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GHOST Meliora "REDUX" - (2cd with Zenith & Popestar EP)

LETS GIVE METALLICA A REST FOR NEW ALBUM AND START OF THEIR NEW ALBUM TOUR IN ASIA JANUARY 2017. (I think this is the best album since ...ajfa so I pre-ordered the triple cds version, (and I am going to get the digital versions at midnite of release LOL!!).

finally the conclusion to my intended Ghost trilogy postings.
Lets take a look at Meliora their 3rd studio album.
lets specifically take a look at MELIORA REDUX and I show the full packaging for those who have not seen it especially the artworks. Seems this time not so controversial unlike the artworks for the second albums inlets where printing companies are not wanting to print the inner booklet and such.

As usual I will talk cock in English first, and then talk cock in Malay Language Bahasa Melayu later.
As usual I try to make the contents slightly different so its good to know both languages, albeit the street market uneducated vulgar incoherent versions. LOL!!

Meliora Redux content are two cds.

- the first cd is the Meliora album PLUS the song ZENITH. Meliora was released in 2015 originally.
As we all know Zenith is very difficult to find on any official CD pressing. So on Meliora Redux at last we can the song Zenith on an official CD for Ghost fans who wants an original physical copy.

- the second cd is the POPESTAR EP. Containing one newer Ghost song and 4 cover versions.

With this Redux release, I can safely say possibly MELIORA is the second best rock album of 2015 behind Maiden's Book Of Soul.

A short review.

-Meliora is a consistent album with great songs from start to finish. Pinnacle to the Pit, Mummy Dust are heavy like fuck, and MAJESTY is simply a MAJESTIC song with a MAJESTICAL intro.

-He Is, is like the slow rock song of the year. LOL!
And all the songs are great, no need to skip any song on listening.

and of course the first single from Meliora - Cirice is still an unknown meaning. Seems its an old word for a church? LOL!!

-While POPESTAR, Square Hammer is a very catchy song, addictive happy song with an addictive chorus and the 4 covers songs, with the known name of Eurythmics and Echo and Bunnymen, its the other two songs called I BELIEVE and BIBLE which are astounding.
One thing about Ghost, they play great cover versions of unknown songs from unknown bands that really are beautiful.

-Meliora seems has the change of singer from the elder PAPA EMERITUS II to the younger sibling PAPA EMERITUS III.
I dont bother really, for me its just the same singer but with a gimmick. If its a different singer is also not a problem for me. I love the music from the band. I have no issues with whatever they want to do or change as long as the music are fabulous.

-Unlike previous albums, MELIORA is not an album with straight-forward lyrics of GROUPIES praising and worshipping Satan, and everyone in the Devil family.
This time around, the lyrics are more discreet. But you know, HE IS there on all songs.

I wonder if HE IS, would be a popular Wedding Dedication, or a male Family member dedication song. LOL!
"We're Standing here by the abyss, and the world is in flames,
two star-crossed lovers reaching out, to the BEAST with many names"

Simply one of the better romantic songs these past few years. Unfortunately it being from Ghost.
DEF LEPPARD should sang it, and change the lyrics a bit.

Meliora is a heavy album.
Incredible catchy chorus for all songs on this album.
A straight forward heavy rock album with not as much variety as the previous two albums. I think this was their plan although they use a Pop Producer who had never produced a rock or metal album before.

With the inclusion of Zenith on this album for Redux, I think it makes this album even better as Zenith is simply a superb song though a bit out of place with the style of other songs.

I was supposed to catch GHOST play after the release of this album in Donington Download Festival 2016.
It was a chance for me to see them play this album song live.
It was supposed to be a SUPER SUNDAY last day  of a supposedly heavily "METAL ELITIST" 2016 bands lineup happiness which piss-off other type of rock music fans, LOL!!,
with the 3RD STAGE OF consecutive GOJIRA, ELECTRIC WIZARD, GHOST and SAXON before all will shift to the Main Stage to watch IRON MAIDEN.
Unfortunately GHOST Cancelled. Seems a Virus going around the band.
I am not aware of it, I just seems odd the timetable for Stage 3 are going late and I realised something is going very wrong.

So I didnt wait around after Electric Wizard and Gojira played and I went to catch NIGHTWISH with their amazing new singer, and hang around for about an hour for the Main Stage to be prepared for the Headliners Maiden.

Anyway, I think Donington 2017 wont be called a "Metal Elitist" favouritism, though seems surprisingly SLAYER has been reserved and confirmed.
I thought SLAYER will never play Donington under the Download Festival name? LOL!!
A big problem with the Promoter or something.

But it will be fun, and though I am not going to Donington 2017, it would be nice to see where Slayer is slotted. I think Stage 3 under the circus tent as the last band at night would be amazing.

