Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sporting Lisbon, Man Utd, Liverpool Under 19 teams in action at Singapore's Jalan Besar Stadium

Tiga kelab terkenal eropah hantar dorang punye bawah 19 tahun nye pasukan untuk main kat Singapura.
Tak yah diperkenalkan lagi, Sporting Lisbon dari Portugal dan dua kelab Inggeris yang aku tak berkenan langsung tapi memang hebat  - Manchester United dan Liverpool.

- Pasal si Cristiano Ronaldo dan Nani, dua2 memang asal Sporting Lisbon, jadi memang ghairah la nak nengok team Portugis ni beraksi, pasal...mungkin ada berapa player Portugis muda yang terror giler macam dekni dua sebelum mereka jadi terkenal satu dunia cam mamat ni dua..
- Liverpool ngan Manchester United tak yah cakap la, apa aku tahu, dalam team Liverpool Under 19 ni dah 4 orang dah rasa main untuk first team Liverpool. Man Utd lak memang dorang pakai player youth dorang yang memang dari budak2 dah bersama dorang macam Paul Scholes, David Beckham, Ryan Giggs semua tu jadi nak tengok jugak la player2 Under 19 ni dua team ni main kat stadium yang kecik dan dekat ngan padang sebelum lain kali dorang jadi star players bila dah main first team.
- Pasukan keempat sua terang Singapura nye belia dan aku rasa tak heran la kalau dorang akan dipilih untuk Sea Games akan datang nanti walau Sea Games ialah untuk bawah 23, pasal memang alrite jugak la, dorang ada kasi fight jugak la ngan mat saleh Liverpool sampai melambong2 jugak mat salleh Liverpool ni kena. Aku rasa dorang boleh kasi celen la team2 lain nanti untuk Sea Games.

First game - Manchester United versus Sporting Lisbon
Second game - Liverpool versus Singapore Youth Selection.
Winner meets Winner for final on Sunday 16 Dec 2012.
Losers meet for 3rd and 4th placing, Sunday too.

BUT FRIDAY 14th Dec 2013, WERE THERE... So this is my story..

Fuck since I miss all the fun and thrill of being either at Jalan Besar or Bukit Jalil stadiums for the Asean Suzuki Cup, yes the DOGS are in the final. Not bad at all for being insulted DOGS. Anyway Thailand is not sporting for treating Malaysia National Team the way they did for the second leg, I saw the pics in the papers of the training sessions facilities, really not gentleman. I read for the 2nd leg final they will switch the stadium to their bigger 50,000 seater one. Hope the field is better.

Manchester United...
Jersey no 14 is Jack Barmby, this is the only name I know, son of Nick Barmby.. HE IS REALLY SOMETHING. I am not surprise if he is going to be someone important for Man Utd in the future. He is everywhere. Left , Right, defence, up down, dribbles, passing, penalty taker.
Also jerseys no 11 and 7.
I think I really like these 3 players, yes of course in the future when they play for United's first team against Arsenal I will curse them, but really I enjoyed watching them on Friday.

Sporting Lisbon.... Fantastic hoop jerseys...I love the jerseys, the shorts is very classy and to the knee level, and the socks...
Everything about their complete kit is fabulous..
I really like their player with jersey number 11. He is playing left side similar to Cristiano Ronaldo. I like him very much. I dont know the name haha.

Warm Up..not many turn up yet. I am on Off day hohoho.

Love Sporting Lisbon jersey, shorts and socks..


Oh my goodness, I cannot imagine this group of players will be terrorising Arsenal defence in the future in the English Premier League a few years time hahahaha.

First half, Man Utd lead 1-0. Second half after few seconds Sporting equalise. Man Utd then immediately got penalty Jack Barmby got fouled, Jack Barmby took the penalty and a superman save by the Sporting goalkeeper.
After that its all Sporting with the goals and possession..

Liverpool fans cheering Sporting Lisbon players hohohoho.

Next Liverpool versus Singapore. Challenging competitive game. Singapore got chances but dont know why last night cannot score. Liverpool got their captain wearing number 7. I think the name is Adam Morgan. He passes the ball a bit that reminds me of Steven Gerrald. He plays mostly right, he keeps asking for the ball. Really both teams dont give each other a chance. Tackles after tackles from both teams.
Liverpool warming up, Sporting warming down.

Singapore vs Liverpool line up

Future of Liverpool, though some had played for the first team already..

Final score... LIVERPOOL 1 - SINGAPORE 0

So Sunday 3rd/4th placing...Singapore versus Manchester United. Final is Sporting Lisbon vs Liverpool. I think Sporting Lisbon is superior.

Anyway love the matches as you got Liverpool and Manchester United fans together in the stadium. Love the banters especially before the 2nd game between Singapore team supporters and the Liverpool group of supporters who are also local.


Manchester United just scored to lead 1-0, so they were definitely feeling the heat and humidity and most of the players went to the bench to have a drink.
Number 11 of Sporting ( yes the player I like most ), was urging his teammates to start and immediately attack as all the Man Utd players were on their side of the field but most were near their substitute bench drinking.
SO they really kick off, and the Man Utd players hurriedly rushed back to position, but then its the jersey 11 himself who was penalised by the referee as he was standing in Man Utd side. Hilarious.
Similar to the famous footage on youtube of some game only this time it didnt work.


Adi Herman said...

Sabar, itu cuma team under 19 sahaja, hakikatnya MU tetap top of the league, thats a fact! Haha....jangan marah boss...gurau saja

faizal abd fathi said...

steadylah liverpool.... errr.. 4-1? wow!!!

deaf said...

Adi aku tak tahu la player2 man u tapi dorang handal, cuma bila sporting masukkan no 14, ni gelecek sana sini score 2 kot.

berteromber said...

Semalam petang ada live kat astro aku tengok Man Utd vs Spore...

Aku pun tak kenal sapa2 player ni...tapi yg aku tau coach dia Utd legend Brian McClair...