Monday, September 3, 2012

raya & overdiose - sacred heart deluxe edition

How is everyones Aidil Fitri or Eid Fitr 2012?
1) gloriously happy like some advertisements on TV?
2) alrighty fun and happy
3) ok ok
4) Solemn and tearjerkers like some advertisements on TV also?
5) Attend Prayer and thats all.
6) Work
7) None of above.
Whatever it is... belated selamat Hari Raya. Let there be no Unforgiven.

ok, been listening to some deluxe edition releases of Dio and also live bootlegs which comes from that era or playing songs from that era.So this is my little of review of Sacred Heart deluxe.

This one is Sacred Heart.
So, why go out and buy the deluxe edition if you all Dio fans already have Sacred Heart and Intermission cds or cassette tapes or whatever?
, seems the Sacred Heart is remastered, nice packaging and informative booklet and of course the 2nd cd has what seems the remastered Intermission and of course Hide In The Rainbow from Dio E.P and some live bsides which includes Like The Beat Of A Heart.

So cd1 is Sacred Heart. Prominent keyboards and personally I find Sacred Heart has a bit less Evilness.

Vivian Campbell, Jimmy Bain, Claude Schnell, Vinnie Appice and RJD.
- I sometimes dont like the way King Of Rock N Roll starts... f.a.k.e. but nevermind, happy listen, not happy dont.
- the pop songs... Hungry For Heaven, Sacred Heart is always fun to hear.
- Rock N Roll Children has a wonderful chorus.. This is a song that can be used when you have enough and want to shout " Fuck The World!!"
- Other songs are always great, but one song that is always outstanding when listening to Sacred Heart is Like The Beat Of A Heart. Ronnie James Dio at his best on this amazing song.

So cd2 is mostly Intermission and a few Bsides and one Hide In The Rainbow.
We have one Craig Goldy with Time To Burn, the rest is live with Vivian Campbell.
Sacred Heart finishing with a bit of Last In Line is one of the highlights for me. Also the medley.

Dio originally wants a double live album but the record company only approved Intermission. I hope one day the rumoured Dio live boxset will be released.

Want to talk about Dio bootlegs, to stop, Real World is calling hahh...

Someone screaming my and make me holy again...ewahhh


faizal abd fathi said...

perghhh... DIO tuuu

WanBeruas said...


berteromber said...

tak dapat la aku sacred heart deluxe edition ni...tambah2 aku dah ada lagu Hide In The Rainbow tu...

kalau nak pun mungkin Last in Line...pasal aku tak tau dah mana pegi cd aku....tapi bila nengok reganya....hmmmmm....

Adi Herman said...

Holy Diver!!! RIP DIO...u r still my hero

dilabangiWORLD said...

salam dep...
selamat hari raya maaf zaher baten
ang raya mana tahun ni? mesti banyak duit raya tu
Cu chi tunnel dalam pembikinan
nanti sehari dua aku update erk...tq dep