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Ritchie Blackmore's RAINBOW Live In Germany Memories In Rock - Japanese Pressing Blue Ray + 2cd (with additional songs Japan version only)

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Wherever you are.

I hope this will be a short post but knowing me, I will stray completely out of topic usually LOL!.
As usual first in my broken uneducated incoherent English Language followed by my market-street-lingo style  Bahasa Melayu Pasar Malay Language.
I will try to have different contents, so its good to know both languages. LOL!!

Much has been talked by me in this blog, as I was at the first night Loreley Germany show.

The fireworks was amazing during Smoke On The Water in Loreley.
A photo of that situation is at the back of the booklet of the version packaging that I have.

My review of the first night in LORELEY for you who have not read it and the photos of the first night show in an amazing place, with and amazing performance and fans coming from all over the world is here plus opening bands is linked here.

I also add some info on how I managed to get to Loreley and spent a few days besides the Rhine River at Sank Goar and exploring villages and towns along the fearsome river.

Anything and everything else Deep Purple/Rainbow related , boxsets, deluxe released, magazines, Japanese pressings and whatever is all under this label..

Anyway, this are some photos from the packaging.
The Japanese Pressings of the Blue Ray + 2cd versions besides having additional songs also have as usual a Obi Strip and also another booklet in white which has Japanese texts and also on the seperate Japanese booklet contains all the SETLISTS for the three nights that Rainbow 2016 version played - LORELEY, STUTTGART and also BIRMINGHAM. That means 2 nights in Germany and 1 night in England.
The Japanese booklet looks interesting but sorry, I have no idea at all what is printed.

Anyway, Rainbow of the year 2016.
Probably the very final Rainbow lineup ever.

And I will say again and again. This is a Ritchie Blackmore band. He do as he pleases all his career and he won't start pleasing anyone now.

He can choose who he likes, and who are we all to complain and be bitter about it just like Joe Lynn Turner? Well, at least Joe Lynn Turner is a somebody. LOL!!

So I will just roughly says what I like about this release, and whats the special about the Japanese Pressings of this release.

So as can be seen,

All the video footages and audios only come from the Monsters Of Rock events of Loreley and Stuttgart.
Bietigheim Bissingen is the actual place, but then I discover its at Stuttgart so lets call it Stuttgart.
Stuttgart being a famous Bundesliga football club, so its easier for identification and familiarisation process.

The Confusion that causes me to decide to go for the better content Japanese Version is -
The Blue Ray that I have has this footage as the intro showing the River Rhine and vicinity of Loreley
Pomp & Circumstances (Loreley)

The blue ray and audio cds have the exact following just for a start because then it becomes complicated -
Over The Rainbow & Highway Star (Loreley)
Spotlight Kid (Stuttgart)
Mistreated (Stuttgart)
16th Century Greensleeves (Stuttgart)
Since You Been Gone (Stuttgart)
Man On The Silver Mountain (Loreley)
Catch The Rainbow (Loreley)
Difficult To Cure (Loreley)

Perfect Strangers (Stuttgart)
Stargazer (Loreley)

Long Live RnR (Stuttgart)
Child In Time (Stuttgart)
Black Night  (Stuttgart)
Smoke On The Water (Stuttgart)

- In addition I think all pressings has a Bonus of
Spotlight Kid (Loreley)
Man On The Silver Mountain (Stuttgart)

Long Live RnR (Loreley)
Stargazer (Stuttgart)

and this where the difference start
the Japanese pressings of the blue ray and cds
have additional of following
Since You Been Gone (Loreley)
Catch The Rainbow (Stuttgart)

So its really a good value for money.. 

buts Its very confusing really everytime Japanese Pressing has this extras on any rock or metal band releases.

More photos

- The video is beautifully shot, with lots of very nice angles especially of Loreley and the Rhine River vicinity...
- Lots of different angles that I like
- Every band member is fairly featured in the videos and have close ups shots and also enough time on the videos for us to enjoy their playing and touches.
- The Drummer is wearing a Depeche Mode tshirt for the 2nd night in Stuttgart I realise on watching the blue-ray.
Now this is someone with great taste. (I am so excited for the new release of DM).

- nice shots of the audience showing lots of people of different age groups which is awesome..
- the sound is superb, I like what I hear too.
- Ronnie James Dio \m/    \m/ sign is seen alot during the shows of course.
As long as Rock and Metal music is alive, his hand sign will go on and on, on and on...

- As expected of a Ritchie Blackmore band, (being it Deep Purple or Rainbow),
in just two nights of back to back shows of their very first two ever shows together and there are plenty of variations and improvisations to please the fans of these two bands.

So its a really value for money to purchase these official releases.
And for those who were there a wonderful momento.

I am so pleased to hear the performance and variations of the second night, and especially Stuttgart has an extra song of 16th Century Greensleeves, which has Ritchie Blackmore wandering of to a another dimension.

