Friday, July 11, 2014

equilibrium, annihilator, dark angel, toxic holocaust, destroyer 666, paradise lost at Hellfest 2014 ((my Maiden Europe 2014 backpacking to Serbia, France & Hellfest 2014 report PART 4)

Bonjour and Bonsoir everyone...My continuation of short reviews, mostly photos and also personal itsy gritty stories and memories that etched on my mind regarding my experience at Hellfest 2014.

On a bloody hot Sunday afternoon which makes me feel dehydrated often,
and by third day, the dust has really dominated the place after the festival's ground being trampled on non-stop since Friday...I was still in two minds of either later watching the more familiar thrash of Annihilator at the mainstage or this unique band Equilibrium from Germany playing at the tents.
After Powerwolf (standby for an avalance of the wolves photos taken by me in coming blogs LOL!) played a lovely wonderful hot shiny bright afternoon set, I sacrificed Repulsion at the tents to go to the merchandise stands that carries the participating bands merch. Please take note the bands merchandise stands is separate and far away from the more prominent and strategically located Hellfest merchandise. So Don't Blow All Your Spending Money At The Hellfest Merchandise Stands if you are on a shoestring backpacking budget like me. Another thing, the three days of Hellfest with different bands means the possibility of the merchandise sold at the Bands stands are rotated daily. So you may want to check it at least once daily if you want to get something that you really like. Also, take note, some bands created wonderful event t-shirts just for their Hellfest or France visits for 2014. (Maiden of course has a brilliant 2014 France event tshirt with Eddie I think wearing the French Napoleon hat, of course you can get the same design on the internet, but the special ones with the dates can only be found in Hellfest and Arras).

Waiting for my turn, at the same listening to Seether who are playing at mainstage 1, I observe the others buying their band tshirts. Trust me, on Sunday afternoon, the most popular tshirts sold by far that I observed were Powerwolf and Equilibrium. Me? I will show one of the tshirt I bought later in the post.

So I decide to watch Equilibrium play first, and then I will proceed to catch some ending of Annihilator where I can have my dosage of Alice In Hell, and knowing Dark Angel will play mainstage 1 immediately after that.
 I was surprised as the Temple stage was packed, and lots of people were cheering for Equilibrium even before they start playing. They got a lady now in the band on bass.
What a blasting time. Equilibrium sounds folksy, definitely metal, singing in German, Wikipedia says they mix German folk music with Black Metal and Progressive Metal, and singing about German folklore and legends. OK, thats fine, Wikipedia can say anything and still I am really liking what I saw and heard of this band very much.

Ooo there is a pro-shot of EQUILIBRIUM full show in Hellfest broadcasted for France TV I guess, here it is... Hurrah... Check them out.... I really really like this band now... Very funny too the singer words and actions...also pouring that water on the lady bassist head..


Unfortunately as it happened often for me, I cannot see the whole Equilibrium show till end as I want to see at least a bit of Annihilator at mainstage 2. So I had to happily frolicking thru the sand dust of Clisson LOL!!.. OK, lets watch Annihilator from a bit far, as I want to be quite near the stage 1, as its another thrash band playing Dark Angel immediately after.

So a bit of Annihilator,
So it means a bit of Monsieur Jeff Waters.

Moving the band Dark Angel with the irresistible special tshirt that they came out with ESPECIALLY ONLY FOR HELLFEST 2014, WITH THEIR BAND LOGO IN THE COLOURS OF THE BLUE WHITE AND RED OF FRANCE and a We Have Returned Hellfest 2014 for te back, How can I no to this tshirt LOL!!!!
Here it is... Anyway I am late so the size is limited, but I really love the tshirt so I have no choice but to buy a bigger size hahaaha. Not so motivational to myself isnt it?? hahahaha.

Oooo Dark Angel, used to be like, on cassette tapes long ago LOL!!!!. Now they had reformed, and a last minute replacement for Megadeth who cancelled as James Ellefson brother passed away.
I took some photos of Dark Angel, here they are..... and live they are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! ooo the happy tornadoes forming at the center with the audience hahaha.... as usual, I am politely away from any storm brewing LOL!!

Ooo a short video I took,

guitar solo onwards - Burning of Sodom, followed by "how of you here have seen us before?" crowd participation...

Ahhh, lets continue with the thrash metal bands momentum, though it could be Culture Club or Spandau Ballet and as long as its nice I will like it.
Toxic Holocaust, I watch them from FAR FAR AWAY LAND OF SHREK haha... As I was then checking out the different food that is sold at Hellfest food stalls. Looking at something I can eat... I was bloody starving when Toxic Holocaust was playing. this was on day one I remembered.

Even from a distance, with me in the blazing hot sun, Toxic Holocaust sounds superb and exciting.

."can you hear can you hear the thunder!!??? you better run you better take cover..." hehehe..
Men At Work has really nice songs isnt....
Of course something Australia next....
The something Down Under is Destroyer 666,
Something special... I “”caught”” them at the side of the Temple getting ready to start their show. OOOOHH!!! Its those Destroyer 666 guys!!! ME TAKE OUT CAMERA AND ME PAPARAZZZI!!!!!.

I brought my busybody self ( KEPO’NESS) all the way to Hellfest HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

This is when they are properly on stage...

Last but not least for this blog post...
An English band that I really like, PARADISE LOST. A repertoire of wonderful songs has been made by them from the metal to the electronics and Draconian Times is one of the best album ever for myself especially the versions with the added Sisters Of Mercy's cover Walk Away. 
Like I said, Paradise Lost clashed with Soundgarden, so I can guess those who are at the Altar stage are majority Paradise Lost fans, so I am in good company. They played for about 50 minutes so I dont expect many of my favourite songs to be played, but still quite a few. Anyway, they can play any older or newer songs and I would be just glad. Some songs like Enchantment and Say Just Words etc really gets the audience going.

I had such a really enjoyable memorable time during this set. At last I saw Paradise Lost live. Maybe next time I will try stand at Greg Mackintosh’s side of the audience. Though I doubt I will ever see this band play live again.

This is a short video I recorded at start of Say Just Words. Its very very happening atmosphere....

Paradise Lost! Paradise Lost! Paradise Lost! Paradise Lost! Paradise Lost! Paradise Lost! Paradise Lost! Paradise Lost! Paradise Lost! Paradise Lost! Paradise Lost! Paradise Lost!.....

OK to be continued......another 2 post i can complete about the bands i saw at Hellfest I think.


D'arsil said...

layan gambar pun best juga... pergh!! dasyat2 band.. aku hanya mampu imejin saja..

berteromber said...

pakai kamera apa deaf?..cantik gambar..

Adi Herman said...

Paradise Lost! Perghhh terbaik la

Ijau D. Koceng said...

mostly guna v-shaped guitars... which looks cool on stage :)

Rafi said...

T-shirt dark angel laws siot..toxic holocaust pun ada..thanks again Abg deap

Kaboi Tanduk said...

perghhh best.. Paradise Lost takda bootleg ka?

faizal abd fathi said...

nick holmes berjambang????