Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Breathe A Sigh two-part cd singles

My re-listening and re-discovery of Slang made me realise how good that album was.
Add to it, the release of The Slang Deluxe Edition with a total of 30 songs really got me excited to explore more on Def Leppard circa 1996.

So lets begin with their live shows and songs played especially how the songs from the Slang album was translated when played live.
A good starting reference will be both cd singles of Breathe A Sigh part 1 and part 2 from 1996.

Both singles had a total of 6 live songs taken from that Slang tour.
The highlight are of course the FOUR songs from the Slang original album that was played live on that tour which is Deliver Me, Slang, All I Want Is Everything and Work It Out. (Older songs Another Hit And Run and Rock Rock made up the rest.)

These 6 songs seems recorded in North America before Def Leppard hits Europe for that tour.

A check on the setlist from that era indicates, Deliver Me, All I Want Is Everything, Slang and Work It Out were the new songs played by Def Leppard each night on average.

I hope to hunt down some very good live recording audio bootlegs from this Slang tour if I got the chance.

A very interesting info I discovered on both the singles inlet is this

Seems the live songs that were the bsides were recorded direct to DAT without any remixing done to the original tracks because the band like the sound and vibe.

In my own opinion, a fan of any band or act, that with the right equipments "SMUGGLED" into the show, and in the right "position", can capture the right vibe, very good audio and everything nice of that show better than any OFFICIAL LIVE RELEASE with all the edits, cuts, adjustments and (SHOCK!!HORROR!!!) overdubs done in studios.

So that is one of the reason its always a thrill and fun to listen to a fans recording.
Myself, I dont have the proper equipments to really tape a show, so the shows I record is solely for my own happiness and listening pleasure, but I will continue to tape, except for one act, Iron Maiden, because my excitement is too overwhelming LOL!!!

For anyone interested, this is my take on the Slang Deluxe Edition compared to the original double cd Slang which comes with the Live In Singapore acoustics.

If I got a chance, I will talk-cock more on the Slang era, there is still some good songs from that era that is still missing from the Deluxe Edition, but fortunately found on some singles from that time.


Rafi said...

Aku baru je beli slang version double CD kat Amcorp semalam.. Memang nasib dpt pulak yg double CD tu..semuanya terachun dari blog ni ngan portdy la...heheh..
Nak kena duduk n dengar betul2 dulu album ni..
Tq again abg deaf

berteromber said...

aku masih takder lagi album ni...trying to get one soon....kalau ada rezeki...

dilabangiWORLD said...

nak dengar lagu ni dep....
epok epok tak dek ke dep

lieyalatif said...

cer buat satu entry koleksi2 yg dah ade...sure tersusun penoh satu umah kan....nampak gaye mmg banyak koleksi kesayangan ni bro...