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(updated) en vivo! & 1995 xfactours & H 1992 audience videotape

( slight addition in Yellow )

Firstly, a wonderful prosperous GONG XI FA CAI to all Chinese ethnic group community who may be reading this post.

Sebenarnye lepas nak commemorate coming XPDC show opening for Search ngan kongsi bootleg live the 'Ali/Yan/Pa'e/Edrie Hashim' lineup under the moniker of XPDC satu masa dahulu,
Aku ingat aku nak commemorate Judas Priest coming soon pulak.. Tapi takde mood. So lets talk about something else.

OK, we're going to have a new Iron Maiden live album and dvd. EN VIVO!!.

So what did I do? I dig out the audio audience bootleg for the Chile Santiago April 10 2011 from my collection and listen to it again. A very good audience recording. I think there may be more than one source of tape recorded by fans, but I am happy with this one.
A wonderful show..

Singapore show is being mentioned in this show, and the TOILET ROLLS? Is that toilet rolls incident I hope will remain in the DVD. haha.
And I just hope..EN VIVO audio will not be interferred the way the official Rock In Rio 2001 was interferred for the live release. I really so much prefer the audience than Bruce.... I am sorry but I just like the way it happen that night.
Yes, a brilliant release, but I was got problems listening to Wickerman, and especially Brave New World songs on the official release and I prefer the Brazillian TV/Radio original broadcast.
And how I love the in between songs of the bass and guitars which you can hear if you maximise the sound LOL.
How I wish Bruce speech about " Britney Spears and being cool " is inside the official release..
and even the photo taking snippets with Ross Halfin near the end of the show.

And please dont me get started on the official DVD release with the body cam and guitar changes :-)
But still this is my own personal of view.

We all read how some Argentina fans may be dissapointed of them not appearing on the new DVD as promised the night of the show. But life is like that.

Dont we all remember the first time Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force came to Singapore? Dougie White was repeating and repeating the whole night how they are recording for a live album, and the audience need to be louder.
How left right front and back, everyone was contributing to I Am A Viking, Dreaming, You Dont Remember, etc but waiting and waiting, live CD.

Sort of like " KENA BUBBLE!! " big time.

ooo before I forget, if you guys have seen the official Video tape or laser disc of Live In Donington 1992 or even hear the cd, you guys are aware of Adrian Smith appearance ( the first time SIX member line up ever perform and who would have thought that it is now the best and most popular Maiden line up ever ) but its like not so absorbing , sort of like glance-thru.
but this audience video recording is ABSORBING.
THIS IS ADRIAN SMITH recorded by the audience performing Running Free with Maiden.
And another example why I always prefer audience fans recording..
This video is so wonderful moment of Adrian being welcomed by especially Janick and Dave Murray. Who would have thought what will happen in seven years time.

I am also like revisiting the bootlegs of 1995 X Factour.. Been listening to Paris 16 November 1995 and how I can visualise the audience really was cheering for " the new " Maiden then and how they are celebrating Blaze arrival and wanting him to do well.

How many of the new songs were greeted with so much love and they know it well.
I mean, ok I am a Maiden fan just like many of you readers, so we all can feel it when hearing or observing how others feel or respond to Maiden songs.

The songs played is similar to the London show as the backcover of the Brixton bootleg.

The band was playing all out, and fantastic performance. I think 1995 X Factour is a brilliant tour with great songs setlist. Steve Harris has his solo spot for Blood On The Worlds Hands etc..
Blaze sounds really good on X Factor songs, and many of Bruce songs anyway.
And I think FORTUNE OF WAR Paris 1995 is the best of the best song for me.

And the most surprising ( I choose the most careful word I can think of ) version of Fortune Of War? I will choose the Scotland Glasgow 1995 show.
That is available on a beautiful factory pressed Eternal Flame cd bootleg. I will talk about it next time with the packaging too or have I story about it before?
An incomplete radio broadcast that one.

Oooo And Tel Aviv Israel show with Blaze was also about 10 songs radio broadcast in that country but I think there was never a full radio broadcast or soundboard of any XFactour.
It would be nice to have a soundboard full recording of XFactour, or there is? and I am not aware.

And Maiden should release Gothenburg 1995 show in full some day... It should have been an official cd release...

well story continue next time.

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