Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cute Russian fake mini lp of KILLERS japanese vinyl pressing.

Killers, Iron Maiden studio album number two. The first produced by Martin "the Stargazer, the Machinehead, the Heaven and Hell and all the superb Maiden albums of the 80s and early 90s" Birch.
I never blog about Killers I think, so kill two bird with one stone, talk cock about Killers and talk cock about the cute Russian made fake but beautiful mini lp copying the Maiden's Killers Japan Pressing Vinyls.

Very nice...very fancy fake at its supreme awesomeness.
So it has the OBI STRIP and everything...
When you flip the gatefold open , inside is the lyrics in both English and Japanese, and on the sleeves at both ends is a poster, and a jacket containing the cd, and the jacket itself is similar to the Japanese inner sleeves.

Like I say, king awesomeness of a fake collectible. At the back, you can see I try to take photos of comparisons between the fake mini lp, a sample of the Japanese vinyl and a non-Japanese vinyl.

ok ok, talk about Killers a bit....I am typing this from memory...

IDES OF MARCH - When I was at secondary school, one of the subject was literature and I dont really like school ( hahaha ) but I love it when we have to read Shakespeare " Julius Caesar ". Because there was one scene of the soothsayer telling Caesar " BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH ".
As an Iron Maiden fan in a classroom during a literature class, that is seriously a proud moment. Yes, I know, its childish, and nothing to be proud, but fuck, Iron Maiden fans knows it first even before reading that Shakespeare book of alien English :-)
When I was at the very first Double Trouble show at Bukit Kiara KL of Wings/Search joint show, and the intro was Ides Of March, hohoho, what can I say, yep unoriginal, but great taste.
note - I love the Steel Prophet ( its a kind of heavy metal band from USA ) version of joining Ides Of March and Purgatory. I like it so much that I even bought the Steel Prophet album with that songs, and I discover they even did a cover of " DONT YOU, FORGET ABOUT ME". I think its a mega pop song by Simple Minds or something. Fuck I cannot remember now.


WRATHCHILD - Ooo the footage of the sound check in India on the Flight 666 dvd, with the Indian aunties sweeping the area and Janick and Steve playing this song is very happening. True National Geographic moment.

MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE - You want proper education that you cannot get in school? Then listen to this song. You learn about Literature, You learn about Edgar Allan Poe ( I dont know how to spell ), you learn about streets of Paris, you learn about Italy, You learn about the WORLD MAP, you learn that Gendarmes is the French for Police. I know because this is how I know all these above, thru this song. And what an awesome song with a nice intro.

And Clive Burr..... I love him.

ANOTHER LIFE - Clive Burr again...And what a great Rock N Roll song. THIS IS SUPER SUPREME. I dont think its embarassing if people of all ages dance around to this song... Jumping around or whatever haha.

GENGHIS KHAN - Ok...I dont know...this khans, yes their tactics are brutally effective, throwing dead rotten bodies across walls, I mean catapulting them during sieges, and setting fires to cats tails and release them thru the walls or whatever, and change the Baghdad river to blue and destroying the libraries with Muslim books on everything by throwing it all into the river. Sorry, I just type without thinking so forgive all the messiness and impertfect info. Ooo like how they kill their enemies using carpets, and how they bury their own chiefs... .Crazy world then, crazy world now.
BUT THIS INSTRUMENTAL IS AWESOME. You can imagine Genghis Khan army marching on the second part of this song...

Did I Say I love Clive Burr?
INNOCENT EXILE - ok ok, but the ending part is so much improved ha....faster, faster, faster... Come on, on any other band this song is awesome but on the Killers album....no chance. My opinion la.

side B
KILLERS - If you got the Eddie Archives Boxset, on one of the cd, Reading 81 I think or is it Reading 80? You got KILLERS WITH DIFFERENT LYRICS played live. I prefer the current version of course.
When first time I watch the Maiden England Videotape, and take note Maiden England was never released on dvd yet, what is on the markets are bootlegs copied from videos. If you are lucky try to find the collectors who convert it from superior laser discs.
OOo ya, when I first watch Maiden England videotape, I was like so liking Dave Murray closeupss on Killers. Ooooo.... So heroic.

PRODIGAL SON - For the Malay Rock Fans.... Ya....kaset Battle Of The Bands. I fail to understand this song meaning. I try too. But its too deep for me. Lamia... There are some discussions and topics in the internet on this song...but I still fail to understand. Poor command and grasp of knowledge I guess for myself. Whatever this song is slow and nice.

PURGATORY - Oooo this was and still an all time favourite. Fast and emotional even romantic,  and plenty to find out and pick out in the song everytime you hear it. Never boring.

DRIFTER - Go and listen to the Japanese 1981 bootleg I think of the Nagoya show? Its a famous bootleg and listen to how Paul DiAnno did this song. Its like the most glourious singalong ever. EYO YO YO, EYO YO YO, EYO YO YO...
another nice rock n roll song that put a smile on my face everytime...

How come I find this album endings of the last few songs are romantic? Maybe myself but I dont know.

And now the most TITANIC Jack and Rose song on this album...

DETAILS OF TWILIGHT ZONE, I remember few years back I talk cock about the artwork for the single with the hidden Mickey Mouse placed by Derek Riggs etc etc.
I WOULD REALLY LIKE...to have the 7 inch transparent single of this song. Yap...I really like it. But its hard to get, yes Ebay there is, but its too expensive. Wait, or I already have it somewhere? haha. I dont think so la. Love this song....huuuu gloriously fast and full of action packed about this soul from depth of hell or heaven ,missing his love and coming back for his wife or girlfriend or whatever.

So thats it... KILLERS... and I really wish Clive Burr recover...I was reading the other day about one Singapore Paralympics girl with the same health issues and problems like Clive Burr. . So she says a few years back, she can still pick up a coin from the floor. Now she can't. And....I really hope all of them, those with these disease can endure and hopefully recover. I mean, Clive Burr....he is so important to Maiden that we all love now..
Hope Maiden keeps making money behind the scene for Clive Burr's welfare.

ooo a quick photo taking of what I can find lying around....ha..

I got a Revolver magazine somewhere, its a special issue talking about the best album covers in the hard rock/heavy rock/ metal history, and Killers grace the cover of that issue. I used to just look at the cover, at the homes behind, and find out...yep thats Charlotte there, and whats in another home? and all that... Ooo and checking out what jeans Eddie is wearing?


faizal abd fathi said...

perghh...berapa banyak Killers ada nih?

berteromber said...


btw..thanks deaf...baru tau Steel Prophet ada cover lagu Dont You Forget About Me...soundtrack budak2 or bapak budak baya kita tu...heheh..

PC kOKak said...

wrangler jeans? lp satu lg tu pressing mana? lp No Prayer for the Dying dh ada? klu mau nk tolak murah2 jer..

speedrider said...

Kalau aku beli kompem aku kata ori. Kat mana nak tengok ori-fake pun aku dah lost sebab nampak sama ja

Adi Herman said...

Damn can u sell it to me?hahaha just kidding

iaryylr said...

wah! koleksi menarik, macam orang kumpul duit palsu juga..., syabas bukan senang dapat kumpul dan info begini :)

Dr. Ben said...

paling brutal punya cover memang album ni la... second 1st album. Pure brutality.

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