Friday, September 21, 2012

Maiden 2013, my personal thinking and wishes...


If Maiden is coming early 2013, they definitely must have wrap up all business negotiations with promoters in Asia and Oceania already. So it means I worry for nothing.... So I am typing as a crazy fan, and please let me be wrong on *** ( somewhere below ).

It is all in my mind, and I dont know how to express it in this blog, but I do my best. I will use numbering format. I have been studying and studying and this is my own opinion of things, as I am in South East Asia.

Why it wont happen on February - March 2013
1) Astreus Airline collapse. A ready made Ed Force One is no more. More cost and more plans to get a new Ed Force One. Yes, Maiden can travel like other bands, but it could mean skipping a few cities in Asia. Iron Maiden is a business, and its all about dollars and cents.
2) Over playing in Australia since 2008. Especially with Metallica is headling Soundwave Festival 2013with Linkin Park in number two slot, Maiden may have a tough time selling tickets to make it worthwhile if they fly to Australia in February/March 2013.
3) Not enough hardcore or loyal fans to see them twice within two short years. Yes, some of us really tighten stomach like hell to ensure not only ourselves but we even buy PEN A, Standing Front Section for our love ones just to share the Maiden experience, but not many normal fans will want to see Maiden again in a short while especially with other artists who may be Flavour of the Month playing or never come before playing same dates. I think this is why India was skipped last year, and those who have figures for Colombia thru last few years, and those who had travelled to Bulgaria last year and the festival Maiden headlining was cancelled.
4) I read somewhere Bruce Dickinson is giving a major business speech about aeroplane industry in February 2013 in Europe.
5) British Lion is coming out September 2012, and Steve Harris says his band will do gigs. Club gigs. I wont be surprised if the club gigs in UK is end of the year 2012 to early 2013.

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = no Maiden show in early 2013 in Asia / Oceania

One June date announced. 15 June 2013.

Donington is announced. So its expected, summer dates in Europe for Festivals.

BUT, why are they announcing Donington 9 months in advance, when they should announce Asia dates first?
So, maybe, it means travelling to Europe to catch Maiden at some festivals? Ermmm.

Rumours of ROCK IN RIO festival headlining act in September 2013 as the Rock In Rio promoter have said on internet that he personally wants Maiden to headline?

 So this could be true? September 2013 South America.
If they use an Ed Force One, so it could means October 2013 is Asia dates and  Australian dates?
I think 2 years 8 months is a better time gap to ensure big sales of tickets?
Or even 2014 January/February 2014 for Asia / Oceania without Ed Force One?
Can a history tour last for this long.

So that means a very long wait for the next and maybe FINAL studio album? at least 2015 earliest?

Or maybe, *** as what I most worried, Maiden will completely skip Asia/Australia for Maiden England. And only come back for new album.
But, to really screw up my opinion, isnt that they will definitely go to JAPAN, they owe Japan big time. Die Die they have to play there earliest especially to compensate the Tsunami events.


Sort of like phsychological Booster. I Know I will put unnecessary financial constraint to myself, but as long as I have ensure my love ones are taken care of, there is no harm I sacrifice my own self right? haa. Ya...... Phsycological. And yes I dont know how to spell this physchological thingy, but I do hope its correct.

LASTLY THIS NEW BLOG WINDOW IS LIKE FUCK!!! I REALLY HATE THE NEW VERSION.  I got problem typing, thats why all these different colours haha. I cant even see the preview. Hope it come out fine.
I really have difficulty typing this post with this new BLOG LAYOUT DESIGN. Who the genius makes this new layout for typing. KNN. hahaha.


berteromber said...

Kat FB Steve boleh dengar the whole album British Lion....seperti yg aku jangkakan...sangat bebeza dari maiden...tapi aku suka...kalau suka rock ala2 70's early 80's...AOR...ko pun mesti suka album ni...tapi potongnya...aku rasa vocalist dia tak cukup power la...bukan nak bandingkan ngan Bruce...tapi buat aku teringat James LaBrie pulak...lembik gitu...

apa2 pun memang kena beli...aku suka...dan respeknya Steve tak merapu tunjuk terer solo bass berjela2...

Adi Herman said...

oh come on man,aku suka james labrie haha...anyway,entri blog terbaru ni betul2 mcm ramalan Nostradamus versi Iron Maiden plak haha...nice info bro!

Ijau D. Koceng said...

new blogger layout = tikus baiki labu

Rafi said...

bro deaf..trima kasih di atas kunjungan ke teratak ni memang best!

faizal abd fathi said...

version baru hampeh sikit...kena dabel check... Ed Force One tu boleh kot diorang beli..$$$$$ banyak....rasanya banyak airline berminat kalau diberi peluang...contoh Air Asia!

dilabangiWORLD said...

ya salam dep....
sorry lama tak jenguk ang kat sini
moga ang ceria selalu
** entry makanan dah lama aku x buat
ideya dah habis lah dep hehehheh

lieyalatif said...

ramai gak komen pasal new layout blog design nie...lieya pun mule2 payah gak...lame2 dah okey dah.....bende baru kan, mmg take time nak paham n biase....

WanBeruas said...
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WanBeruas said...
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WanBeruas said...

new layout absolutely suck!!!