So thats about it, right at bottom I will link youtubes.. but right now is the packaging of MELIORA REDUX continued from top I had shown some of the photos already.

If you are thinking of getting Meliora or Popestar EP, buy it, but if you can get Zenith the song officially on a cd or vinyl, that would even be better.

Hi Semua,
Pertama sekali, tak payah la korang semua nak tujukan lagu kasih sayang kat Suami, Boyfren, Bapak, Atok, Abang, Adik, Anak Lelaki, Jiran Lelaki, Boss Lelaki, Kawan Kerja Lelaki dengan lagu HE IS ye.
OK OK tapi kalau boss macam setan, hahhhh Sesuai sangat la tu HE IS.


Banyak lagi lagu kasih sayang untuk lelaki yang sesuai ye. HAHA

Anyway HE IS ni lagu ni Ghost dapat siapkan lepas kematian salah satu kawan mereka kat band apa tu? aku lupa lak masa menaip ni, yang mengaku Satanist kemudian bunuh diri.
Tapi entah eh, nama yang bunuh diri tu , dan nama adik pompuan dia macam nama2 kita je la orang2 MIM.
Takpelah cerita pun dah jadi ye tak.

Apa aku nak cakap eh? aku dah cakap atas.

OK Memang kalau korang tengok 2015 nye penobatan (CEWAHHH!!! MELAYU AKU STUPENDOUS SIOT) senarai album2 rock terbaik, Meliora ni ada kala jatuh nombor dua, dibelakang album Iron Maiden Book Of Soul.

Memang terbaik dari ladang album ni untuk telinga aku, cuma tu jam baru keluar heran takde Zenith. Tapi lepas tu Zenith timbul kat salah satu cetakan piring hitam.

So nasib baik keluar Meliora Redux yang campur sekali dengan mini-album EP Popestar.

Terus terang aku cakap beli la album2 Meliora dan Popestar ni. Terbaik dari ladang.

Nanti aku link bawah semua youtube2 yang ada dan ada satu awek nyanyi lagu HE IS kalau sapa tak pernah tengok...

Aku sepatutnya nak tengok GHOST kali kedua kat Donington 2016, teruja pasal konfem dorang akan main lagu2 dari album MELIORA ni la, pasal memang susah nak tengok GHOST cam aku cakap aku sekali je dapat tengok dorang tu pun dorang opening band untuk Iron Maiden kat Serbia 2014 masa aku backpacking.

Tapi malangnya, kat Donington , kugiran GHOST kena serang virus, dan terpaksa tarik diri.
Dan aku tak tahu cuma,
bila aku dah la kelemasan penuh sesak beribu2 kat pentas ketiga pasal kat luar hujan tak berenti abis tu dah jadi bah lumpur teruk, ramai orang masuk pentas ketiga selamatkan diri pasal pentas ketiga ialah ada bumbung khemah gergasi,

abis tu pulak hari Ahad, hari Iron Maiden headline jadi memang hari paling banyak tiket jual dan about 90 ribu la kot, walau pasal suasana huru hara berapa ribu tak dapat masuk tapak festival pasal huru hara..

Aku heran, apasal Gojira dan Electric Wizard start main lambat dah tu main seret?

Babi la, Ghost cancel... haha, terus fikir.... lepas Gojira dan Eletric Wizard tunggu Saxon set up aku terus pergi tengok Nightwish kat pentas utama, lepas tu tenggelam dalam lumpur sampai buku lali tunggu Iron Maiden setup main headlining act... WOO HOO!!!

Korang tengok cammana la 2016 tak kena maki dengan peminat2 genre rock lain yang panggil 2016 Donington Metal Elitist nye lineup haha.

TU la.... Takde nasib tengok Ghost lagi sekali, pasal ni kali aku dah ready, dah hafal lirik sikit2 kat korus, boleh singalong ye tak? hahaah.

Ohh yeah, Donington 2017 dah umum beberapa band, dan headliners dan confirm untuk tiga2 malam kat pentas utama.
Maknanya gossip aku kongsi tu hari silap, GNR dan Metallica dua2 tak main la kat Donington 2017. Nampaknya Download Festival nye organiser dah siap sedia untuk masa depan muzik rock.

Dorang akan letak pelapis2 rock anak muda hari ni yang akan jadi rock band utama masa depan dengan letakkan band2 muda kat Donington 2017 kat taraf atas.
kecuali Aerosmith dan SLAYER.
Tahun 2016, peminat2 muzik rock yang kurang condong ke arah Metal sangat tak berpuas hati dengan organiser Download Festival, pasal memang Donington 2016 memang digelar METAL ELITIST nye senarai band. Banyak band rock yang main heavy dan laju seperti mana kita minat.

