in Birmingham.

But I know I cannot make it, SO whats the next best thing?

See them in DONINGTON of course - 37 miles, 60KM from Birmingham.

Donington - the midlands of England - traditionally the heart beat of Heavy Fuckin Metal and Hard Rock.

The blue-collar industrial lands of midlands of England - Derbyshire, Leicester, Nottingham and of course Birmingham - where it all begins and spread across the world.

(I have travel backpacking to see a show in Birmingham before, and its Bon Jovi, and the Aston Villa Football Club stadium was full and its simply crazy!!)

And that is why I braved the muds and floods to be in Donington just because its DONINGTON. (I have thrown away my boots and my pants after Iron Maiden complete their headlining closing act for the Download Festival 2016 last night).

( I am already saving up for the next 3 or 4 years, when we all know, Iron Maiden will again headline Download Festival in Donington and a lot of people will say "OHH NO!!! NOT AGAIN!! SIGH!!) hahahahaha.)

I make my way in front for a better view.

and it starts to rain heavily when Toni Iommi solos on the song INTO THE VOID.

But the show must go on,

its Black Sabbath playing all the classics (and the newest song is from 1978 LOL!!! and no song from the 13 album, which is weird).
and its Ozzy Osbourne being the singer, so it means only one thing...


The sound for Black Sabbath was AMAZING, simply jaw-dropping awesomeness where I was standing.

Damn FUCK!!! Nightwish has also a superior sound on Sunday.
DAMN IT IRON MAIDEN!!! Maiden has a superior sound compared to 2013 horrible winds blowing but still I have to say it compared to Sabbath and Nightwish, Maiden's sound in Donington for this year is a bit let-down. - Anyway more of Maiden next time when I do the full report.

I think Black Sabbath played a blinder in my opinion.
Their last time in Donington.
Ozzy was giving his all.
Toni Iommi has simply an amazing sound and of course he is so consistent.
Geezer Butler was there.
The drummer, how the fuck does he beats his drums like that for 100 minutes???

So thats it..

NO MORE. THE END. Nice fireworks though. LOL!!!

- No more unison audience participation of "COCAINE"!!!" during snowblind.
And its just a song. No need to panic. LOL!!

- No more singing about LUCIFER who have his seal on the sun and the moon. And I still dont know what NIB stands for. I dont think they admit it stands for Nativity In Black.

- No more singalong to War Pigs and that wooo-wooo-woo at the end.

- No more Children Of The Grave. (When I was younger I saw Sabbath (Forbidden era) plays in Singapore and I will never forget Toni Iommi plays this song right in front of me LOL!!!

- No more Paranoid.

Unless Toni Iommi get back Tony Martin for the Headless Cross reunion and we can get back all the Ronnie James Dio Black Sabbath era songs again too.

Before that MEGADETH. 

What a show. 
On stage Dave Mustaine informed ANDY COPPING (Download Festival Promoter) allows Megadeth to play an extra song.

And what did Megadeth did? They got Nikki Sixx to join in for ANARCHY IN THE UK!!
Introducing the song about two great bands covering the same song. LOL!!

I think Dave Mustaine himself admit after the show it was a great Megadeth performance.

I personally think Megadeth should use the Donington broadcast as a live DVD. 5 new songs played?

And KIKO!! He does amazing backing vocals..

Most photos are in my digital camera, so next time for full report.


I was making my way in front to see Nightwish after I was at 3rd stage for ELECTRIC WIZARD and GOJIRA.
GHOST CANCELLED!!! the band falls sick or something.
I was just getting ready to deliver my best crowd participation sing-along of 
" HAIL SATAN!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME YEAR ZERO!!!!!!!!!"

oh well, maybe next time. Since I saw Ghost opens for Maiden in Serbia, I am so liking this GHOST band. LOL!! Very fun!!!

So on my way to squeeze myself nearer to see Nightwish (and to take some nice pretty photos)..

What the hell happened? Was it fun, WHY DID IT SUDDENLY TURN TO A REAL VIOLENT FIGHT??
I hope nobody gets hurt seriously.

Full report next time.

And oh yes- At the start of THE TROOPER..


Maiden was on fire, but Nicko plays too fast? LOL!!!!

Crazy Donington!! LOL!!!

Aku rasa sebak tengok Black Sabbath hari Sabtu..

Walaupun aku menyampah dengan line up ni, aku langsung tak berkenan Sharon Osbourne dan apa dia dah buat selama ini...

tapi aku rasa sebak. Macam orang sebelah aku cakap lepas abis je Paranoid.
Dia cakap "NO MORE".
ringkas tapi tu la ayat paling sesuai.

Black Sabbath..

Bila hari ini, peminat muzik Metal, bersaing nak tunjuk sapa lagi true, sapa lagi hitam, sapa lagi garang, lagi dahsyat, lagi setan, lagi evil dan apa je la...

BLACK SABBATH relak je ngan lagu2 dorang...

Walaupun untuk aku Depeche Mode ialah kumpulan muzik yang aku paling rasa dorang ialah paling Iblis pasal untuk aku Depeche Mode begitu cucuk jarum pelan2 HAHAHAHAHA...

tapi Black Sabbath, relak je... dorang tak yah terover.

Tapi dorang memang paling dahsyat dan memang betul segalanya bermula dari mereka.
(TONG!!! bunyi loceng gereja..)
(iiissshhhhh... bunyi hujan turun)

K Full report lain kali.

Gambar kat kamera lain. BYE.



Dulu kecik-kecik memang suka main lecak. Harap ko yak demam kena hujan.

deaf-angel said...

Aku harap tak kena penyakit virus atau apa, pasal lumpur tu semua dah campur alkohol, air kencing, sisa makanan dan macam macam bakteria 85000 orang

yusrina said...

deaf.. deaf.. heheheheh!

tahniah dan syabas bro.. pasal kau sanggup pergi ke konsert yang macam tu, bulan puasa lagi tu pulak.. kihh kihh

kalau aku tak sanggup rasanya.. kau memang true la brother.. salute to bro deaf!

hails deaf..!!

deaf-angel said...

Dah minat. So sanggup aku redah lautan lumpur dalam.. haha.
puasa memang dugaan 19hrs plus madness of Donington

rafi said...

fuh..jenuh penuh lumpur je.tu gamba last tu diorang bergaduh ke?dasat betul.nanti review megadeth plis,yg pasal triple H dpt motorhead award tu pun ada tengok la yek

deaf-angel said...

Tengok dari jauh lepas tu aku blah. Triple H banyak colok. Ni konsert rock bukan wrestling. Cakap sikit stop.. cakap sikit stop. Pause lama jenis wrestling showmanshiip gitu. Bila nak game.

Ijau D. Koceng said...

rasanya lepas ni DL kena sediakan ring/pit khas utk bergaduh... sebahagian drp daya tarikan

D'arsil said...

fuhh,,, mandi lumpur tu..


Buat mcm royal rumble

berteromber said...

Banjir ek..aku baca ada org tulis patut Wet Wet Wet main Donington kali ni...haha...

Btw..nice review...Cant wait for Maiden and Megadeth full review....more photo please...

Portdy said...

dah minat dan childhood dream kan?

Portdy said...

dah minat dan childhood dream kan?


Alkohol lebih kurang dettol aje. Rasa bakteria dan virus samaada mabuk atau mati kena alkohol.

Kaemm Reutn said...

elok klu dorg lumpat dari atas pentas jatuh dalam lumpur..baru la mcm gusti terbang2 tu hehehe