After all these slaggings from the internet critics who did not attend the events but has so much garbage to throw at the Rainbow 2016 and Ritchie himself,
I watch the video, and I still find happy people, happy singalong fans in the audience, exactly like I was there,
I never see any unhappy faces, I never hear any Booing when I was there, and again just look at the videos everyone was clapping and having a good time

and yet on the internet, quite a few very bitter people who keep slagging of RB and his band, even the choice of songs..
And please its incredible people are slagging a 71 year old man with Arthritis problem, who just had a finger operation before the Loreley show, who had not played these rock songs for 20 years, and had choosen a completely new band with an unknown singer,  and surely the whole world knows what to expect once the drummer and bassist for the new lineup is announced, and his words he just want to play some rock music,  and on their first two shows ever.

I think respect would be nice after all the happiness that he had brought to us all with Deep Purple, Rainbow, Blackmore's Night and also all the family tree that leads from the first two bands into Whitesnake and Dio and whatever other bands and musicians.

I mean, people have to stop being bitter in life. Please.
A reminder to myself this one and to all you
bitching fuckers out there.

Just enjoy the moment because nothing last forever. Even Ritchie Blackmore.

And Lets see how good you are when you are 71. LOL!!
Maybe you cannot even stand up. So there.
Its weird because if you want a RB of your dreams, you can always have your music collection or memories.

Thats all, if I get the photobook version of this release, I will show it in this blog also.

Lastly some snapshots I took while watching the video...

awesome shots of Loreley mountain top with the Rhine River besides it and awesome ships passing thru..
I stayed at the small tiny town/village opposite called Sank Goar. SUPERB place for travelling and backpacking and exploring this section of the Rhine River.

Ok la apa aku nak cakap aku dah cakap...

Untuk peminat2 Rainbow zaman Ronnie James Dio terutama nya, terbaik la kan Ronnie Romero dapat dijumpai oleh Candice Night melalui youtube (ni sebijik kes si Ariel Pirno penyanyi Filipino tu yang ditemui oleh Neal Schon melalui youtube dan akhirnya menjadi penganti Steve Perry dalam kumpulan Journey.

Terus terang la kan, aku cakap penyanyi terbaik untuk jadi penyanyi Journey tetap Joey Belladona dari kumpulan ANTHRAX. Mesti gempak ok Joey Belladona masuk kumpulan Journey.

Tentu Neal Schon dan pernah tengok Joey Belladona bawak lagu2 Journey lam youtube pe. haha.

Apa pun rilisan ni, untuk la terbaik dari ladang...   pasal kalau Ritchie Blackmore ambil sapa2 penyanyi yang lepas, konfem takde sapa boleh bawak lagu zaman Dio,
jadi tetap kena ambil penyanyi yang boleh nyanyikan lagu2 zaman Dio,
dan memang handal Ronnie Romero boleh bawa lagu2 yang waktu ni Ian Gillan dalam Deep Purple pun dah tak mampu bawak, seperti Child In Time.

Jadi kalau korang nak beli rilisan ni, aku rasa bagus la. Pasal seleksi lagu nya ialah lagu2 popular yang dikenali ramai,
contoh macam Catch The Rainbow, dua2 malam pun terbaik..
dan Stargazer terutama malam Loreley, cam aku cakap kat blog post aku dulu...
Dreams Come True untuk aku...
pasal malam tu Stargazer nye ending sebijik cammana aku nak... tak berhenti, diteruskan diteruskan diteruskan.......

dan jugak boleh dengar inpretasi Ritchie Blackmore dan bagaimana dia nak lagu2 berkumandang ikut selera dia dalam tahun 2016 ni.

Terus terang cakap la kan, pergi tengok Deep Purple main dengan Steve Morse, aku rasa aku dah tengok Steve Morse main dengan Deep Purple dah 5 kali kot, kat Hellfest pun aku dah tengok dorang main tapi solo Highway Star tu kan, betapa live dan jugak kalau kita tengok  dalam youtube macam2 handalan hebat kan, tapi cuma satu orang je la yang boleh buat mata rasa berair, hahaha.....
iaitu bila Ritchie Blackmore solo lagu ni.... 
rasa macam ok, segalanya worth it.

Dia kalau buat persembahan tambahan tahun 2017 dengan gunakan nama RAINBOW, aku speku dia akan main sepenuhnya lagu2 Rainbow sahaja. 
dan tentu KILL THE KING akan berkumandang buat kali terakhir.

Walau aku tak konfiden Rainbow sekarang ni akan bawak Light In The Black..



Cehhhh Asyik Puji Metallica je skarang kan. hahaa.


D'arsil said...

terbaik klu dpt dvd kita ada kat konsert tu sekali..

Rafi said...

Rainbow je kalo ikut album rising dah 40 tahun.mmg tak boleh di nafikan la kehebatan RB ni.walaupun dia dulu perangai diva..hehe.kalo ada masuk sini aku nak beli la satu

berteromber said...

Beb..Journey turun Spore next year pegi tak?

yusrina said...

just the 'Rainbow' in the dark.. huhuh

rainbow itu pelangi, tapi pelangi itu bukannya kumpulan Rainbow.. kann?

btw.. jom singgah ke blog yusrina bro, ada kisah terbaru Bon JOvi.. ayuhh