Friday, September 28, 2012

Dio Dream Evil Tour Programme & DT Joe Wings suratkhabar melayu promotion for Singapore 2012 show.

I want to talk cock about the DIO Dream Evil World Tour Programme Book but lets detour a bit for something that interest me while flipping the newspapers.

Ni suratkhabar melayu Singapura, Berita Harian hari selasa lepas.
Ada interview ngan Joe Wings untuk promosi konsert Double Trouble Singapore 2012 , 12hb Okt ni.
So.. cam biasalah artikel bla bla bla bla bla...
Then.. " besar kemungkinan Wings akan mempersembahkan lagu terbaru dari album terbaru Menakluk Kosmos. ( tiap kali aku baca ni title, aku teringat album Malex nye Wira Kosmos. Harap sama bagus, at least haha. )
This is nice, untuk korang peminat rock melayu, korang mungkin ingat atau tahu masa Teori Domino dulu zaman tok kadok pun sama, Potret Monalisa orang semua dah dengar kat radio bukan versi studio tapi Live version kat Singapore yang Wings main sebelum kaset Teori Domino keluar kat kedai, tu lagu nye performance kena rakam, dan dimainkan kat radio 94.2FM stesen Singapura progrem pop rok Arwah Adnan Maswan. Makin anticipate peminat2 Wings bila kaset Teori Domino keluar dulu, 1989 la kot. Lama dah.
So it would be nice if it happens again? haha. Apa pun, tentu menarik ler kalo ada lagu baru dorang perform nanti.
So repeated again kat artikel ni , ni kira last Double Trouble konsert, so ok la kot aku gi 1st, 2nd dan takdeperal last show dari dua tahun lepas. Cammana pun, untuk aku, support mesti support these two bands because I like them since the dawn of time I walk across the earth..chewah. teringat Manowar lama kejap. Lama  nye k, not the current crap. Aku nak dengar album baru nye lagu pun takut. Takut dissapointed.

OK OK, tak mau melalut, moving on.....


( size comparison with the back cover of a Paradise Lost factory pressed bootleg Oxygen label from the 90s.. its a nice recording of a Draconian Times live show in Stockholm and a bit of London 93 too )

So this is the program book for Dio Dream Evil World Tour.
I say again, DREAM EVIL is my favourite DIO album. Not five star, but 5 \m/,
like this  \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

The book cover is like..made of leather? kind of leathery material... Very nice.
Quite a lot of great info and stories...
And check it out, there is a list of countries and cities listed inside the programme, and...
MALAYSIA is in....with Bangkok too.
So this shows that, at least sometime in 1987, when Dream Evil was released, and the World Tour Programme was printed, they must have made plans for Dio to play I guess in Kuala Lumpur.
So if you dont know, now you know.
(Same as like the No Prayer For The Dying Tour Programme, Iron Maiden was listed for Australia but I think Gulf War screw it up.)
It would be nice to see Ronnie James Dio performing his Dio songs,
for most of us in Singapore and Malaysia, we only see him sing live with Black Sabbath's Heaven And Hell at Fort Canning, but that was one incredible show although Megadeth was  playing the night before at the same place and the impact of seeing Megadeth live for the first time for most of us is still super fresh. But Heaven And Hell was really superior for me.
Its like maybe how some people appreciate and treasure seeing Frank Sinatra live, or Pavarotti live, I guess its the same for heavy rock fans seeing Ronnie Dio singing live, especially in this part of the world. Falling of the Edge of World, only he can sing this song I guess so emotionally and dramatically and evilly and yet with so much sadness.

Though for Toni Iommi, I prefer enjoying watching him with Black Sabbath Forbidden more in the 1990s at Harbour Front because I was very much nearer haha. Children Of The Grave, makdatok tengok dia main live. Kagum. Unforgettable.

Like I say the Tour Book for Dream Evil is very nice. Lots of nice photos of Craig Goldy  and the rest of course, stories and articles, even how Murray evolve and becomes Dio mascot, how whats Dream Evil album is all about, a bit of background on each song, and all nine is very nice to me, and on stage presentation and performance and other things.
Enjoy some of the photos of some of the pages in this program.

Its a waste that not enough people know of Dream Evil album period.


Adi Herman said...

Movie Leftwings agak sedikit mendukacitakan,i recommend not to watch it bro haha

berteromber said...

Sampai sekarang aku masih blur makna sebenonya lirik all the fools sailed away....tapi lagu ni bagi aku yg terbest dari dream evil...

Album ni bila selalu dengar...memang terasa craig goldie > vivian campbell

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