Monday, September 17, 2012

steve harris everywhere

Steve Harris is literally a front page news for these few weeks. And no one deserves it more.
- British Lion is coming out soon.
- Kerrang magazine has him on one of their latest cover and some awesome photos from what I see scans on the internet by those who had already bought it.
- Classic Rock ( latest edition I just saw at the shops a few days back, which has this VERY BEAUTIFUL Eddie artwork cover which looks like US Money currency ) has reviewed his album. I think this issue has about 12 pages on Maiden US tour etc.
- TERRORISER, remember they had the ultimate in thrash special with James Hetfield on the cover? Now they come out with the British Metal Scene special, and of course who else on the cover but Steve Harris.

BUT UNFORTUNATELY, I think the best magazine that is currently or recently focussing on Steve Harris, is the GERMAN language magazine call Hard Rock or something.
Seems the interviewer is a hardcore fan of Maiden, and basically he ask elaborate and deep questions to Steve Harris. Not general questions for the general masses.
I read some of the translations, and its all happy news.
Bruce is also thinking of making a new solo album.
And most important, Steve says Maiden is priority, sort of like British Lion is just for his to expand his other ideas, and he wrote the songs with others, and Maiden will be around for some time yet.
ooo yes, Steve Harris himself did the cover artworks for British Lion according to this interview.

So quite a number of fancy magazines with stories ( yes, maybe some will be repeated basic Maiden infos that we all know ),and pretty photos of Maiden members a t your local magazine shops so I guess I have to really choose the best one or two to buy, or not at all.

The rest, as usual... I AM REALLYING ON OTHERS TO SCAN and paste on the internet and thank you so much... but I saw the Kerrang ones and Steve Harris photos are fabulous and so was the articles.

But, among the maybe hundreds magazines that Steve Harris had grace to the years, I love the cover of this one.
I really like to collect if the chance is available, all about Donington 1988 Monsters Of Rock event. I think , this is one of the most important and historic and tragic shows in history of Iron Maiden.
So I kind of like to know about all that happen that day with list of the most heavenly rock bands from KISS to Helloween to Megadeth opening for Maiden. I wish I was there.
( I REALLY NEED THE DAVID LEE ROTH PERFORMANCE BOOTLEG ). I think I got all the rest already...

An Independent Publication special souvenir od the biggest rock show in the world. Thats what it says on Steve Harris one leg on the monitor cover.


Adi Herman said...

its all about the legendary steve harris this time...damn,u sure got a lot of collection there bro...nice!

PC kOKak said...

RockHard Mag Germany

berteromber said...

"don't fuckin' kill each other" - Axl Rose, Donington 88

Kalau la ada dvdnya...kan ke best...

WanBeruas said...

..Yessss!!! For David Lee Roth bro!!!

deaf said...

tu dia pc kokak.
Aku nengok majalah europe bahasa lain smua foto dan artikel lawa. Aku harap orang scan aje.

Aku tahu maiden nye show ada rakaman peminat kat giant screen tu.

Dlr nye show ni aku ada majalah tunjuk security guard panjat stage nak bilang dlr apa tengah jadi

Laszlo Lenard said...

Hey, have a question for you, looking for a scan of the Kerrang! Steve Harris article. Would you please help to find me?

Laszlo, an old school Maiden-fan from Hungary

deaf said...

Hi Hungarian fan, give me your email. If I do get a copy I will share with you.

Laszlo said...



deaf said...