Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ca$hley Cole on PS3 Fifa 13 and Hotel Transylvania

Something interesting to share..
I dont play but I love to join in to watch and just marvel at Fifa 13 ( and also PES 2013) on PS3.
So there was this kind of hilarious situation if you as the manager of Arsenal try to buy Cashley Cole on the Fifa 13 game and I just have to take a photo of it.

" I have no intention of ever playing for your club given the history between us. I dont think the fans would ever accept me... bla bla bla ".

Fifa 13 gamemakers really got a great sense of humour. Now I am curious to see will happen if an enquiry is made on the GREEDY BADGER.. a.k.a. THE LYING DUTCHMAN.
Maybe that will be Fifa 14 next year.

Moving on... Caught the Hotel Transylvania movie in the theater the other day.
Immediately I googled back to see when Tower Heist was played in the cinema and I realised its on November 2011.
So basically on average for my own self, I only visit the cinema once a year.

Whatever but Hotel Transylvania has lots of fun and thrill moments. Great scenes and it is full of moral dilemmas.
Seriously I cant help watching the movie without looking for anything that remotely I can associate with Iron Maiden as just the name of the movie itself invoke thoughts of the exciting instrumental of Maiden's Transylvania.
So there was the Mummy and he is damn hilarious, but so are most of the characters.


iaryylr said...

saya pun tak tengok lagi da...

berteromber said...

"THE LYING DUTCHMAN" tu saper?..RVP eh?...heheh..

Adi Herman said...

Oh come on man, RvP boleh shakehands dgn Arsene Wanger and still be friends, ingat lagi match dgn MU hari tu? Unlike Carlos Tevez, RvP is more professional and still a legend for both clubs...

faizal abd fathi said...

greedy badger macam tahu siapa....heheheh

deaf-angel said...


Anonymous said...

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