Thursday, November 8, 2012

this is how I listen to Savage Garden s/t

Savage Garden alih cakap melayu apa? Taman Kejam? Kebun Kejam? Kekejaman Kebun?

Masa zaman hurray-hurray dulu-dulu (cewahh!!) keluar ni istimewa nye limited edition double cd Asian Tour Package -> Savage Garden nye 1st album 11 lagu campur lagi satu cd ngan 8 lagu, 4 remix ngan lagi 4 lagu bsides.
Tak bedek, sampai skarang dengar masih gerek sey. Aku memang suka release pop yang pelik2 sikit ni. Ah, nanti aku tunjuk Def Leppard Slang yang ada 2nd cd Live at Hard Rock Singapore accoustic lak nanti la lain kali untuk sapa tak pernah nengok. Pengsi.

Been listening to these 19 songs from the 2cd limited edition Asian Tour debut album from Savage Garden when walking and taking public transport these past few days.
Besides Pet Shop Boys, Roxette among others, another duo I enjoyed listening to is Savage Garden, with one main singer, and another the instrumentalists. Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones.

Savage Garden self titled first album, starts with the 3 big pop hit singles, beginning with the exxagerating TO THE MOON AND BACK, I WANT YOU and the take your breath away song TRULY MADLY DEEPLY hah.
Then once song number 4 starts...surprise...its a serious discovery of great pop songs by these Australians.
This is certainly a very good enjoyable album, I emphasis ALBUM. The packaging and booklet includes art called 'the garden of earthly delights'.

the exotic TEARS OF PEARLS, CARRY ON DANCING, the rocking BREAK ME SHAKE ME, A THOUSANDS WORDS, and for me the best song of the whole album SANTA MONICA plus a few other songs which  are also good like Violet, Promises and Universe which reminds me a bit of Simply Red.

The 2nd cd has a very nice last song , I'll Bet He Was Cool is very nice, but sounds religious with all the JC references.  Guess the same applies to the song Mine.

Lastly, A little bit about the slow and full of sadness SANTA MONICA.. So is this a song about Inferiority Complex? Low Self-Esteem? HUMILITY? Humbleness? Multiple Nicks? Pervertness? Awckwardness? RUSA MASUK KAMPUNG???
I dont care...this is a most beautiful sad pathetic yet meaningful song.. As good as Every Breath You Take, another song, that if you think too hard about it, is also a pervert song haha.

Beauty so unavoidable
Everywhere you turn
It's there
I sit and wonder what am I doing here?

But on the telephone line I am anyone
I am anything I want to be
I could be a supermodel or Norman Mailer
And you wouldn't know the difference

On the telephone line, I am any height
I am any age I want to be
I could be a caped crusader, or
Space invader
And you wouldn't know the difference

Or would you?

Thats the magic of internet.. People can cheat easily.. So be careful.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

dulu mula2 dgr nama 'savage garden' ni ingatkan band metal atau plng2 pun grunge... tp bila dgr lagu2nya~ meleleh beb

btw, aku suka lagu terbang ke bulan tu, mmg menusuk kalbu

Adi Herman said...

aku pulak masa 1st dengar nama band ni dulu, aku ingat band Punk/Straight Edge Hardcore dari Ostralia sana...anyway diorang memang best kalo buat lagu2 personal favorite "truly madly deeply" perghhh bloddy fool jiwang hahaha

Rafi said...

Yang lagi jiwang i knew i loved you..meleleh..

berteromber said...

haha..aku pun dulu ingat ni band metal...tapi aku cuma tau lagu Truly Madly Deeply ajer....

Duo2 lain macam Tears For Fears, Go West, Wham ko takder ker?

deaf said...

Nanti hahah