Wednesday, July 2, 2014

extreme live le bataclan Paris 23/06/2014 review and bootleg (my Maiden Europe 2014 backpacking to Serbia, France & Hellfest 2014 report PART 3)

My apologies if I jump-around when documenting my backpacking trip to Serbia/France and Hellfest 2014 to catch Iron Maiden and loads of stupendous awesome bands while at the same visit some awesome museums, castles, medieval fotress, those ancient historical stuffs and just walking thru the streets for hours and hours (I spent 10 hours walking during daytime in Belgrade on my first day there and 5 hours walking and exploring Nantes on my first day there too).
I will clear all the rocking things first, then after Hari Raya I will document my non-rocking activities.

For this blog post,
I am trying to upload my audience fan recording audio bootleg of EXTREME (GaryCherone/ NunoBettencourt/ PatBadger/ KevinFeguiredo) , thats Rihanna's live guitarist and Van Halen III singer for those who are not familiar with Extreme, playing their own headlining show in front of their passionate, loud Paris fans in this very nice famous music hall called Le Bataclan on 23rd June 2014.

Its an amazing experience for me absorbing the boisterous atmosphere generated by the French fans of Extreme.

Its a Monday night, Hellfest 2014 weekend is just over, and the Extreme Hardcore seems to be all at this hall.

I was actually very tired and lacking sleep from Hellfest, I got the train for the few hours journey from Nantes back to Paris on Monday morning, reach Paris at about 11am, then I have to find my way thru the maze of Paris subways to the Republique zone. I did got time to explore the Republic zone of outer Paris for about 2 hours...

Bataclan was Sold-out definitely, and speaking of Hellfest, I did catch a bit of Extreme performing at stage 1 on the Saturday late afternoon, though for just a while before I go on to watch other bands as I know I am going to see them at Le Bataclan.

So this was the setlist, I guess its correct,

they played the full Pornograffitti.
I guessed this is what hard rock + Funk can gives you.

From start to finish, Pornograffitti album itself is about over an hour,
then they finished of with a Queen song before leaving the stage.

Then a loud continuous chants for Extreme to return.

And Extreme of course return, play more songs, and the ending was a great gesture, they did spend quite a long time waving goodbyes and saying thank-yous to the French fans with Rise N Shine.

Like Nuno says, its always nice to say pleasant things about the fans everywhere they went, but he swore that the Paris fans are really very passionate. I have to agree. I was at the back, and its wonderful atmosphere really. Something memorable.

Ooo I bought the tour tshirt before the show.
On it includes the Singapore date, which I never went... (DAH MELAMPAU LA KAN asyik layan rok je kann?? haha)
the Hellfest date location was listed as Clisson and of course the Paris date.

So it makes a nice momento for myself.


Or you can go to Youtube here -

This is the partition of the tracks I already did if you hear it on my youtube channel..


Hellfest Photos, Reports and things I want to share with will continue soon....



D'arsil said...

2 jam lebih tu, rekod guna apa ya.. hehe..

berteromber said...

thanks deaf...

kesian mat rock kat malaysia macam Extreme ni pun tak dapat nak masuk...

Ijau D. Koceng said...

berteromber, boleh ganti dgn ABC band :)

Rafi said...

Ooo..bestest!..thanks for sharing Abg deap..suara Gary ni mcm rjd jugak eh..

Kaboi Tanduk said...

sounds good.. thanks for the upload!


Yang terbaringtu aku kalau aku yg pergi. Memang hell.

Adi Herman said...

Boleh tahan bootleg nyer...thorbaik!

lieyalatif said...

10 jam berjalan? fuhh mmg kene jiwa kental lagi tabah nak jadi backpackers ni kan .... kalo lieya mau cepat2 cari tukang massage kaki heheheeheheh...