Siap Megadeth lagi boleh announce si Dave Mustaine atas pentas cakap OK, organiser kasi Megadeth main tambahan satu lagu lagik, so Dave Mustaine panggil Nikki Sixx sama2 bawak lagu ANARCHY IN UK, mesti bengkak je kan peminat2 rock genre lain. haha...

Donington 2017 , dah start umum beberapa band, alahai... SENDU betul band2 tu kebanyakkan pada aku. Tapi banyak band anak muda, dorang dah start ready untuk zaman depan nye Rock pasal banyak band rock dan metal yang kita minat semua samada dah nak berhenti main, atau dah bersara atau dah mati.


Yes, akhirnya SLAYER kembali ke Donington 2017 baru diumumkan. Teringin ok aku nak tengok SLAYER kat Donington. Mesti huru-hara nak nak kalau hujan lebat, hujan tak berenti dan semua keadaan dah banjir lumpur pekat.
Sejak Download Festival takeover Donington ni memang masalah dengan beberapa band rock seperti SLAYER
Bukan sahaja band rock terulung seperti SLAYER je ada masalah, tapi sama dengan SCORPIONS dan TWISTED SISTER juga.
Band2 ni mungkin ingat dorang boleh dapat bayaran tinggi, dan dapat slot permainan yang prestij.

Tapi pada ketua Download Festival, dia tak anggap gitu, contoh Scorpions nak main Donington bawah jenama Download Festival tapi cuma diberi peluang headline Pentas Kedua sahaja, begitu jugak Twisted Sister nak slot utama, tapi mana boleh, kat Donington dorang macam band sendu, jadi bayaran kurang dan slot pun takde glamer mana.

Macam pertama kali aku gi Donington, UFO main kul 11 pagi ok, 11 pagi giler ke hapa, aku pagi2 buta2 dah keluar dari Derby tempat aku tidur naik bas gi Donington.
Tahun ni aku gi backpack lagi, SIAL BETUL, AMON AMARTH kena main kul tengahari. GILER KAN!!!!!
Langsung takde pedulik siak organiser.
Padahal kat festival2 muzik rock lain, band2 ni dapat slot utama dan bayaran tinggi.

Korang tengok cam Bloodstock 2017, Amon Amarth headliner hari jumaat.
Ni satu festival aku cakap sesuai kalau korang nak tengok band rock kegemaran korang main, dia kat kawasan Derbyshire,
dan tak ramai orang, lagi kecik dari Hellfest pun.
Tiap2 tahun dahsyat2 band2 yang main kat Bloodstock ni, ni satu festival aku betul2 teruja nak backpack pergi tengok... tapi aku belum research betul2 ada bas keluar masuk kat tapak festival ni ke mana2 pekan atau bandar pasal mati hidup balik, aku tak mau camping sorang2...


Jadi Slayer ni balik ke Donington lepas sekian lama mesti gempak.
Tahun ni Megadeth was out of this world main lagu2 baru Dystopia album, jadi tak tahu apa kemungkinan tahun depan.
Walau aku ada baca gossip ni kali terakhir SLAYER akan main festival di UK. maknanya, kalau kali terakhir mungkin ada sesuatu belakang curtain tentang hal perihal Slayer ni ye tak.

So tu je la, aku dah terkeluar ring berbual kon pasal lain pulak.

So sila beli... meh dengar... album MELIORA, lagu Zenith dan album EP POPESTAR.

dan jugak awek ni perform lagu HE IS. haha.


Ni cover satu minah ni bawak lagu HE IS.
Kena pulak suara pompuan lagu ni.

Meliora full album

Lagu Zenith yang akhirnya sapa nak kumpul lagu ni dalam bentuk cetakan CD boleh jumpa kat album REDUX ni...

dan ni EP POPESTAR.  Cek out cover version lagu I Believe dan Bible.

SO THERE, Everything about GHOST that I want to blog... or blogs.

until the new album? LOL!!

All previous album reviews, and whatever , and live review, and whatever...

is all here


Kaboi Tanduk said...

thanks for sharing dia punya artwork dgn lirik2 apa semua..

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Artwork dia pelik2 tapi lawa.mcm aku ckp sebelum ni aku ada baju je.lepas ni nak cari cd dia.kat kl ni payah jugak nak jumpa cd ghost ni

Adi Herman said...

aku baru nak tahu pasak band ni. terima kasih deaf sebab kasi share info2 best pasal band ni...

Count Nosferatu said...

First heard of this band few years ago and they really reminds me of Blue Oyster Cult. Immediately became a fan. Great review dude.

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ada peluang dan ruang, aku cari nanti kat ebay

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Ghost... layan youtube je le... CD susah.. LP senang pulak... hahahadoi