Thursday, March 22, 2012

metal hammer April 2012 magazine - Maiden delightssss...

aloha. Amacam semua. dah makan?

I think Metal Hammer April 2012 is a good buy. So I bought one yesterday at the friendly Indian Uncle newspaper/magazine stall at Bugis junction. A pleasant surprise as its only out in UK.
Before opening the plastic wrapper, one side looks like this.

The other side is like this.

Because it has a seperate 24 page magazine devoted to Iron Maiden with En Vivo releases coming soon. Mostly nice photos, some facts, infos related to the last tour.

Some of the photos are familiar already, I think this Steve Harris super photo in the snow of Moscow is the exact one from the McMurtrie photo book. I dont know. Cannot really remember.

On the main magazine, you have the En Vivo review,

also Adrian Smith's Primal Rock Rebellion is featured on about 4 pages.

Interestingly its not only Maiden related thingys that caught my eye, but also I like the other articles.

So I got to read about Ghost, I think whoever first saw on youtube one of their early performances in Sweden will maybe like me, curious on what this Ghost is all about. But now I think they are popular in the rock world.

So we got other things, King Diamond makes a nice reading after all his health medical problems and being Metal Hammer its all colour and bright and fancy with dozens of nice read and lots of photos to ogle on haha.

Lastly, I am like curious always reading on the internet about this rock festivals on cruise ships. Those 70,000 tonnes of metal cruise. So there is a nice article on this too.

dah tu je nak borak. thats all.


Dr. Ben said...

got mine too!

berteromber said...

iskh...kat jb tak jumpa lagi...

WanBeruas said...

...Hum kat Ipoh dah lama tak ada sejak isu Black Metal itu ari lagi dah..:0(

gayour said...

aduh! lamanya tak beli Metal Hammer. majalah rock/metal yang sangat banyakkkkkk berjasa pada gua mencari bahan dan sebagai rujukan membuat/melukis kartun.