Monday, December 23, 2013

My Photo Of The Year, fajar & mee rebus (kuah asingkan)

Banyak benda nak berbual...

I wish I can do a round-up for the year.
So lets try with episode one.  I snapped countless photos of anything I fancy for 2013 using mostly my handphone and also digital camera.
I think this is the photo I like most, because it has a lot of things happening and kind of meaningful to me.
So I choose this as my self-taken 2013 photo of the year.

Hands and even legs tumbling all over the place, Iron Maiden is playing on stage, at the most legendary of hard and heavy rock place that I ever know of since a young boy, Castle Donington. A place all my life that I was wondering how it feels like to be at.

I thought I was standing in quite a safer place away from the eye of the storm, though its still packed like a can of sardines.
Holding tight to my handphone while taking a photo, afraid it will be knocked out of my hands and I don't think I can retrieve it if once it drop on the ground haha.

Until I saw the pro-shots of BBC broadcast which shows Maiden playing and I realised how many people were at Main Stage and where I was. (Oooo if I got to go to the gents hahaha!!!)

A printscreen from youtube. And I realised, my goodness.
It was cold and raining on and off, with some in full raincoats, and windy, and slippery and squeezing but it was great as where I was the sound was awesome.
Really different contrast with the green fields and hills behind the Main Stage.

Something calm...

I was just looking at these buildings, then from a distance I saw a bigger bird than normal...soaring and flying continuously. Very majestic.
So I kind of like it... and I take out my handphone and snap it.
Thru the hustle and bustle and human beings going about their work in the city, and you have an eagle, flying about. I kind of guess its one of the local eagles.

The eagle is somewhere on the left of the photo haha..

Besides it being a Helloween "Eagles Fly Free" moment, but more of a late 70s Malay Language Religious Theme Song instead.
Hidayah - Fajar (dawn breaking, first signs of the sun is appearing)
Though the Photo I took was during Maghrib I think (sunset).

Food, Glorious Food time,

This is Mee Rebus (Takeaway), literally translated from the Malay language as Boiled Noodle, or something like that, Most famous in Johor (Southern Malaysia) and Singapore. Love by people from all ethnic groups.
Seperated the gravy till you want to eat it, so you don't add the gravy in advanced or it will make the noodles become soggy..

(MEE REBUS kuah asingkan kalau tak nanti dah kembang, dah tak syok)..

Aku pernah makan kat satu kedai ni kat KL, dah macam Mee Taugeh, taugeh punya banyak berbanding ngan mee kuning dia...
Well............ Tahniah la Melayu tuan punya kedai tu.. Tak tahu apa strategi korang, atau apa yang kelakar korang nak buat, atau korang ingat orang tak pernah makan Mee Rebus ke yang datang kat kedai kau, tapi panggil kedai nanti marah lak, so panggil Restoran...Harga memang harga restoran la, semoga cepat kaya.

Seriously, as far as I am concerned, nak makan makanan berunsur Melayu yang  sedap dan enjoy, tetap kena gi Pusat Penjaja, atau warong/gerai tepi jalan...


PC kOKak™ said...

mee rebus joho rules

Adi Herman said...

mee rebus tu memang sungguh menggoda!

Rafi said...

Mee rebus johor tetap di hati..heheh..kalau kat kl ni memang bro..mahalnya satu hal,mee nya sikit toge je yg banyak..aku tak kisah kalau mahal pun,tapi kalau toge je yg lebih memang buat orang tak puas hati.