Monday, November 21, 2016

18th November- Metallica & Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow keluarkan new releases - I still don't have the hardcopies of the releases, but still I can talk about them...

Salam semua pembaca sekelian, 
Kita tinggalkan rock melayu dengan Sweet Charity dan kembali ke rock omputeh, kasi aku cakap Omputeh versi Pecah Rumah dulu, then aku berbual cakap Melayu Pasar k.

Hi All,
I ordered the new Metallica thru and while waiting for the cds to arrive ( I choose the cheapest general mail option so it will be slow.. LOL!!),
I am entitled to the Digital Download version too on the 18th November.
So yesterday, its a Sunday, I was going to work on public transport, on board the subway train, its the first I begin listening to the album properly. (USING HEADPHONES).

I nearly got a nervous breakdown listening to the first six songs of this album. I know its supposed to be good, but I didn't anticipate it would be this amazing.
By the surprising time changes of the 6th song... Halo On Fire. I was on fire.

I stopped listening. I dont want the thrill of excitment spoiled the rest of the listening.
Till today.. I had only listen to the first Eight Songs. LOL!!!

I will do so probably later. My proper first time listening is usually by Headphones, and when I am on the public bus, or the trains. So I can focus. LOL!!

So maybe this new album Hardwired To Self-Destruct could be my favourite album by Metallica. Maybe I rate it as the best Metallica album.

Its not groundbreaking, I am duly reminded of stuffs like Leper Messiah and such, but I love it.

I have no problems with Nostalgia.. I mean I enjoy Maiden's History Tours, but I always like the bands I like to be fresh and refresh , and continuously thrilling, and making new music and playing new music.
If the bands I like are afraid to play new music just because the fans ask for the old, then the new songs will never be a classic.

And I do not want the bands I like to become a cabaret act, and keep recycling the same old and same old..
BLACK SABBATH really have a failed opportunity on this their final tour. No 13 songs.
Yes, I like the old songs, yes, most of the times, I do know the lyrics to sing along least the chorus, but at least one or two newest songs would make it fresh but alas, no.

I hope Metallica plays the WHOLE album LIVE (because I think the first 8 songs I had listen to properly, are all awesome and I am sure the rest are equal)when they come to Singapore in January and I hope to be there.

I will talk more the next time, when I got the physical cds.


On the same day 18th November, RITCHIE BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW LIVE IN GERMANY was released.
I am trying to get the Japanese Version as due to the extra songs, and also the Photo Book. LOL!!

I kind of indulged myself as I was at the show in Loreley, the first night.

There is this sample out, ITS LORELEY footage for THE MAN ON THE SILVER MOUNTAIN.

I am standing somewhere in front section Man In Black side. LOL!!

Amazing camera angles, its really worth it for me to backpack by myself to this place, its bloody awesome, and an amazing experience to travel by trains and ferry with the only German word I know is "danker" and see these spectacular Loreley / Sank Goar/ Sank Goarhausen, especially its the Muslim Month of RAMADHAN. Something very memorable for me.

Check out all the Ronnie James Dio sign  \m/   \m/   after the solos and till the end of the songs by the audience and the this Ronnie Romero guy.

And let me say again, Man In Black is 71 Years Old, He never played rock and these songs for nearly 20 years, he is suffering from that bone problem Arithris or something, he just had a finger operation on his left hand,
AND in advance he announced the drummer and bassist..

AND still you all think it will be a heavy metal or heavy rock presentation?

Please continue to daydream of the Late Great Cozy Powell or Ian Paice ok?


My review was here...

Thanks to the 2000 people (from all over the world) who had click this review from all over the world,
It kinds of gives me find funny as I never link my blog or posting or promoting it and you all still found it thru google or words of mouth.

I kind of want to revamp this blog, and yes, I owe a gentleman the SCORPIONS SINGAPORE bootleg... LOL!!. I try to get it done, I was talking on the bootleg, and its horrible, so I kind of edit my talking and my voice. LOL!!

