Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Adrian Smith ASAP Silver and Gold Japan pressing

Adrian Smith atau H.
Aku rasalah, kalo nak beri gelaran Mr Cool, aku rasa dia ni paling layak.

- salah satu anggota sebuah band yang terbaik, terunggul dan paling tersangat best giler dalam sejarah muzik dunia iaitu Iron fuckin Maiden baby.
- terror giler ngan gitar. Boleh nangis.
- pandai giler cipta lagu macam2 style.
- tulis lirik yang cantik dan penuh makna untuk lagu2 yang dia buat research dan kajian. Sampai orang pegi mengharungi North Pole South Pole pun dia jumpa untuk buat lagu Stranger In A Strange Land, sampai Bruce ke sapa pegi rumah dia nampak buku2 sejarah pasal peperangan di tanah Paschendale masa Perang Dunia Pertama kat meja dia. Dan untuk aku sendiri, lirik Wasted Years ialah antara paling Romantik giler la untuk mana2 lagu Iron Maiden.
- suara sedap studio dan live.
- HANDSOME giler.
- Dressing paling stylo.
- Pandai main tennis.
- I THINK HE IS SOMEONE WHO CAN STAND UP TO STEVE HARRIS for the good of Iron Maiden. Although I dont think he will ever leave Maiden again.
dan apa2 je la aku lupa atau tak tahu nak taruk.

Jadi ni dia punye cd dia buat ngan kawan2 dia masa Iron Maiden tengah rehat selama setahun dalam tahun 1989 dulu.

As I am typing this, I was wondering the Urchin She's A Roller 7 inch is hitting crazy price. ( Yes, the Urchin song featured on the 12 Wasted Years videotape and I think the Early Days dvd if I can recall. )

So this is my review of Adrian Smith and Project ( ASAP ) Silver And Gold cd from back in 1989 when Maiden took a year off.

- Adrian Smith writting, playing and singing melodic rock or pop-rock or whatever you want to call it.
- He always has a wonderful voice, from Reach Out to ASAP to Untouchables to the one of the most standout moments on the soundtrack of Flight 666 i.e Wasted Years.
- Some of the members of ASAP are names that Maiden fans are familiar with, members of the band URCHIN. They appeared a bit on the videotape of 12 Wasted Years, Entire Population of Hackney bootleg, songwriter for some Maiden Bsides etc.
- The drummer is the son of Ringo Starr from the Beatles.

- Some great songs, some nice songs that reminds me of one the best bands ever, TOTO.The Lion, Silver And Gold, Down The Wire, You Could Be A King, After The Storm, Misunderstood, Fallen Heroes, Wishing Your Life Away, Blood On The Ocean.
Ermmm.. that makes it 9 out 10 songs that I like :-)
Unfortunately the packaging of the cd is what I dont like, scroll end of post to know why.

One other song Kid Gone Astray is so Bryan Adam, not bad actually.
- The keyboards makes all the difference, just like TOTO, the touches is fantastic especially when they appear when you never expect it.
A great example is on The Lion 1:15minute mark.
Always uplift me everytime.

A nice album, and I wonder how much the impact of this project cause Adrian Smith to withdraw from Iron Maiden at the start of recording NO PRAYER FOR THE DYING album.
But then he had contributed Hooks In You. A song that is often link up to the rest of the Charlotte The Harlot legacy.
But thats all in the past, happy days since 1999, Adrian always contribute spectacularly to Maiden's cause now.. from songwritting to great studio and live performances.
And from what I read about En Vivo with all the Adrian Smith touches here and there... I cant wait.

Ooo and I think I am going to have the withdrawal symptom again till I got my hands on EN VIVO.

The Japanese pressing has of course the additional inlet sheet with Japanese lyrics and what I think seems additional infos.
Two things I dont like about the ASAP Silver And Gold packaging,
the silhouette of the female and also the lyrics are damn small, and lack colour contrast to the background, I dont bother to ever read the lyrics.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

antara sebab kenapa aku guna lespaul goldtop :)

berteromber said...

damn...aku dah hilang kaset ni...

err...gambo pompuan kat dalam inlay tu ko tak nak tampal sini ker...hahaha...

btw...teringat dulu member thrash aku tak minat maiden tanya.."ko beli kaset ni pasal gambo pompuan kat dalam tu eh?"