Wednesday, December 12, 2012

pen pal and Angra and...

I used to have pen friends or some called it pen pals from a few places long time ago.
There was one from Argentina. Love to read how he have to travel from his home to go to the big city to see Maiden. I think I still kept photos that he sent of himself on his Maiden adventures. Yes, its the time where you still have to develop photos and send by snail mail.

We used to sent each other stuffs and letters, him much more than me. I got much more great things than I ever gave him. He was nice. This was before I even knew Ebay existed haha.
So he got for me stuffs like the quite rare Maiden's Lord Of The Fly single, he knew I adore Rainbow, so he got me some Rainbow, and he loves Angra, so he got me an Angra cd.
If he knew about this post, I hope he will contact me, because I lost track of him, for whatever reasons.

I treasure this cd, and I took it out and rip it the other day.
Featuring Freedom Call, Reaching Horizons, different mixes of Queen Of The Night, Deep Blue, Painkiller ( Judas Priest cover ) and the fascinating Stand Away.
Plus two acoustics live in FNAC Paris France.
Angel Cry on acoustic is king of awesomeness and also Never Understand.
Very very nice selection of songs on this EP and the two live songs is unique what with accordians and improvisations.

Angra in a way is like Sepultura, not only I think they are two of the most famous worldwide Brazil bands, but they seems to add in their Brazillian influences and melodies too.
Their lyrics is sometimes about spritual, environmental message, saving nature, freedom. Very deep.

I used to know of Angra as the band that has Andre Matos.
It has always been rumoured Andre Matos is one of those shortlisted to replace Bruce Dickinson in Maiden, but we know its always going to be a British for the job and the final two was Blaze Bailey and Doogie White.
Doogie White if you all remember is the singer for the Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow Stranger In Us All, and he was the singer when Yngwie J Malmsteen's Rising Force first time play here at the Pavillion Expo. The night he kept telling they are doing a live recording for us to make lots of noise haha. That was a fun night especially when " I Am A Viking " was played.
Doogie White is the singer for the new Michael Schenker live release isnt it?
I am so going to get the complete set of the new Michael Schenker release, because it has the Scorpions rhythm section that I enjoyed when I grow up . And its going to have Anananananananother Piece Of Meat..

So then Andre Matos left Angra,
and he was in Shaman.
So I remember I downloaded the Shaman album back then.. I remember we were using DC++ program. I think now all these are no more? This is such a brilliant program back then to share stuffs..
Its like ok, Maiden plays in Saitama? Dance Of Death Tour? And within a short time, the audience videotape -dvdr is shared and viewed all over the world. The whole world knows one of Nicko Mcbrain's drum got damaged, and while changing Nicko and Bruce acts a re-enactment of William Tell. But, not many people knows of this program then I guess. Now we got youtube, not much fun being a fan as before.

And suddenly there was this so fuckin awesome song called Fairytale. Its like ok, this is the most beautiful melody I heard for a long time haha.
Andre Matos is so talented, he is a fabulous singer, he write songs, he plays the piano, accordian and he is so handsomely good looking haha. Its a wonder he isnt more well-know. Same like Daniel Heiman ex-Lost Horizon. One of the best heavy metal singer and band I ever heard on cd.

If those who never seen or heard Fairytale, this is the song live...

This is from the show that Andi Deris and Michael Weikath joins in for Eagles Fly Free.

Oooo I miss Helloween... Please come back to this region next tour and sweat like pigs again!! haha. I like the one or two songs they have previewed from their new album anyway..

The Brazilians crowd are always so happening, and I was looking at this and was imagining if Andre Matos was in Maiden, and how it will be.

But then Andre Matos left Shaman and I think now he is back to his original band Viper or something?
Nowadays is not so much a worry to access his music due to youtube. Though with youtube, not much bands cd will be sold haha.

Anyway... I like this guy? or girl? I dont know...but he/she does this Shaman's Fairytale that I so like.
Beginning 0:38. Woooohooooo.


Fairy lady, who stands on the walls

Life is short and wait is long


Adi Herman said...

Vokalis band Angra ni pernah kena interview oleh Sam Dunn dalam dokumentari Global Metal kalau tak silap aku la...

Rafi said...

Pen pal tu la facebook zaman dulu..heheh
Kalo kat majalah URTV,kembang setaman kot kalo tak silap nama grop pen pal dalam majalah tu

deaf said...

Urtv nye penpal eh.. Haha.
Foto posing satu2 tak bleh angkat.
Mama juwie handle kan dulu ni kolumn

deaf said...

Selalu baca org ckp pasal dokumentari global metal. Aku tak pernah nengok lagi.

faizal abd fathi said...

Dokumentari global metal? kena carik nih

berteromber said...

Angra zaman Andre Matos ni syok betul dengar lagu Wuthering Heights...power giler vokal dia...

Rafi said...

Global Metal ni dah lama keluar dah..ada dvd dia..

gayour said...

-holy land
-live in san paulo
-freedom call
tiga album angra yang gua ada

Faizal Rahman said...

Pernah juga layan Angra ni, mula ingat dari Europe sbb style ala2 Rhapsody, sekali dr Brasil. Kena kaji lagi power metal latin ni.