Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Paul Di'Anno live in Singapore 25th March 2014 personal opinion.

        I am not aware of this show if I never received some SMSes about it. My lack of knowledge and participation on "internet social networks and modern communication mass media thingys" is  SADLY PATHETIC
        I got the ticket early though still in two minds, and eventually decided to go and took one day precious Annual Leave and off I went to Hard Rock Cafe Orchard Road Singapore. Brought extra money for a cab as I am afraid the trains and buses would have stop running by the time Paul Di'Anno with Suicide Solution finished performing.
I missed both the opening acts anyway. Paul Di'Anno got on stage near 2230 hrs. Having 24 hrs Wendy's and McDonald's nearby helped.

Setlist of Paul Di'Anno with Suicide Solution 
25th March 2014 Singapore

1. Sanctuary
2. Prowler
3. Wrathchild
4. Purgatory
5. Marshall Lockjaw (Paul Di'Anno's Killers)
6. Murders In The Rue Morgue 
7. The Beast Arises (Paul Di'Anno's Killers)
8. Children of Madness (Paul Di'Anno's Battlezone)
9. The Ides of March
10. Remember Tomorrow (dedicated to the late Clive Burr)
11. Charlotte The Harlot
12. Killers
13. Phantom of The Opera
14. Iron Maiden (dedicated to Blaze Bayley)
15. Transylvania
16. Running Free
17. Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones cover)

Did I forget any song? I hope not. Maybe I'll upload my whole horrible boot of the show on youtube soon.

A sleepy review -
To use Paul Di'Anno's own words Singapore's band Suicide Solution is awesome and other words to that effect. (Its priceless watching Paul's reactions and "wtf" glances to the band members during Purgatory though.)
Paul's leg is not looking good. Remember Rob Halford with that walking cane during Judas Priest's Singapore's show?
And I don't think he will be retiring. He mentioned a new Di'Anno's Killers album coming out after 15 years. He seems to be having fun, got nice things to say about Singapore. 
The fans was totally into it, lots of singing along including the guitar melody parts.
Finally, personally I found that when Paul really does sing, I mean when he actually "sings", he sounds so tremendous - I leave it like that.

Some words of wisdom Paul Di'Anno share from the stage. Paul talks a lot in between songs actually, here are some of them.

- "Are you ready for some British Heavy Metal? this is PROWlerrr!!!"
- "I'm sorry man, I got myself into prison, so it doesn't matter" - on being told he got a fan into metal.

- "Don't do that shit man!" - on the Di'Anno! Di'Anno! Di'Anno! chants.
- "I stopped taking drugs a long time ago..."

- "Thats bullshit! thats just for money!!" - on Gogmagog.
- "Look at this face, does it looks like a pussy to you??"

- "England's a little bit fucked right now, England sucks anyway" - thanking the crowd all over the world who buy the albums and attending his shows.
-  "Whiskey's for faggots" - on his choice of JD

-  "Any Americans here?" - before going on a huge hilarious complains about USA though at the same he is saying his family is there LOL!!
-  "We don't do this song very often, because I am not part of the SPICE GIRLS anymore. Old Spices left" - before the song Iron Maiden. 

- A long rant on Maiden then starts about "head up the ass, about money money money." This is his take on his so-called "mate" Blaze Bayley -"........................., he got the worse time in Iron Maiden, now thats fucking bullshit, as far as I'm concerned Blaze Bayley is a better singer than Bruce Dickinson, .............." - ohh Paul, you kept all these nasty Maiden bombardments till near the end of the show. Very strategic Paul!!..

And I thought there won't be an unhappy bitter rant about Maiden for the Singapore show as the night was ending.
- "Everybody knows I don't come from Heavy Metal, I come from Punk Music" - before Ramones cover.

Ooo.. how can I forget, this one.
- Paul - Are you ready? 
Audience - Yeah.. 
Paul - That was so gay. That's like? I am thinking of a gay place.. America. Are you ready..(then in a pretend weak voice he continues) yeahh.. I'm coming for Pet Shop Boys..."

Pet Shop Boys Rule!!
I think Scissors Sisters got a mentioned too by Paul's holy mouth LOL!!

In conclusion - I had a pleasant time. 
Paul Di'Anno with Suicide Solution plays for about 90 minutes.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

hahaha... part spice girls tu mmg lucu

faizal abd fathi said...

fuh.... steady lah review

berteromber said...

Nice review beb

Rafi said...

Dah agak dah..memang ada lagu prowler n running free..walau pun paul ni mulut puaka tapi dia tetap buat crowd terhibur


Celah mana Orchard ada hard rock. Tak pernah aku perasan. Port cari robottu.

deaf-angel said...

dari orchard mrt nye arah gitu ko jalan arah wheellock place, lepas wendys, then
sebelah forum ada lorong tu kan, jengok je dah Nampak,