Thursday, December 26, 2013

Maiden's Christmas Card 2013 design and Fanclub magazine number 97

The Iron Maiden Christmas Card for 2013 and fanclub magazine number 97 arrived two days ago.

I really like the Maiden's xmas card design for this year,
Its very pretty.
Seventh Son of A Seventh Son album cover with a Festive Season upgrade with Santa Claus and everything and its snowing....
and the word play based on Moonchild's intro.

The inside.. with each band member's greetings...

I don't really understand Steve Harris message.
"looks like rain dear", maybe its raining when they were signing the card? haha.

The Magazine is as usual SUPERB!!. Lots of articles, interviews and photos about the band, the crew, all the behind the scene infos, facts and thingys and their fans.
Seems its really getting more and more a "FAN" magazine. Its interesting and wonderful to read about Maiden fans from all over the world and their adventures, experiences and everything else.
(as usual click anything to enlarge)

Here is a little bit of the content of this edition's mag.

I like to read all these trivias information..

Interview with another crew member who is also a member of the opening band Voodoo Six.
Caught them twice in Germany opening for Maiden, not exactly my cup of tea from first hearing.
But they are good live, and I kind of enjoy their short set.
Maiden have recently keep getting their families and friends bands to warm up for them.
I would want to see Adrian Smith's son band next haha.

On every edition of the magazine, I always look forward to the "from the rear, Nicko McBrain in action" photo. Ogling and scrutinizing everything that's in the photo HAHAHA. ooo there's Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson in the picture too.

Low...One day I think he's going to sit on the floor...hahahaha...

Janick Gers grace the backcover for this edition..

Dave Murray.....  ahhh.............


ok ok, enough oglings of these pretty pictures.... now back to the real world hahaha...


Adi Herman said...

Perghh siap ada tandatangan lagi kad krismas tu....memang terbaik la!

metal brain asylum said...

perghhhh...kalo derang bagi kad raya mesti lagi bermakna. hahaha

Ijau D. Koceng said...

rare moment - murray guna V

Rafi said...

Nice mag n christmas card..gambar murray guna v tu terbaik la


Nicela bro.Kalendar takde?

deaf-angel said...

kalender beli lain haha