Friday, June 11, 2010

languages and accents - baju yang dipakai Steve Harris smalam

I find this interesting so I thought I share it here.

Tengok baju Steve Harris pakai SEMALAM kat Dallas. Apa dia tulis.
Whale Oil Beef Hooked

Aku nye first impression, apa siak mesej nak disampaikan? ingat pasal minyak bocor kat amerika tu kan?

Anyway, Tu hari we borak2 cammana lain2 orang kat lain2 tempat pronounce certain words dan accent dorang
cam kita sebut Bayern Munich, tapi masa aku zaman sekolah dulu Rudolph Schenker kat interview tv spore, bila Fandi Ahmad tanya dia nye feberet team, dia sebut "Bayern Munchen"
Also cammana aku dengar bootlegs Scorpions kat Wacken, si Klaus Meine sebutan "Varken"

Jadi back to the photos above, rupanya, kena baca cepat2 ikut a certain Irish accent dan satu orang post , dia cakap kalo ikut "a Kerry accent (south-west coast of Ireland)"

jadi sebenarnye -

Well I'll be fucked!

lawak la, aku tak surprised kalo ni tshirt Steve Harris buat sendiri, tak lama lagik jadi official tshirt macam Iron What? dan lain2 play on words.

Korang ada time baca ni review, first time mamat ni tgk Maiden, dia cakap apa hype pasal Maiden semua betul, budak2 10 tahun singalong, orang tua sampai macam nak bunuh diri pasal nak rebut drum stik Nicko campak kat audience..

I like it.

Last night: Iron Maiden at Center
Warning: Head cloudy and inner-ears temporarily damaged, so read with caution.

I'd heard tell of Iron Maiden's live, uh, badassitude before entering the Center grounds last night, and I can now advise others to believe the hype. For the kickoff show of a tour promoting its forthcoming fifteenth studio album The Final Frontier (release date: Aug. 16), the seminal, thirty-plus-year-old British metal band brought the energy of a group of teenagers. Youthful vigor aside, anyone who's seen and loved Maiden will tell you that their playing's as polished and skilled as you'll find in metal.

Clean, clean, clean were the drums, the basslines and (particularly) the guitars. The three axmen on stage shredded together with perfect precision, even if they rarely looked at each other. The only thing more fun than watching them play (I felt like I was at a tennis match) was following the band's frontman, Bruce Dickinson. He never ceased to be a consummate showman, posing atop set pieces and doing monkey movements in military pants, a skull cap and a sleeveless shirt which read "PSYCH WARD."

As a newcomer to Maiden and its crowd of black-shirt-wearing, devil-horn-gesturing enthusiasts, I was pleasantly surprised by how many young kids were there and into it. Two ten-year-olds to the right of me headbanged endlessly and sang/screamed along to "No More Lies," "Fear of the Dark" and final encore tune "Running Free." But even they couldn't compete with the middle aged man who nearly killed himself diving into my row to catch a drumstick thrown out by "Nicko" McBrain. (For the record, he didn't get to it, the poor sap.)

Since this tour's geared to the space-evoking title of the new album, the stage was set up to look like part of a spaceship. For each of the 16 tunes played (sorry, no "Run to the Hills"), a different backdrop was revealed. Most depicted the zombie/skeleton-like album cover mascot Eddie in sinister scenes.

Many times, the crowd cheered as they saw the new backdrops come up, taking visual cues from them as to what songs might be next. Or maybe they're just in love with Eddie, who of course showed up near the end of the show. He was magnificent - a 12-foot monstrosity (were there two people in that costume?) who took in the massive applause with a scowl and stopped to pose with a tiny-looking white guitar before exiting the stage. A similarly large devil character was hoisted up on the spaceship set to stare at the crowd during "The Number of the Beast."

If you have the chance to see Maiden on this tour in another city, do, even if you aren't a metal fan. You'll appreciate the skill put into the music, and you'll be blown away by the visuals and pacing of the show. I even geeked out enough to take a fuzzy, amateur picture with my phone (below). Iiiii know!


Ijau D. Koceng said...

aku pun "paus-minyak-daginglembu-tercangkuk" jugaklah! hahaha... dpt idea nak letak ayat ni kat bass aku muehehe...

PUPUT said...

hehehe...veri2 kleatip oo dia wat ini ayat...i loike banget...^_^

berteromber said...

hmmm...dream on...

tengok kat youtube jer la... :P

pakcik kordi said...

oo..kena ckp laju2 rupanya!!tq 4 the info..hahaha..best2!!

dilaOHdila said...

hang dah lama tak tampal gambar makanmakan kat sini:-)
boh aa dep
rojak singapore tu (hahaha)