Friday, May 2, 2014

leaked hellfest timetable?

Updated 8th May 2014.
This Timetable is not accurate.
For example - Maiden is playing much earlier PRIME TIME!!!
But a different timetable means a complete new clashes in different stages! LOL!

Aku masih dalam tahap angan2, "Yo-Yo-Oh" gitu. Belum cuba ambik cuti kerja lagi pun. Memang masih banyak terperangkap dalam kesamaran lagi. Macam2 benda dalam kepalahotak sekarang.
Orang puteh panggil "Still up in the air" gitu... Apa pun kita mampu merancang hanya Tuhan menentukan, tak perlu dikesahkan...uwoowoowoowoo... 

But, irregardless that I am able to make this Maiden Serbia/Hellfest looney-tunes-lunatic backpacking trip a reality or not, I still progressively makes plans for it.

And I had just planned out my Hellfest 2014 personal timetable on the different stages especially to check out some interesting trance-laden & techno-induced acts that I have not seen perform live. (Wink-wink.)

I got these three timetables below from the Maiden forum shared by fellow fans, maybe its the accurate leaked Hellfest 2014 timetable for all the 3 days for the 160 bands spread across 6 stages from morning till early morning on each day LOL!!

Friday 20th June 2014

Saturday 21 June 2014

Sunday 22 June 2014

Certainly a most delicious and frightening list of bands on the bill to complement the only reason why I am willing to travel to Hellfest actually - Iron Maiden headlining this festival for the first time and who knows the only time ever.

*Interesting note I - Among all the 160++ bands, Iron Maiden (and Aerosmith), got the longest reserved stage time on the timetable of 2 hours. It was the same with Donington Park Download Festival, Maiden got the longest reserved time compared to headliners on other nights.

**Interesting note II - The clashes for me are beyond imagination, due to the superiority of the bands playing, I dont know if its humanly possible for me to rush between stages especially in regards to Black Sabbath, Paradise Lost and 1349 horrible horrible clashing schedules, and also while Maiden is playing, Death TA and then Electric Wizard will be also be playing in other stages.

***Interesing note III - For sure I am sure going to miss some great bands, I doubt I can be an early bird catching the worm during these 3 days, well, maybe I will be early for the first day at least LOL!!.
Or, I will just skip Slayer and have an early Friday night LOL!!.Seen them as the FAB FOUR, seen them perform in what I think is the very first show without Jeff Hanneman and Gary Holt instead, and now, I could possibly be seeing them as a twosome.

****Interesting note IV - precious lazing around and rest, my tea-breaks, my food and beverages and my people-watching LOL!... Of course there are bands that I am not interested, so I got a few short period slotted to do these activities for the days and nights LOL!!

So, this is what I think I had decided on...
Green Highlighter Circle indicates my necessary movements in between two stages to check out two bands who are playing at the same time (with the Pink Highlighter Tick indicating where I want to spend more time and a priority and yes, I have to be there during Status Quo crowd participation Rocking All Over The World, LOL!!, always seen on youtube in places like Glastonbury and it must be wonderful atmosphere when this song is played at a festival where the attendees are into more heavier and faster stuff indeed).
Pink Highlighter Circle is where I intend to be during that whole timeslot at that specific stage.




*****Interesting note V - I guess I will be spending a bit more time at the Altar and Temple stages compared to the two Main stages, supposedly these two stages where the majority of the so-called Thrash/Death and Black Metal acts will be playing. I think I will be at this so-called Valley stage occasionally, and I dont think I have anything much planned for Warzone though, but I would like to take a look at that stage too.

So... if I can make it....basically I will have some dosage of the following bands that I had narrowed down from the whole Hellfest 2014 lineup- AngelusApatrida,Necroblood,Nightmare,OrderOfApollyon,Kronos,Impiety,Satan,ToxicHolocaust,Gehenna,DownfallOfGaia,LynchMob,Loudblast,M.O.D,Destroyer666,RoyalThunder,HailOfBullets,DeathAngel,ImpaledNazere,Kadavar,Sabaton,NocturnusAD,Turisas,Kataklysm,Watain,Godflesh,IronMaiden,Slayer,LezZeppelin,Benighted,MGLA,SkidRow,Buckcherry,Trollfest,Incantation,WeCameAsRomans,Skyclad,WitchMountain,Extreme,Dagoba,Shining,StatusQuo,Gorguts,Tsjuder,DeepPurple,Eluveitie,Aerosmith,Gorgoroth,Carcass,ScorpionChild,InSolitude,Zodiac,POWERWOLF!!!,Seether,Repulsion,Angra,Unleashed,Annihilator,Equilibrium,Megadeth,Behemoth,Solstafir,Soundgarden,Misfits,Emperor,Vreid,ParadiseLost,BlackSabbath,1349,IcedEarth..

at the same time,
-missing out some interesting bands due to the timetable clashes,
-missing out some other interesting bands due to me not waking up early and got distracted by the wonderful attractions and beauty of Nantes city or Clisson village,
-missing out some bands due to my F&B activities LOL!!

but if I cannot make it, like I say for 666 reasons...

well, maybe there is always a  next time...and I will keep the 3-days pass I had already bought as a memory of what might have been.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

sesuai dgn namanya "hellfest"

Rafi said...

Banyak band best2 pening nak tengok mana satu eh..kalo aku ikut genre yg minat je lah..
Hari pertama : aerosmith,deep purple
Hari kedua : megadeth,slayer,death angel
Hari ketiga : iron maiden!

berteromber said...

pergh!!! untung la ko....ambik gambo banyak2 nanti beb...

faizal abd fathi said...

perghh.... untunglaa....

darkshahrulez said...

don't mcm ni aku jamin takkan cancel last minute mcm kreator hahaha

dilabangiWORLD said...

hang ni patut dapat award
peminat BAND yang tegar
kalau aku jadi SCORPION aku invite ang dalam tour rock kerana ang sangat menghargainya.....
waktu skolah dulu kawan2 aku mmg gillaq ngan rock ni tau dep


Setan pun ada main.
Lama ke ko kat sana? Boleh tergolek dog kalau nak tengok semua.

deaf-angel said...

hahaha.. aku kat tepi dan belakang je ngan penuh sopan