Wednesday, September 12, 2012

overdiose - last in line deluxe edition

"we're of to the witch,
we may never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never come home ".

Not much reasons why a Dio fan should get a Last In Line Deluxe Edition.
But, I got it because I want the Pinkpop live 1984 on official release.
A lot has been said about people making money out of Ronnie James Dio's death, but I dont care as long as they come out with the rumoured boxset of Dio's live shows thru the years.
I would like on official release, the Rhine Tense ( its titled differently for different sources and I forget the exact date now ) complete show bootleg as I never hear a Vivian Campbell show as wonderful as that night, I would like a complete offcial released Dream Evil show, and of course a complete official Lock Up The Wolves show. Plus whatever other shows to complete a boxset. Thank you in advance haha.

Last In Line - Dio Album Number Two, definitely not my personal favourite. It will always be Dream Evil.
Maybe Last In Line is the best Dio album. I do think it that way.
( Holy Diver?? yes definitely most popular Dio album, but errmmmm...errrmmmm.. its good but not as good as some other Dio albums ).

CD1 sort of like a Last In Line remastered.
So you get -
WE ROCK and especially I SPEED AT NIGHT.. very tasteful fast heavy rock songs.
LAST IN LINE itself a great epic song, but live versions is always better with the never ending " never never " line.
EGYPT CHAINS ARE ON is another spectacular epic song, though I always enjoys Doro Pesch's cover version of this song too. Her voice is nice for this song.
MYSTERY is a nice pop single, EVIL EYES re-recorded for this album from an original Bside is nice too.
BREATHLESS I always like the Vivian Campbell solo on this song. EAT YOUR HEART OUT, not bad rock song
but, if there is one song from here which I love the most,
its ONE NIGHT IN THE CITY. One of the best Dio songs ever... a song that has everything, even a nice drum roll. I got a fetish for this song, I always like to hear different lineup playing this song with Ronnie James Dio.

CD 2, you have some bsides, two of them is live from Donington 1983.
And like I say the Grasspop release.
Starting with One Night In The City and dont be misled by the Stargazer track. Its just the starting portion.

As usual not bad packaging, with stories and all that.

Now Please Please release a 5cd + 1dvd super deluxe royale with cheese boxset of Dream Evil with a poster of Craig Goldy.


berteromber said...

satu2nya cd Dio zaman 80's yang aku takder/ memang boleh buat aku terbakar...hahaha..

Adi Herman said...

Arghh buat aku jealous saja ni...

dilabangiWORLD said...

ang tak nak gi Legoland ka dep....
sonok duk dekat negeri JOHOR ni
leh gi selalu erk

iaryylr said...

menarik nie !

Dr. Ben said...

masa kecik2 artwork Dio memang menarik perhatian. Ini antara yang menyeramkan. Tapi paling cun ialah Sacred Heart.

gayour said...

cuba kira berapa kali encik dio jerit ' WE ROCK '. mari kita kira siapa yang tepat!