Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 awards

Some simple round up from memory, So I guess I cannot remember all and I will miss out a few things, but nevermind, just for fun.

Split into two main areas.
One is the decent ( Lipat Kain ) awards, and the other a bit boisterous ( Rock Mampos ) awards. One time or another all these are already covered in this blog already.

Full of Decency ( geng lipat kain ) awards.

Nice Place To Eat Award for a few or many and affordable

Best Museums "Special shows "
- Pompeii Life In A Roman Town
- Titanic
- Terra Cotta

Zoo of the year
Brisbane Koala Sanctuary

Attraction Of The Year
The boat cruise at Sydney Harbour and its surrounding area. I choose the right one, the way I want it, fast, unlimited rides and entertaining and thrilling.

The "too %&$*@(!!!! expensive so I have to skip " Award
The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb.

Funny Books Humour Of The Year
Get Nate & Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Book I really want to buy this year but still no money Award
Obor Ummah

"the most unexpected thing but I managed to do it " award
Backpack with minimum budget , sleep at airport, count every coin trip to see Iron Maiden in Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane.


"I AM NOT AWARE ITS THAT SERIOUS" Award - I was like actually excited to see Slayer again, and taking note of the historic moment of them playing with Exodus Gary Holt for the first time ever as Jeff Hanneman is sick. I am not aware that he is like one hour from death medical condition.

"A Bit Too Late" Award - DIMMU BORGIR.. at last I catch them live, UNFORTUNATELY I miss Vortex live.

Book Of The Year -
1 - On Board Flight 666 photo book of Iron Maiden. Of Course.
2 - Sweet Charity 40 Years hardcover
3 - A Hart Life Deluxe Edition.. Deep Purple's and Rainbow's Manager for 30 years book
4. Steve Harris Clairvoyant

Show Of The Year ( International bands ) -
1. Iron Maiden live in Singapore. Absolutely unbelievable audience in my own experience.
2. Iron Maiden live in Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane
3. Whitesnake live in Singapore

Show Of The Year ( Singapore & Malaysia bands )
1. Lovehunters live in Singapore
2. Search Live in Johore Bahru
3. Wings Live in Singapore

MALAY ROCK cd of the year
2. Mutiara Zaman - Duets Ramli Sarip

English Rock cd of the year
1. Diary Of A Madman double cd Legacy Editon
2. Rainbow Rising double cd remastered
3. Paradise Lost MMXI

Dissapointment of The Year Award
1. No money go see Alice Cooper haha.
2. Walk On Eddie non appearance in Brisbane because what I know he falls face down just before entering the stage.
3. Loudness lighting issues.

My bootlegs of the year award
1. Search live in JB - I was worried rain got into the mics haha.
2. Whitesnake in Singapore
3. Lovehunters in Singapore
4. Wings in Singapore
5. Loudness in Singapore

Worst most horrible bootleg of the year
1. Maiden in Singapore.. because yours truly got mental and lunatic once the intro tape recording of the piano of doctor doctor began.

Looking forward to 2012 award...
1. Priest.. Priest.. Priest.. Priest.. Priest....

Maiden live guitar solo moments of the year
1. Janick Gers Dance Of Death
2. Janick Gers Blood Brothers
3. Adrian Smith change of Coming Home solo for Singapore ( & Moscow )


berteromber said...

Roxette 2012... kalau la jejalan tepijak duit...iskh...

Portdy said...

senyum sendiri kat opis bila baca crazy award ni heheheh

matakucing said...

"the sapu bersih award" - iron maiden he5

Dr. Ben said...

quite an achievements. More than enough. Congrats!

::alifdalmim:: said...

best gak ada award2 mcm nih...hehe

gayour said...

tak adil! banyak sangat award melibatkan iron maiden! gua protes!
tapi apa nak buat, dah peminat tegar. penuh satu almari award lu. kalo jatuh timpa kat lu boleh masuk icu! heh!