Thursday, March 15, 2012

bootleg Roxette in Singapore in winrar format too

So this is it, Roxette March 6 , 2012 Live In Singapore full audio and I had winrar it for convenience of everyone. I tend to unwinrar often but I dont do the winrar much so hope it works haha.
I hope the sound is not that bad for those Roxette fans interested.
But trust me its a great show. The Look with a bit of Hey Jude and did I hear a Layla in Listen To Your Heart.

For those who dont know what is winrar, its very easy, its just like the old ZIP.
The program is free for live.
If I say its easy, then its easy, because if I can use it so can you.

There's a request from a Judas Priest collector for the full Singapore show so I did it for him/her so if anyone else is interested here it is..

Take note I dont have any paid account so all these are valid for 30 days.
But I can always upload again if you cant find these anywhere else. No problem.

As usual, I had uploaded all these to...

ARE YOU ENJOY!!! and she's coming.


Portdy said...

thank you abang deaf!

asyik dengar Fading versi akustik saja sejak reunion, ni dapat live electric version ... soo parking great!

Thomas said...

Thank you very much!

berteromber said...

thanks deaf...

aku tengok marie dah nampak tua...tapi Per masih steady...heheh...

deaf said...

Hi Thomas, wherever you are from. Welcome.

Portdy, happening woo.

Marie masalah kesihatan teruk woo.

Saudagar Mimpi ... said...

Terima kasih bro! Rox forever!