Wednesday, March 7, 2012

roxette - 06 march 2012

my short review and observation of Roxette Live Singapore Indoor Stadium 6 March 2012.
Like Judas Priest few weeks back, lots of my personal favourites were not played tonight by Roxette but still the setlist was awesome enough.

1. Dressed For Success
2. Sleeping In My Car
3. The Big L
4. Wish I Could Fly
5. Stars
6. She's Got Nothing On ( But The Radio )
7. Perfect Day
8. Things Will Never Be The Same
9. It Must Have Been Love
10. 7twenty7
11. Fading Like A Flower
12. Crash!Boom!Bang!
13. How Do You Do
14. Dangerous
- Band Presentation & Blue Swede Sex Machine
15. Joyride ( introduced with Singapura, Sunny Island guitar solo )

16. Spending My Time
17. The Look

18. Listen To Your Heart
19. Church Of Your Heart

- Surely this is my favourite show of the year. Roxette and with a setlist like above its just splendid. Though no Harley and Indians, no Paint, no Silver Blue, no June Afternoon, no lots of other personal favourites.

- They move the stage further up so the whole Indoor Stadium is not fully utilised like Iron Maiden for example. It do make the show seems like more than 90% full. 6500-7000? about that I think.

- The crowd seemingly majority in the ages of 30s, 40s and 50s.
People who grow up with great and best music on the radio or cassette tapes irregardless of musical genre or taste.

- No Intro Music. Lights Out and straight to Dressed For Success.
- Seven members. Per & Marie, a backup female singer, drummer who is with them from the 80s, on keyboards is their producer with a new hat, the bassist who spoke about Sweden and his Blue Swede Sex Machine and a rocking guitarist.

- The sound was good, but at the start I was wishing it to be so much louder, this is Roxette. Fortunately for me the sounds gets a bit louder by second song, the all time favourite Sleeping In My Car.
- I guess my positioning plays a part, I bought the ticket late, a peasant ticket on top of that. So I was like kind of far. I should have find a way to get those floor front seats very early on. Maybe next time.

- The audience was LOUD. Fantastic especially with the great noise made while waiting for the band to reappear for the encores.

- Great songs one after another from the start although the slow numbers in the first part of the show Wish I Could Fly and Perfect Day dampens my mood a bit because I was eager for Roxette's faster songs. Great songs but it disturb my own momentum as a live music fan. But I really like Marie and Per singing duet for Things Will Never Be The Same and after that I can accomodate the rest of the slower songs till the end.
- The new song She Got Nothing On is very rocking live.

- Crowd participation is at maximum, without much prompting needed, lots of chances for the audience to sing on behalf of the band, from the slow It Must Have Been Love to Joyride to How Do You Do and most of the others..

- 7twenty7 ending reminds me of the Deep Purple / Rainbow keyboards and guitars alternate solos. The Roxette guitarist is all over the stage. Great rocking showmanship. His guitar solo of " Singapura, Singapura, Sunny Island " is enjoyable.

- Band introduction and this is a bit of what the bassist have to say -
"So let me tell you about Sweden, Its Small, Its Cold, Its Dark, But It Got Love..."
and he plays some effects and sounds from his Blue Swede Sex Machine.

- Per said something like " very basic in life, just one chord, C Major " and Per starts How Do You Do.
- Basically most songs are very happening as the crowd makes the difference. I was afraid the crowd would be dead, especially on a weekday, but I was very very wrong. I guess most in the crowd are huge Roxette fans.

- During The Look, I was like reminded of Def Leppard. Its that the inspiration for this song.

- Last song Church Of Your Heart, the band performed in a row, the keyboardist played an acoustic guitar and the drummer was together upfront with a tambourine.
- I did an audio bootleg of the show for my own memory. Seems ok quality from my own point of view, I'll see how it goes and will upload maybe next week latest.

- Like I say, I think this is my show of the year. Its Roxette.


berteromber said...

untung la ko...mostly yang best2 zaman 80s ko dah nengok...rugi tu hari tak pegi Belinda Carlisle kan...hahaha...

setlist tu memang best...mungkin kalau ada June Afternoon atau Almost Unreal ker...tapi Roxette banyak sangat lagu best...

apapun...aku tunggu bootleg ko jer la..

Faizal and Anna said...

"People who grow up with great and best music on the radio or cassette tapes irregardless of musical genre or taste". - deaf, i really luv this part very much.

Music fans skrg ckp berapi-api taknak kalah, so into this & that kinda music, tak layan pop music lah.. tapi bila tanya pasal band2 yg diaorg suka tu "do you own their album" jawapan balas.."err..saya download jer bang"... :)

Saudagar Mimpi ... said...

Halamak bro! ROXETTE tu!
Antara fav. band aku. Kalau la SM waktu ni tak "kering" dah lama turun sana.

Apa pun membaca review ko pun dah buat aku tersenyum. Ada bootleg ye bro. Tak sabar nak dengar Things Will Never Be The Same.

Portdy said...


tak sabar nak dengar bootleg, harap lagu ni electric version bukan akustik

deaf-angel said...

i try upload bootleg after Sunday.

i try to winrar it also

Shades In Grey said...

Great stuff! Thanks for the review :)
I took a picture with the female backup singer, her name is Dea Norberg. Msg me if you'd like the picture or add me on FB :)

aku HIV positif said...

aku tatau nak komen apa. cuma bagitau aku ziarah menjelang maghrib :)

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