Saturday, November 3, 2012

Maiden FC resub tshirt 2012 & magazine no 93

Got these in the mail within a few days of each other.

This is how the resubscription fanclub tshirt for 2012 looks like. I would have prefer a white one with a more loud design, but never mind.
I think I have a fair deal, even though "rest of the world" pay more for postage. Full color A4 magazines with lots of pretty photos, fc resub tshirt, online forum that I enjoy reading, , pre-sale codes worldwide, FTTBarrier chance, contests. So I guess I am ok with paying the fees.

They delete the online member only, maybe due to ticket touts joining to get pre-sale first access to Maiden show tickets and then reselling it to Maiden fans later. The negative impact is that there will be Maiden fans who will not want to join the full membership for whatever reasons. So its a lost for Maiden and fans, for the ticket touts , they can surely find other solutions.

ok, the Iron Maiden fanclub magazine number 93 next. 50+ pages in this time.
I like this issue, very fans orientated.
They got fans to do write articles, the fc trips stories, they got fans to do the live photography of Maiden on stage, lots of things. All these are things that will never happen to me, so its to read the wonderful experience of other fans.
Also a nice interview with Steve Harris on British Lion. Questions for Dave Murray (he was asked what song they have never played live but Dave would want to play?, the answer is ATG, so hopefully before Maiden retire they would do it) . And other stories and infos and of course lots of pretty photos of the band members, the fans, and other beautiful Maiden related photos ,pictures and designs. Oh, also a good article on a Maiden fan who represents Great Britain in the London Paralympics.

Some more photos..

love this last pic



Ijau D. Koceng said...

up the hammers!

Adi Herman said...

up the irons!

Rafi said...

Design tshirt lawa la..sempoi je

berteromber said...

Alexander The Great live in KL....yearghhhh...

Ijau D. Koceng said...


kl = kompom pegi!
s'pore (lagi) = 50/50

Takilala said...

Lawa ooo. Simple design but nice. Ni 10~20 tahun akan dtg, jual kat ebay kompom rabak harga dia.

WanBeruas said...

..Makan Maiden Tidur Maiden Mandi Maiden!!!!