Friday, March 9, 2012

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Banyak benda nak borak borak..

Firstly, still havent partition the Roxette show,( please wait for those who want the full winrar version ) the more I hear it, the more I love it. Yes, I am bias, I really like Roxette.

I was browsing thru ebay looking for some maiden related stuff that may catch my eye, and look what I found.

A Canadian seller selling his/her Maiden fanclub magazine, but using a photo from this blog, with this blog watermark on it.
Canada is a far away land is all I can say haha...

still Maiden related..
April edition of Metal Hammer will have a 24 page Maiden pull out.
This is a scan taken from a post by Nobby666 in the Maiden forum of the what I think is the backcover of that issue.

dream theater is now announced as coming to Singapore.
I think originally it was just Jakarta, but now it includes Bangkok too.
For the Singapore, the location is stated as Kallang Theater.
Just for the location itself makes me want to go and anyway, its been very long since I last saw them play.
I saw the first time DT play here at Indoor Stadium ( the Ocatavium one ) but missed out on the Fort Canning show in the falling rain ( Systematic Chaos one right?? ).
So it should be just nice to see them again , especially with a new drummer and a happier band?

There is this bootleg that I just discovered.. and I was listening to it a bit and I found it great but touching and makes me a bit sad.
Its a tribute to Rainbow with New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra and Joe Lynn Turner doing the vocals and he did a few numbers of Ronnie James Dio and Graham Bonnet era songs besides his own set of Rainbow songs.
WEISS HEIM is one of those performance that really makes me a bit sad like I said.
Rainbow, never seen them, but I really really freaking love them haha.

Joe Lynn Turner feat. New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra: Tribute To Rainbow. (Deathlord 001/002)
Recorded Live at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, Tokyo, Japan - August 04, 2006.
Excellent+ Audience Recording :: Japanese CDR/s :: MP3 CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

Disc 1
01. Eyes of the World
02. Catch the Rainbow
03. Gates of Babylon
04. Weiss Heim
05. Rainbow Eyes
06. From Overture "1812" op.49 (to memory of Mr. Powell / Tchaikovsky)

Disc 2
01. March Pomp and Circumstance No.1 op.39 / Elgar
02. Spotlight Kid
03. Stone Cold
04. Can't Let You Go
05. Stranded
06. I Surrender
07. Maybe Next Time
08. Street Of Dreams

Files: 14. :: Size: 213.99 MB (mp3) 573 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:33:34 hour/s.
Notes: It was an impossible fantasy... Mr.Masaya "yasu" Yasue at NJP had this dream for a long time. Finally he made it came TRUE. August 4 Joe Lynn Turner and New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra teamed up for Symphonic Rainbow Concert called "Tribute to Rainbow."

The world famous Japanese hard rock-heavy Metal magazine BURRN! carried special articles of the One Night "dream" concert for three successive months. The venue, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space "Tokyo-Geijyutsu-Gekijyo," is such a beautiful space where there are three sizes of symphonic halls. The Tribute to Rainbow took place in Main Hall where there were about 2000 seats for the audience members. On the front of the stage there is a pipe organ having 126 stops. This is a full-scale concert hall for orchestral performances.

The program had two parts. It had a 20 minute intermission. The first part centered around orchestra sounds with instrumental and slow ballads. Joe put so much feeling into what he sung. His voice was bluesy and just magnificent. Especially, Tchaikovsky's From Overture "1812" op.49 was so marvelous. They called this tune the memory of Mr.Cozy Powell. That's true. Tympanis went off at hall just like a loud report of Cannon. Cozy's memorial pictures reflected on the wall of main hall.

After the interval, the 2nd part had come. Please see the Set List! You'll realize that it was just for Joe Lynn Turner time. It started with the very famous classic march number Elgar's March "Pomp and Circumstance" No.1 op.39." The concert master Mr.Yasushi Toyoshima was just delightful. Many hard rock-heavy metal fans who had not listened to classic music said to me that it was a very moving sound! So we were very impressed with Mr.Toyoshima! As same time, I felt this tune was there just for Joe Lynn Turner. It was the opening number for Joe Lynn's Rainbow songs!!.<-(Info taken from

last but not least...
since we talk about bootleg, and Ronnie James Dio, and this is a show that has full MAGICA on it ( i hope so because physically I havent hear this bootleg completely yet ) including the best of the best tearjerking ballad As Long As Its Not About Love.
Osaka 2000.

after this, I hope to talk about the Roxette bootleg that I did haha, unless I screw it all up.


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