I WILL review the Japanese Pressings and the Photo book once I got them.

Thats all...
Belinda Carlisle Still Rules

Hi Semua, sekarang kita tukar cenel tiga pulak.

OK, so aku start dengar Metallica cuma hari Ahad je...

Aku ada la tengok sikit yang Mayhem nye video clip tu tapi aku takde time nak mendangok depan Youtube tengok satu2 video. Lagipun aku tak minat.
Aku suka dengar lagu bukan tengok, pasal aku orang zaman dulu. Muzik is guna telinga.


So hari Ahad, aku gi kerja, so aku start dengar, dalam keretapi.. Pasang Headphone...


Aku cakap nak pekik dalam MRT " MAKKAO!!! METALLICA BARU GEREK NAK MAMPOS!!"

Lepas lagu ke enam aku stop dengar, tadi aku jalan kaki gi kedai, aku pasang dengar lagu dua lagu pakai headphone.
Aku dah dengar semua 8 lagu gerek nak mampos..

Time changes Halo On Fire.... DAHSYAT................... Aku sudah sangkut.


OK, atas tu lagi satu, aku gezekkan dari youtube, Rainbow nye video, ni persembahan dari LORELEY.. untuk lagu Man On The Silver Mountain.
Live Video ni nanti banyak dari Stuttgart nye show, tapi Loreley pun ada la...
Aku highly rekemen sapa nak backpack, atau nak travel, korang gi kawasan SUNGAI RHINE ni... Gagah perkasa sungai ni.. dan tempat2 dia, kampung2 dia semua lawa...

Ada kadang2 show kat Loreley ni.. so aku highly rekemen.

Korang tengok video bila Ronnie Romero tanya " Whos the Man On The Mountain ",
Semua buat DIO nye SIGN..

Lawa video ni... aku ada la diri kat bahagian2 depan belah kanan, hahaha...
Yang Metallica pun aku beli tiket paling murah kan? Tapi tetap tiket sebelah kanan jugak...

HAHA, Kirk Hammett, aku kureng la bassist tu buat kangkang2 macam gorilla... ahha... Rob Trujilo eh nama dia kan? HAHAHA.. Tapi dia dahsyat ye album ni... 

And please la..... kalau aku kasi Middle Finger adakah aku maki??

Yes, Omputeh Middle Finger tu maki ye kot? Tapi mungkin melayu kalau middle finger tu mungkin apa khabar??

Melayu ok Melayu...

Tapi kalau aku buat ni \m/  \m/   adakah aku sembah Setan?

Tak aku cuma rock je, tu sign rock... Britney Spears pun nak jadi rock, so biarlah dia buat jugak.


OK Nanti sambung...


berteromber said...

"Aku suka dengar lagu bukan tengok, pasal aku orang zaman dulu. Muzik is guna telinga

haha...aku suka ayat ni...

sama la...aku pun tak dengar abis lagi...sedut pun pun tak beli aku simpan dulu la komen aku...

Ijau D. Koceng said...

aku maybe lepas payday baru kontek radin music kot

Rafi said...

Aku punya ptg ni nak pegi ambik kt victoria music.aku oder yg deluxe edition.siot la metalika ni..heheh

D'arsil said...

mula2 tgk video metalika yg black metal tu aku ingatkan band cover rupanya lagu metallika..

yusrina said...

metallica telah keluar dari zon larva & juga kepompong zaman st.anger & death magnetic
gerek sihh.. hihih

metal brain asylum said...

best aaa boleh tgk metallica. ABg deaf ambik Pen A ke?

deaf-angel said...

Tidak la, mahal giler. Lain la Iron Maiden haha,
Masa hari penjualan tiket bermula, start kul 10 pagi, kul 10 pagi aku dah stanby depan laptop.
Beli dapat front row untuk tiket paling murah